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The Dangers of Matchmaking by Circe
Chapter 3 : The Dangers of Matchmaking - Ch. 3 - Distractions
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The Dangers of Matchmaking
By Circe Simpleton
Disclaimer: J.K. Rowling’s property
Summary: Ron takes part in the little love triangle, Ginny retaliates, and Hermione forms a crush (or two!) of her own. R/R please!!

Ch. Three--Distractions
Ron showed up in the Three Broomsticks exactly when he was supposed to. He was surprised to see that Hermione had already arrived. He took a deep breath, smoothed out his hair a little, and walked over to her.
“Mind if I sit here miss,” he said cheerfully.
“Alright,” she said taking a huge swig of Butterbeer. “But I’m expecting someone here later.” She hiccupped and drank the last gulp of Butterbeer left in her tankard.
“What’s wrong?”
“Oh, I’ve just gotten some startling news from someone.”
“Well, if you must know, I hate telling you this, but here goes, you are her brother after all. You know how I was trying to matchmake Harry and Ginny? Well, my plans gone to pieces. I just found out Ginny loves someone else.” She decided not to tell Ron who. “And Harry does too.” She didn’t look Ron completely in the eye this time. “He’s been flirting with me a bit lately. I just don’t know what to do.”
Ron was quiet for a while. “Um, actually, I think Harry still does like Ginny. Someone, er, else likes you.”
“Don’t lie to make me feel better, the chance of them ever getting together is one million to one.”
“Sorry…So, who was supposed to meet you here?” Ron asked, eyeing her closely.
“Harry, where is he anyway?” Hermione said, hoping he’d show up soon.
“Oh, I don’t know,” Ron said, beginning to grow angry at Harry. “Soon I guess. I better go…” he stood up and walked away with that.
He found Harry window-shopping a block away as he left the Three Broomsticks. He walked up to him hurriedly. Harry turned when he saw him and opened his mouth to speak but Ron started talking first.
“What the hell did you mean when you said you’d get me a date with her Harry? You were just using me weren’t you? You were teasing me, cause you really like her and thought that if I made a fool of myself it would make you feel better. Well you can have her for all I care. She’s nothing great. Sure she’s smart, funny, and the most beautiful creature ever to lay a foot upon this earth, but I don’t give a damn. She loves you, not me. So just go in there and you two can have a good laugh.” He stomped off, Harry running after him trying to explain Ron was wrong, but he wouldn’t listen to Harry.

Dear Diary,
It’s over. Hermione hates me now. She slapped me when I came out to her. My cheek is still red. I think I’ll leave Hogwarts. Go start working or something. I’m too ashamed of myself to ever walk out of my dormitory again. I’m so mad at Hermione, but I still love her desperately. Why is this happening to me! Why am I the only one who suffers in my family?!
I suppose I’ll just have to go on dreaming about her. But that’s so much worse than actually being near her. Oh, Hermione, I love you so much, please forgive. Please.
Yours (though I wish I were Hermione’s)

Dear Diary,
This has been the worst day of my life. Ginny, instead of liking Harry, likes ME! I can’t believe it, I don’t want to believe it, and I doubt I ever will. Poor girl. Even though I don’t love her the way she wants me to, I feel awful. I slapped her! That is probably the meanest thing a girl could do. I’m still shaking from shame. I’ll need to apologize, but will she ever forgive me?
To top that off, Harry never showed up, and I missed him terribly. Oh, listen to me rambling on about Harry. I’ve been having new feelings about him. I saw him a few minutes ago down in the common room as I was doing homework. He was sitting alone by the fire. He looked so beautiful. The fire was reflecting in his green eyes and brightening up his pale, soft skin, and his dark hair was falling in his face. He was smiling, but he looked rather…sad. I wanted to go talk to him, but I didn’t have the spirit. I wish I could see his face now, it would make me feel so much better.
Oh no, I think I actually am starting to fall for him! Who wouldn’t though? He’s the handsomest boy at Hogwarts; tall, athletic, and extremely funny. Plus he’s defeated you-know-who (Well, not completely, but he is really weak and probably about to die) and that certainly means he’s brave. Why shouldn’t I like him? What’s there not to like? I think I should go back down to the common room and see if he’s still there. Hopefully Ron won’t be there, he always gets in the way. He even came to the Three Broomsticks and told me right to my face that Harry didn’t like me. Except I could tell what he really meant: ‘Harry doesn’t like you cause you’re so ugly and weird, so get over yourself you ego-centric prat.’ Ron has gotten so annoying lately.

