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Harry Potter and the Lord of Destruction by Kestrel
Chapter 7 : Chapter 7
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Chapter 7

“What in the bloody blue blazes is going on?” asked a very confused Harry Potter as he looked at the two new faces standing in his room.

“We'll explain that as soon as we get out of this house and get you back to the Burrow.” said Mr. Weasley as he pulled out the Portkey. “Gather up your things quickly Harry.”

Xander and Faith were keeping look out, Faith by the door and Xander looking out of the barred window. He looked over to Faith and nodded his head in the direction of the bars and shook his head sadly. He had heard of the tales of how horrible Harry's relations were from the Twins and Ron, but he had never believed them. Until now.

Faith for her part was looking at the bars and was trying not to growl. She knew how horrible relations could be, seeing the family that she came from. When her mother died a year before she was called, Faith didn't shed any tears for her. But Harry's relations were by far the worst she had ever seen and all because he was different, it was a good thing that they were already dead or Faith would 'forget' about that little clause about Slayers not killing humans. She wouldn't shed any for the Dursleys. She nodded grimly to Xander and went over to Harry and started to help him gather his things.

“Need some help?” asked Faith as she went over to Harry who was placing things into his school trunk as fast as he could.

“Yeah, my Broom is down in the cupboard under the stairs.” said Harry as he slipped his wand into the belt of his pants.

“I'm on it. Ron keep a lookout at the window.” said Xander.

“What am I looking out for?” asked the younger Wizard.

“Anything that isn't us.” said Xander as he ran down the steps and over to the cupboard. He quickly examined it and flicked open the locks. He opened the door and turned on the small lightbulb and grinned when he saw the Broom and pulled it out and turned to head back up the stairs. He stopped short when he saw the business end of a pair of wands being pointed at his nose from the doorway. Xander's gaze followed up the wand and saw a little old lady standing there with four cats sitting around her legs. The other wand was held by an equally elderly Wizard wearing Ministry robes.

[I know witches like cats, but this is a little over the top!] though Xander as he held his hands up over his head.

“Who are you and where is Harry Potter?” asked the elderly Witch.

“Que? No habla English!” responded Xander in his best high school spanish.

“Cut the jokes kid! Where is Harry Potter!” said the Wizard.

“Never heard of him.”

“I said cut the crap! Where is he?” growled the Wizard.

“Umm.. put the down the wands and I'll tell you.” said Xander with a hope full smile.

“Sorry kid.” said the witch with a grin.

“Had to try.”


The group was waiting impatiently for Xander to return. Every passing minute was another minute exposed and quite frankly it was making Faith nervous.

“It can't be taking him this long.” said Harry as he closed the trunk and locking it.

“Something might have happened to him.” said Ron nervously.

“Yeah, that's why I'm going to see what is happening.” said Faith as she stalked out the door. “If I'm not back in 2 minutes...”

“Leave without you?” asked Arthur

“No wait another 2 minutes then leave.” said Faith with a grin.


“You're stalling us kid. Why?” asked the witch.

“Oh just waiting for something.” said Xander.

“Waiting for what?” asked the Wizard.

“Xander! What's the hold up Boy-toy!?” said Faith from the top of the stairs. Suddenly two wands were pointed in her direction and the two mojo users were about to send a couple of curses towards the dark haired Slayer. Unfortunately they broke a cardinal rule: never take your eyes off the primary. Xander was moving as soon as the wands left him and he immediately shoved the man into the old lady, ripping his wand out of his grip in the same movement. The old lady stumbled and landed in a heap on the ground, her wand clattering out of her grip. Xander stepped on her wand and kicked it across the floor and to the base of the stairs. Xander took a step back and pulled out his pistol and pointed it at both of them. He looked at the two shocked faces that were staring at him and he gave them his best smirk and shook his head. He gestured with the business end of his pistol for them to get to their feet just as Faith got to the ground floor.

“Party crashers?” asked Faith.

“Don't know, but they seem keen on meeting Boy Wonder.”

“Maybe he knows them?”

“Maybe. Get their wands and let's get them up stairs before the Scotland Yard gets here.”

“Sure. You okay?” asked Faith as she got the wands and started walking up the stairs.

“Five-by-five.” said Xander borrowing Faith's favorite saying. “You two follow her up and keep your hands at your sides, you don't and I'll bust a cap in you. Understand?”

The witch and the Wizard both nodded and kept their hands lowered and at their sides as they followed Faith up the stairs with Xander, who picked up the Firebolt, brining up the rear, his Glock trained on their backs.


Ron was looking out the window and saw nothing but bushes and trees. He didn't know what to look for, nervous as hell from the fight that they had just been in and was jumping at the slightest movement in the backyard. Not a good combination when anything could happen at any moment.

