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Two Wars to Fight by Hermione_88
Chapter 1 : A Beautiful Day
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Author’s Note: Ok, well here I go again as I start the newest story of the Hermione/Draco chronicles! Yep, I’ve decided that I want to either make it a trilogy or a chronicles set! I’m so excited – it’s all really happening!!! This is the story that follows on from my last one titled ’Respect Me’ so if you haven’t read that one, it might be an idea as it is the set up for this one. Ok, here I go, plunging myself in again – nah, I’m just kidding, it’s all fun!!! Hope you like it!



Two Wars to Fight

A Beautiful Day

It was a beautiful day. The sun was shining bright and the sky was clear, the birds sang joyfully and the pedestrians hummed. Hermione Granger stood with a group of other wizards in the middle of the park, enjoying a nice glass of champagne. The glasses clinked and everyone was celebrating. Constance Grey, Hermione’s best friend, stood beside her as they both celebrated their graduation from the Manchester Department of Auror Education along with Greg Fremantle, the third and final student to have graduated. There were only three of them because it was very hard to become an Auror these days, but they had made it and now was the time for a small celebration with their teachers. Professor Killick, Professor Merritt and Professor Torry all stood as apart of the group, toasting to their success. Professor Killick raised his champagne glass and said a toast.

“Final congratulations to our most impressive Auror’s yet – may you be blessed and safe in your future jobs – well done kids!” he said with a smile and the group of six raised their glasses to the toast. As her glass was raised – Hermione glanced secretly to the left and into the dark trees that were only a few paces away. There she met the eyes of Draco Malfoy – who secretly celebrated from afar as his girlfriend was pushed into the dangerous world of Aurors. His nervousness was growing day by day, for he knew now that she was willingly stepping into danger that he couldn’t protect her from – she would be alone and dependent on only herself. He had vowed to protect her ever since that night nearly two years ago - she’d been hurt badly in the past and he wasn’t ready to let that happen again. He shouldn’t worry because she was one of the most powerful witches he had ever come across, her power swelled and she became stronger every day. In just the past two years, she had overcome every obstacle and every complication that had ever come her way. She was smart, she was powerful and he was entirely in love with her.

The group talked and drank but Hermione’s attention was on the man in the trees and his followers that also surrounded her from different vantage points. Draco took no chances now when it involved her being out in the open so unprotected – so when she when she was out, he was out, and so was at least three of his men. The graduates and teachers had decided to celebrate away from the department because it was such a beautiful day – and who could possibly resist that? After this, she would have to get home and continue packing, for, in a week’s time, she started her new job in London. She had been offered a job at the Ministry of Magic starting as a junior Auror on probation for two years and then she would be fully qualified. She was going to go live at Grimmauld place for a while until she got the chance to find a place of her own and she still hadn’t talked to Draco about the move yet – although he knew full well, the topic just hadn’t come up in conversation.

“Well, I guess this is the end of our time together” squeaked a saddened Professor Merritt. The small man reminded her so much of Professor Flitwick, her old charms teacher from Hogwarts. “I have to say that it’s been a pleasure teaching each one of you and watching you grow into powerful wizards and witches. Really a pleasure!” he said a little more cheerfully and they all smiled as they said their farewells and goodbyes to the people who had been apart of their lives for the past three years. Everyone left and disappeared into the crowd of muggles until it was only Hermione and Constance left.

“Hey, we should go out tonight to celebrate for real” asked Constance, hoping for once that Hermione would actually agree. Hermione shuddered as she remembered the last time she had gone out to have some fun with her once best friend Harry – what a disaster that had been, she hadn’t been very keen on clubbing ever since. She only very rarely went out with Draco because she always felt safe with him.

“No, I don’t think so, I have to go home and start packing” said Hermione putting on a disappointed voice.

“Hermione! You never go out; I’ve never seen you with a man or even any friends except who we know at the department. You should get out just this once! For all we know, it might be the last time we ever see each other alive again!”

“Constance! Don’t say such terrible things!” Hermione glanced in Draco’s direction as she grew more and more impatient. “Look, I’ll think about it, ok? I’ll let you know later this afternoon” Constance did a little skip and the famous victory dance that she and Hermione had made up in their second year at the department.