Ron walked down the steps to the common room quietly. Harry was sitting by the fire. Ron walked over to him and Harry looked up, not knowing whether to smile or frown.
“Harry,” he said. “Look, I’m sorry that I got all mad and swore at you earlier today. Just lost ma’ temper, ya’ know. Forgive me?”
“Course,” Harry said. “And I just want to tell you that I didn’t mean for Hermione to think that I’d asked her out on a date, she just assumed that, you know how she is. I should be the one sorry, I wasn’t frank enough with her. Hermione’s the kind of girl who you have to explain everything to without beating around the bush.?
“Oh, and I…I talked to Ginny. She doesn’t like me,” he said. “It’s pretty surprising who she likes.” He looked back into the fire.
“You’re her brother, why don’t you ask her for yourself, I’m not the one to tell people that Ginny’s--never mind.” Ron looked confused

The next day Hermione decided to talk to Ginny during lunch, but Ginny was no where to be found in the Great Hall or her Dormitory, so Hermione decided to go to the Library and get a book, hoping she’d run in to Ginny in the halls. She did find Ginny, not in the halls, but in the Library engrossed in a book.
Hermione approached her warily. Ginny saw her out of the corner of the eye but pretended to keep reading. Hermione sat down beside her. “Ginny?” Ginny looked up reluctantly.
“I need to talk to you.”
“Make it fast please, I’m reading.”
“Good. Reading’s a wonderful hobby, it takes your mind off of things completely and makes you feel refreshed and--”
“Get to the point please.”
“Oh, alright. Um, what are you reading?”
“A Thousand and Four Ways to Keep Your Mind of Your Miseries By Making Yourself More Miserable by Skinwortherly Wonkins. Now will you go away?”
“Ginny, I realize you’re cross with me.” Ginny snorted and Hermione grew a little frustrated. “But if you’ll just let me talk with you a little longer I’m sure we can both sort out our differences. May I?”
“Go ahead,” Ginny said, closing the book and turning to face her, though she didn’t look her in the eyes completely.
“Alright,” Hermione said, her hands fidgeting in her lap. “Ginny--yesterday was a bad day for both of us. I slapped you, I know, and that was stupid, rude, and unforgivable of me, but you must have realized how shocked I was. I never knew that you had feelings for me, and it just took me by surprise, that’s all.”
“I have to admit that I thought you were fond of Harry, when it turns out that I’m really quite fond of him myself, and I think he’s fond of me.”
“Oh, how happy for you,” Ginny snarled.
“Ginny please, what can I do to make you forgive me?” Hermione said, hoping not to here what she thought she was about to here.
“You know what would make me forgive you. I love you Hermione, I still do. Even if you slapped me a dozed times and punched me in the stomach, I would still love you.” Ginny looked desperate and began to move around in her chair some. “Please, I’ll do anything to make you love me, anything. I’m a good person, and I will love you perfectly, if you could just return those feelings. Please, Hermione, I’m begging you--I need you!” Suddenly, so fast that Hermione couldn’t move, Ginny leapt from her chair, her mouth aiming for Hermione’s. But she tripped over her chair before she touched Hermione and they both fell on the floor, Ginny and her chair on top of Hermione’s leg. Everyone in the Library stared at them. Hermione scrabbled up and ran from the room, more embarrassed than she had even been, and Ginny feeling very alone and surprised at herself.
Hermione cried that night. She didn’t feel sorry for Ginny much anymore, all she knew was that she didn’t want to be around her in case she tried to kiss her again. Lavender woke from hearing Hermione cry and told her to shut-up. Hermione cried harder after that.
I don’t have any friends any more, she thought. Just Ron and Harry, but I hardly see them anymore. She cried herself to sleep.
Ginny finished writing in her diary about Hermione. She wrote love letters to her, she would never send. She drew pictures of her and wrote stories of her. She still loved her, but never wanted to see her again. She didn’t need Hermione to cling to anymore. She had a new idea. Hermione had blurted out that she liked Harry, but she knew that Harry didn’t like her, for he had come up a few days ago and confessed his real feelings for her. She was going to play along, it would feel good to make Hermione jealous. Hermione, her dearest love, the girl who came to her dreams each night. Ginny loved her, and yet…despised her for liking Harry. She would begin her little flirtations tomorrow.