“What's keeping them?” asked Ron through clenched teeth.

“Relax Ron, it's only been about a minute.” said Harry just as he heard the sound of feet coming up the stairs. Harry immediately sat up and pointed his wand at the door.

“What is it Harry?” asked Mr. Weasley in nervous tone and pulled out his wand as well.

“That's more than two people coming up the stairs.” explained Harry as he tightened his grip on his wand. Ron listened and suddenly realized that Harry was right. Living in a home with more than five people in the house at any given time made you forget about such things. He followed Harry's lead and pointed his wand at the door.

They all breathed a sigh of relief when they saw Faith walk in but immediately went on edge again when they saw two people follow her into the room followed closely by Xander with his pistol pointed at them.

“Look what we found! Can we keep them?” asked Xander with a smirk as he motioned the two people over to the side of the room with their backs to the wall.

“Mrs. Figg?” asked Harry “What are you doing here?”

“Making sure you are all right Harry,” said the elderly witch. “But I might have saved myself a trip over here, seeing how you are protected by this talented young man.”

“I aims to please.” said Xander with a shrug and lowered the gun, but still kept the muzzle pointed at the pair.

“Nice to see that even in your old age you can get here at a moments notice, Mundungus.” said Mr. Weasley as he nodded to his colleague in the Ministry.

“Not that my speed helped me downstairs.” said Mundungus as he looked at Xander. “I have to say I never expected the Muggle to get the drop on ME!

“So let me get this straight.” said Faith as she looked at the Figg and Mundy. “You were here to save Harry Potter as well?” receiving a nod from them she grinned and tossed them their wands. Xander eyed them a moment longer and put his Glock back into it's holster and took a step back.

“Sorry bout that, but we had to be sure.” said Xander.

“No harm done,” said Mrs. Figg. “I would have done the same thing.”

“I'm Faith and that is Xander. We just got in country so to speak and decided to tag along on this little adventure.” said Faith.

“So you're the ones Albus was so excited about. Hear you'll be assisting in the Defense Against the Dark Arts class this year.” said Mundungus.

“Hope so. Though I feel sorry for anyone who decides to tangle with Hogwarts if there are more sudents like Harry and Ron at that school.” said Xander giving both students a wink.

“So what happened here?” said Mungdungus as he walked over to the skeleton lying on the floor and glanced at the remains of the skull in resting in the corner.

“Seems that You-Know-Who is learning how to use the 'Chains of Destruction'” said Arthur as he went over to the skeleton as well and nudged the battered remains with a toe.
Mrs. Figg on the other hand walked over to Harry and was making sure that he was unharmed. She brushed her fingers over where some of his hair had been sliced off by the blade of the sword the skeleton had been using.

“Good thing you play Quidditch, Harry.” said Mrs. Figg. “If not you might be of two minds about now.” Harry only gulped and nodded his head.

“It was strange. All of the offensive spells I used on it were absorbed by that shield.” at this Xander looked up and walked over to the skeleton and picked up the shield and sword.

“What are you doing?” asked Arthur.

“Taking any advantage I can.” said Xander as he examined the bastard sword and kite shield.

“Smart move kid.” said Mundungus in approval.

“I still think we should leave.” said Arthur. “I don't want to be caught flat footed here and besides I don't want to deal with law enforcement, Muggle or otherwise.”

“Don't worry about the police or the Aurors, we'll take care of it.” said Mundungus. “You just get Harry out of here.”

“Right.” said Arthur as he gestured for the others to gather around and held the Portkey out for all to touch.

“Oh wonderful,” said Xander with a sour tone. “I do hope to find a good chiropractor and give him my hard earned money.”

“I know how you feel.” said Harry with a grimace as he felt the familiar tug behind his navel as the smallest bedroom at 4 Privet Drive swirled away.


The rescue team plus Harry Potter landed in the living room of the Burrow with a thump. Mr. Weasley, Ron and Faith all landed on their feet, much to the chagrin of Harry and Xander who landed on their ass and back.

“I hate Portkeys.” said Xander and Harry at the same time as they got to their feet. Xander saw from the corner of his eye a streak of long red hair run past him and throw her arms around Harry and started to babble uncontrollably.

“Oh Harry we were so worried about you we just had to contact Dumbledore and Hermione and wait to see if you made it we didn't know what to do if you didn't make it I mean who is going to defeat You-Know-Who if you can't who can...” Harry just looked at Ron for help who just shrugged as if saying 'your the one she's babbling to.'

Xander, Faith and Willow were trying not to laugh at the sight of the tiny redhead squeezing Harry with all her might. Xander leaned over to Fred with a smirk on his face.