“Please, please, pleasssseee . . . think about it because, I just want us to have some real fun for once that doesn’t involve crappy old movies”

“I happen to like those old movies, thankyou very much!” Hermione argued in defiance.

“Whatever. Just let me know, ok?”

“Yeah, yeah. I’ll call you later”

“Ok, cya!” said Constance and then she disapparated. Hermione laughed at her kooky friend and then started to walk in the direction of the trees before she disapparated.

**29 Mulberry Road, Salford. Apartment 3d**

Hermione arrived in her living room only moments after disapparating and she was greeted with a warm hug and a lingering kiss on the lips. She looked up into the grey-blue eyes of Draco Malfoy and immediately fell in love again. He smiled at her and her at him as he held her tight in his embrace.

“Hermione Granger, Auror for the Ministry of Magic. Hmmm . . . I like it!” he said and she buried her head in his chest as he laughed at her own embarrassment. She looked back up at him.

“So do I get a reward for doing well? Or are you just going to hold onto me?” she asked cheekily.

“Ahhh, well, if your going to use attitude young lady then I might just forget about you reward” he stepped away from her, letting go completely. She cocked her eyebrow at him. ’Two could play his game’

“Oh well, it’s your own fault for missing out then” and with that she walked away from him and into her bedroom.

“Like hell!” he yelled at her and she heard him running after her. She spun around and he tackled her playfully onto the bed. They laughed themselves stupid and playfully battled on top of her bed until it turned a little more sensual. His pinching turned into smooth caresses along her arms and her biting turned into little kisses placed gently on his chest. Their lips met and he crawled on top of her. Their tongues swirled against each other as the familiar motions took over and she moved to take off his top. Their clothes were stripped and thrown onto the floor.

Draco loved every curve, every part of Hermione’s body. He ran his hands along her skin, up and down, remembering every curve and every inch or her tiny figure. As Draco smothered her in kisses, Hermione traced the curves and flexes of his tattooed arm, shoulder and neck. He’d gotten these tattoos just after Hogwarts and she knew them all too well. They began from his fingernails and swirled up his arm, outlining ever muscle and curve. They covered nearly all his skin – so detailed and tiny, a web of tattooing that whirled up and around his shoulder and continued up the left side of his neck until they disappeared to an end behind his ear. Draco’s kisses stopped momentarily and she looked into his eyes and smiled at him.

“So, I do get my reward then?” she asked playfully.

“Yes . . . you do” he continued kissing her lips again and again and again until their feelings and actions overtook them as they made love again . . . and again . . . and again.


Hermione ran as fast as she could as the bolt of green light sped towards Draco. Voldemort laughed, he knew his victory was nigh. She stopped in front of Draco, shielding his body with her own. Only, the bolt of green light passed straight through her and hit him square in the chest. She looked up into his wide open eyes as he fell back away from her and collapsed onto the floor – dead. She screamed. And cried. She had failed to save him. Why? She turned on Voldemort. She would kill him.

Suddenly, Voldemort changed into Ginny. She smiled evilly.

“You failed Hermione” said Ginny and then she shape shifted into Ron.

“It’s for your own good. We’re just looking out for you” he said. Remus then stood in his place.

“He’s evil Hermione, just like Voldemort – look at him” the tears streaked down Hermione’s face.

“No, he’s not . . . he’s . . .” she looked down at him, only, it wasn’t him. In his place lay Voldemort. She gasped. “NO!” She turned back to Remus, only to be met with Harry’s face.

“You see it, don’t you Hermione. He’s evil. He deserves to be dead” he smirked as he walked towards her. She raised her wand and screamed.



Hermione shot up in bed.

“No . . .” she gasped. She looked at Draco on her right – sound asleep. His often hard features on his face had softened – he was peaceful – not a care in the world, but she couldn’t go back to sleep now, it was pointless to try. She got out of bed, put on her slippers and oversized dressing gown and left the room.

**Hours Later**

When two of your own become ours,
When the two become one,
When the dark one’s reign is over,
Then the worst will come.