Ginny sat by Harry in the Great Hall and made it a point to make sure Hermione saw her. “Hi Harry,” she said, looking at him in a way she was sure would be appealing to him.
“G--good morning,” he said, surprised and happy. Ron winked at him from across the table. “How are you?”
“Oh, wonderful. I had the best night last night. The air was so refreshing after all that rain we’ve been having.” She smiled at him in a flirty way. Harry was blushing slightly. “I love the spring. I can go to sleep in nothing and still feel perfectly safe.” Harry blushed more, thinking about what she had said and imaging what she looked like when she did sleep naked. Hermione grew angry and jealous.
“Harry doesn’t know what he’s doing,” she whispered to Ron.
“Stop being a busy-body,” Ron sneered. “And worry about your own crazy love-life.” Hermione opened her mouth to argue but decided not to. She went back to her plate of bacon and oatmeal, trying to ignore Ginny’s disgusting flirtations.

Dear Diary,
Ginny just gets worse and worse. Today she was flirting with Harry, trying to make me jealous of course. Harry likes Ginny (I’ve excepted that now), Ginny likes me, I like Harry. Hmm, I wonder why Ron isn’t in this little love triangle.
He’s lucky not to be in love with any of us three. Of course he couldn’t be in love with Harry, now that’s a scary thought, or Ginny (she’s his sister!), or…me. Ron! He likes me! Oh, it suddenly makes sense! He was at the Three Broomsticks, and I was thinking it was Harry. I must have hurt his feelings terribly. I make top marks but I’m so STUPID! I’m so caught up in myself that I never even paid Ron any attention. Instead I was thinking of Harry. Oh Harry, foolish, foolish Harry.
Thinking back on everything that’s happened I realize all this is my fault. If I had just listened to Ron when he told me to mind my own business none of this would have happened. So I guess he really is the most sensible of all, not me or Harry or Ginny. Oh, I feel so much better. I have to go tell him that I apologize for messing up our lives. And I have to go apologize to Ginny, except I have to get right to the point this time. I hope we can still be friends. And then, what’s his name? Oh yea, Harry (hey, I must not be in love with him after all if I can’t even remember his name). I have to go tell him the truth about Ginny, it will brake his heart but it will be a bigger let down for him if Ginny leads him on longer.
I hope we can all go on to be lifetime friends and not let stupid love get in the way; cause that’s what’s made us all go crazy in the first place. I’m getting excited already! And maybe Harry and Pavarti would be a cute couple, and I’ll try to find Ginny another girl (oh, forgive her!J
) and Ron and I can, well, you know. Oh no, here I go again, trying to be the matchmaker! Maybe Ron will knock some sense into me.
Now off to sort out everything, since it was all my fault in the first place.
Oh yea--I still need to look up the term ‘what’s up’.

Welp, that’s it! Thanks for reading!!!! Hope you have learned the dangers of matchmaking! ^_^ Please Review!!!

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