“Let me guess, she has a crush on Boy Wonder?”

“Does she ever, though she's gotten a better handle on it over the years.” he said watching Ginny babble on and on. Faith on the other hand leaned over to Willow and gave her a nudge.

“Wow, Red it seems as though you might have a long lost little sister.” Willow could just nod and try not to laugh as Harry Potter finally figured out the only way to stop Ginny was to place his finger over her lips and smile at her. This caused Ginny to finally realize that she had the Boy-Who-Lived in a bone-crushing hug. Add to that she was doing so in front of her family, best friend and the Headmaster of her school. To top it all off Gred and Forge had that all-too-familiar smile on their lips.

Harry noticed the grins as well and suddenly realized that he should not be so grateful that the Dursley's were dead. Living in 'Casa de Dursley' would have been preferable to the ribbing he was going to suffer all summer, if not all year from them. Ginny caught the look in Harry's eyes and she smiled wryly the thought of [We are soooooo dead] exchanged in the glance.

“Ginny, you can let go of Harry now.” said George.

“Yes quite right, he was almost killed tonight.” said Fred

“It would be a shame to lose him now.” they concluded at the same time as Ginny let out a small 'eep' and let go of Harry, looked at the weave of the carpet on the floor and turned as red as her hair. Harry also looked at the floor and though it was to hide the fact that he was trying to hide a smile and he looked over to Dumbledore who also had a grin almost similar to the Twins. Harry sighed and knew that this year at Hogwarts was going to be very interesting.


A few hours later the Weasleys and their guests were in the kitchen sitting around the table drinking tea and discussing the nights events and brought Harry and Hermione up to speed on what was happening.

“So let me get this straight,” said Hermione next to a very tired Ron. “Voldemort stole this necklace that is so old it predates wand-based magic and is currently gaining more and more knowledge of the abilities it grants.”

A nod from all those gathered.

“And somehow one of the abilities granted is the ability to summon demons and such to form an army of creatures.” another round of nods. “And Xander, Faith and Willow are going to help us learn how to defeat these.”

“That about sums it up.” said Willow.

“Xander, what can you tell me about the skeletons that you confronted tonight?” asked Dumbledore.

“Well they weren't very high on the intelligence level or very skillful.” said Xander remembering how quickly the group had worked their way through the normal white looking ones. “But the blue tinted one was a different story.”

“How so?” asked Arthur for he had gotten there at the tail end of the fight.

“Well for one it was better equipped.” said Xander pointing to the shield and sword sitting in the corner of the room. “Plus it was a lot tougher and it could fight.” Harry nodded and pointed towards the shield.

“It seems like the shield is resistant to most offensive magic.” said Harry. “It sucked up the magic I was using against it like Dudley in a sweetshop.” Dumbledore got up and picked up the shield and looked at it intently.

“Interesting.” he said as he looked over the black surface of the shield and the set of six diamonds placed into it's surface. “I might give this to Professor Flitwick to look over. Learning what gives it that ability might allow us to gain an advantage over Voldemort.”

Hermione was about to say something to add to that thought but was interrupted by a knock from the front door. Molly got up to see who it was and was greeted by the form of Remus Lupin. Before anyone could say anything in greeting a large black dog shot past her and ran to Harry. Unfortunately it changed into the form of Sirius Black halfway to the table.

What happened next was interesting. The Twins were out of their seats and pulled their wands in response to seeing one of the most wanted Wizards in the Europe. Ginny threw herself in front of Harry and tried to get him out of the house. Arthur just looked confused. Hermione and Ron were out of their chairs and placed themselves between Sirius and the twins, trying to convince the Twins not to curse Sirius into next week. Remus and Molly just followed at a safe distance trying not to laugh at the situation and Dumbledore was leaning back into his chair and looked at the ceiling as though begging the Powers-That-Be for some sort of divine inspiration as to how he was going to explain this to the Weasleys.

Xander, Faith and Willow just looked at one another and to the two new Wizards, one of whom just so happened to be a dog a few moments ago, and just shrugged their shoulder and sat back knowing that explanation would be forth coming. They all looked up to the see the slightly graying Wizard walking next to Molly come over to them and hold out his hand in introduction.

“Hello. You must be Xander, Faith and Willow.” he said as they nodded to him. “My name is Remus J. Lupin I'm the DADA teacher this year.”

“Hello.” said Willow and then she nodded towards the argument-in-progress “does he get that reaction a lot?”

“Only when you're a escaped murderer who is really innocent and there is no proof to prove that you are.” said Remus as he sat down and was handed a cup of tea by the Headmaster of Hogwarts. “Thank you Albus.”

