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A Black Marriage by chewbaccasolo
Chapter 2 : Chapter 2
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You woke up the next morning to find frogs in your bed. Amateur. He honestly thought you were afraid of frogs? You smiled and got out of bed. You opened your trunk for an outfit and screamed in spite of your self.

Two huge snakes slithered around inside. You werenít scared of them, either, they just caught you by surprise. You had just picked one up to put it outside when Sirius waltzed in.

^Is everything alright?^ he asked innocently.

^Perfect,^ you answered, putting the snake close to his face. He inched back. You raised your eyebrows and left him standing there.

Three days and seven worms, two buckets of water, and an entire bottle of green hair potion later, you and Sirius were called into Mr. Blackís study.

^Please, sit.^ he gestured to the only two empty chairs in the room. Your mothers were staring at Siriusí green hair.

^We have a surprise for you two,^ Mrs. Black began.

^You are to be married!^ your mother cut in. You didnít think youíd heard right.

^At the end of the summer!^ Mrs. Black finished excitedly.

Whatever reaction they had expected, they werenít getting it. You and Sirius just stared at them, eyes wide. Then you looked at each other, and quickly looked back at them.

^No way.^ you finally choked out.

^Yes way.^ your father said. You shook your head and backed out of the room.

Sirius followed a moment later, slamming his bedroom door.

You lay back on your bed. This couldnít be happening. You were only 15. Most people hoped for a party for their sixteenth birthday, not a wedding. And especially not to him. You couldnít let it happen. You wouldnít. You fell asleep thinking this.

Siriusí POV

No freakiní way were you going to marry that bitch. She dyed your hair green! You two couldnít be in a room together, let alone a relationship. Yeah, she was hot, but- oh no. I didnít just think that. Sheís not hot, you told yourself. Oh, fine, sheís hot. But you still hate her. And she hates you. Thatís that.

Katís POV
You woke up early the next morning to a knock at your door.

^Come in.^

^Get up, Katherine. Thereís a lot to do!^ Mrs. Black bustled in and made sure you were up.

^Lots to do for what?^

^The wedding!^ Oh yeah. Youíd forgotten.

^Whose idea was this wedding anyway? Itís obvious we hate each other.^

^That can change. Now hurry up and get dressed. Weíre going to Diagon Alley.^ You groaned and got out of bed.


^To get you a dress for the engagement party tonight. And to get the invitations and order the cakeÖ^ you tuned her out as the list went on.

Half an hour later, you and Mrs. Black, and your mother were inside a fancy dress shop in Diagon Alley.

^Well, go on, pick some out and try them on. The partyís tonight, not next year,^ you mother snapped. You gave a mental eye roll and began looking through the endless racks of dresses.

The two older women with you shoved dresses into your arms and forced you to try them on. Nothing looked right.

^Stop!^ you finally yelled after 45 minutes of crappy dress choices. ^Iíll find my own.^ You browsed through the racks until something caught your eye.

It was a deep red, spaghetti strapped, and came to just below your knees. Simple but sexy. You took it into the dressing room and tried it on. Perfect. Before you could even breathe, the moms had you into the shoe store.

And then onto the invitations and the cake and the other million things Mrs. Black had named this morning.

So you feigned tiredness and got to go back to Grimmauld Place to Ďtake a nap.í Yeah right. You pulled out your book and began to read. Not two sentences later, someone barged in. Sirius.

^Donít you knock?^ He ignored your question.

^So thereís a party tonight.^ You nodded impatiently.

^Wearing a dress?^ Another curt nod.

^So you are a girl!^ You looked up.

^Disappointed? I canít do what Potter can for you? Now that you know Iím a girl I donít excite you?^

^Shut up. I am not gay. It just surprises me that you donít go for the girls.^ You snorted.

^Iíll bet a lot surprises you.^

^Are you calling me stupid?^

^My, my, arenít we quick?^ He frowned.

^See you at the party.^

^Canít wait.^ He left the room. You sighed and put your book down. This was going to suck.

Five hours later you were getting ready for the party. Downstairs, the living and dining rooms were filling with purebloods whom you hated, and who hated you. Youíd bet Snape was down there. That jerk hadnít left you alone in five years. You sighed and finished putting on your lip gloss. Here goes nothing. You emerged from your bedroom and walked down the flight of stairs to the party. Sirius was already there, sitting by himself in the living room. He was an outcast here as well. You sat down next to him as instructed.



^This sucks.^

^The party, or this marriage thing?^

^Both.^ he answered.

^Iíll give you that.^

^Youíre agreeing with me?^

^Would you rather I told you I was thrilled to be engaged to you?^


^I didnít think so.^

^So what exactly are we supposed to do?^

^Sit here and not play tricks on each other.^

^That could be hard.^

^Why is it so hard for you to leave me alone?^

^Because itís fun to prank you. You retaliate.^

^Iím the only one?^

^Well, Snape, too. But heís not very clever.^ you laughed.

^I know.^

^Does he bother you?^

^Only with the usual. Youknow, filthy blood traitor, muggle lover-^


^Whore.^ It was Siriusí turn to laugh.

^He calls you a whore?^


^Thatís pretty funny.^

^I guess so.^ You werenít seeing it.

^Havenít you seen half the girls that throw themselves at me? And he calls you a whore.^ You laughed.

^I see your point.^

^Twice in one night.^

^Weíd better stop. Itís starting to scare me.^ You sat in silence and watched the people in the Blacksí house having fun.

^Attention everyone,^ Mr. Black called. ^My wife has an announcement to make.^

^Here we go,^ you and Sirius said at the same time.

^Katherine and Sirius are engaged to be married.^ There was a moment when everyone was still. You knew what they were thinking. Kat and Sirius hated each other. Then the tentative clapping began. You and Sirius just sat there. Eventually the clapping and staring stopped. And the whispering began.

^We should whisper, too,^ Sirius whispered.

^Do we have anything to whisper about?^

^Other than that we have nothing to whisper about, no.^

^Didnít think so.^

^This sucks.^

^I thought we werenít whispering.^

^Shut up Simmons.^



^Thatís Miss Bitch to you.^ He rolled his eyes. So youíd gotten along for about fifteen minutes, and it was back to obnoxious Sirius. Figures. But for the last fifteen minutes, he hadnít been a bad guy. Oh come on, Kat, are you going to judge on the last fifteen minutes or the last fifteen years? You decided on the latter.

The party went by painfully slowly. Neither you nor Sirius said another word.

Finally the last guests left and you were free to go to bed.

You were surprised how weary you were. After all, youíd only sat all night. It was this whole concept that was tiring you out, you decided as you crawled into bed.

That and Sirius Black.

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