Out of the east our power will rise,
A power our own but not with us,
It will take the form of He,
And He will be the last.

Unless the two are one,
Unless the five other’s stand with them,
Unless they fight to the end,
He will raze the earth in days equalling ten.

The Ancestors

“Hey, what are you doing?” asked a sleepy Draco of Hermione who sat on her couch reading the latest copy of ‘Seers and Prophets’ that she received from Flourish and Blotts yesterday through the owl post.

“New book” she said quietly, indicating to the heavy book that sat on her lap. Draco came over and sat next to her on the couch.

“I woke up and you weren’t there. You know I don’t like it when you do that” he said simply and she smiled.

“I couldn’t sleep, and I didn’t want to wake you” she smiled again and cuddled up against him. Draco sighed.

“Hermione, what’s wrong? You haven’t had a proper sleep for the past two weeks; it’s not good for you”

“Don’t fuss. Its nothing – I’m just nervous about the new job, that’s all”

“I know you’ve been having bad dreams – what are they about?” She closed her book and placed it in the box that sat in front of her.

“Stop fussing! You’re always fussing. I’m fine. I’m going to have a shower” She got up from the couch and started to walk away when Draco jumped up yelled at her.

“Granger, get back here now!” she spun around to face him – her face showing all her rage.

“Since when was I Granger again? Don’t assume to order me around Malfoy” she said hotly and Draco noticed the slight blue glow that she emitted when she was angry. It creeped him out!

“I just want to know what’s wrong . . . I care and I want to help” he said in a softened tone – his eyes showing their clearwater blue colours. Her blue glow went away as her anger melted away.

“Draco, I’m fine. Really, it’s nothing – now, can I have a shower?” she said. She turned on her heel and marched back to the bathroom. There was something she wasn’t saying – he knew it. But she would tell him all in her own time.


Hermione returned from the bathroom in her bathrobe and her hair in a towel to find Draco in the living room reading her copy of ‘Prophets and Seers’. She gave him a queer look – since when was he interested in that kind of stuff? He didn’t even look up at her when he spoke.

“So, when are you going to start getting ready to go out with Constance?”

“How do you know about that?” she demanded.

“I know everything – you know that!” he smiled turning to look at her. She looked so cute in that huge fluffy bathrobe. She should have guessed that he was listening in on their conversation.

“I’m not going” she stated walking to the kitchenette to make herself some coffee.

“Yes, you are” he stated, dropping the book back in the box.

“You know you can’t always order me around!” she snapped, but he didn’t seem to mind at all as he continued to observe the book where he had put it back on top of the box.

“Well, I’m telling you that you should go to this, and if you don’t, I’ll drag you there myself” he said simply and Hermione growled in annoyance.

“Why?” she cried in her frustration. Draco walked over to Hermione where she stood in the middle of the room. He took her hands in his and looked her in the eyes.

“Because you never go anywhere because of me – don’t deny it – I’m the reason” he said. She let out a giant sigh.

“I don’t like leaving you here and . . . well, ever since . . . then . . . I just don’t feel confident enough . . .” she said a little sadly and looked towards the ground. He squeezed her hands a little and she looked back at him.

“I could always come with you . . .” he said simply – looking her in the eyes.

“But you can’t be seen or . . .”

“There are ways around that Hermione; you know that – come on, what do you say?” Hermione hesitated for a moment. If Draco was caught just because he went out partying with her, she’d never forgive herself.

“Well … ok, but how are you going to disguise yourself?” she asked. He smiled.

“Simple. Don’t you worry about it – go on, go get ready” he leaned in for a quick kiss and then she walked back to the bathroom to begin getting ready for her first night out in two years.


Author’s Note: Ok, so what do you think? I’m really nervous about this story because I’ve got all these great ideas flying around in my head and I’m still trying to figure out how they’re all going to link together. So let me know what you think – good beginning or not? In my last story, I got over 10,200 reads and only 91 reviews. I don’t want to be pushy but with over 10, 200 people reading it and only 91 had something to say – I’m not feeling that confident. Even though they all said great things . . . I just want to hear what you got to say!


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