“Ahhhhhhh.” said all three Scoobies at the same time as Harry finally took matters into his own hands and lifted Ginny, who let out a squeak in surprise, out of the way and placed her off to his side and moved in and hugged his Godfather. Seeing this the Twins just stood there with a shocked expression on their faces long enough for Ron and Hermione to take their wands away from them.

“Now if you're all done, sit down and Harry, Sirius, Remus and I will try to explain things as best we can.” said Albus from his chair at the table. Everyone sat and listened to a story that was both exciting, appalling and above all else sad.

After the meeting and a largely accepting and sympathetic Weasley family, Remus had left to attend to other matters at hand. Sirius now back in his Snuffles form was sleeping at the foot of Harry's bed as he slept in Ron's room. The rest of the Weasley family was a sleep as well, except for Ron and hermione who were sitting in the living room, along with Xander, Faith and Willow, quietly discussing the subject matter that was foremost in their minds.

“So what do you think of this new wrinkle in the saga of Harry Potter, Hermione?” asked Ron.

“I don't like it any more that you do, Ron.” said Hermione. “But what really concerns me is the necklace.”

“How so?” asked Willow.

“I mean from what Dumbledore has told us and what I was able to get from reading the tome, is that it was supposed to be the Magical equivalent of the A-Bomb.” said the bushy haired witch. “I mean why create something that powerful unless it was supposed to combat something equally as powerful.”

“Makes sense.” said Xander. “A lot of weapons are created to level the playing field or to shift the balance so that it favors your side.”

“What I want to know is what was it supposed to battle.” said Hermione.

“Yeah, if it's this powerful now...” said Faith.

“Imagine how powerful it might be when it's complete.” finished Ron.

“Oh bugger.” said all present in the room.


Later that night far away from The Burrow Lord Voldemort and his circle of Death Eaters were meeting in the large Library of the Riddle House. Voldemort had gathered his Death Eaters to wait word on how effective the skeletons had been on their attack on the home of Harry Potter and his Muggle relatives.

“So Wormtail how effective were my skeletons earlier this evening?” asked Voldemort as the Animagus transformed and stood at his respective spot in the ring.

“They faired well against the Muggles and their leader set the force up tactically well.” said Pettigrew “It looked as though the Champion would have defeated Potter that night but, as fate would have it, Potter received assistance from some allies.”

“Was it Weasley and his disgusting family?” snarled Malfoy from his place in the ring of silver masks.

“It was, but it there were two others, a Muggle male and female, who assisted them.” said Pettigrew and turned to face the Dark Lord. “It seems as though the regular creations you can summon my Lord can be killed by Muggle weapons.”

“I see.” said Voldemort as he rubbed his chin and thought about this piece of information.

“What of the Champion?” asked Malfoy.

“It fared better my lord, but in the end it was defeated by the combined efforts of the Weasley boy and Potter's ingemuity allowed the Muggle male to defeat it.”

“How can that be?” snarled McNair from his place. “It was armed with...”

“Silence, McNair. I thought that you would realize that there is no such thing as a complete defense or offense.” said Malfoy.

“Quite right.” said Voldemort who turned to Malfoy. “You have the ear of the Ministry, Lucius. Who are these Muggles?”

“I believe that they are the ones that we encountered in the States my Lord.” said Malfoy, “I believe that they are going to be teaching at Hogwarts this year in response to your stealing of the necklace.”

“How is that possible that they know what it is?” asked Wormtail.

“I do not know for certain, but the whispered rumors is that the female is a Slayer.” said Malfoy who waited for the murmurs from the ring to settle down before he continued. “The male is just a Muggle who gained his skills in a very unique way.”

“Interesting...” mumbled Voldemort. “I want to see these Muggles in action for myself.”

“Easily done, my Lord.” said Mulciber, “I know that they will have to go to Diagon Alley before school starts.”

“How so?” asked Crabbe.

“There is a third person in the group that came over from the States.” said Mulciber who continued with a gesture from Voldemort. “She is a self-taught wandless Witch.”

“Who needs a wand to instruct at Hogwarts, according to ministry rules.” concluded Malfoy who sounded like he was grinning from behind his mask.

“Then we hit them when they go to Diagon Alley.” said Voldemort with a hint of relish in his voice. “I will have to conjure something a bit more.... potent for this attack.”

“Of course my Lord, but I do think that we should have a few Death Eaters there, just to let them know the rules have changed.” said Wormtail. “It would also add to the terror. It will be just like before, but on a grander scale.”

“My my my Pettigrew.” said McNair with a hint of pride in his voice. “I would never have thought you capable of such wicked thoughts.”

“Yes Wormtail. I think that would work out just perfectly.” said Voldemort. “Go now while I plan and prepare.” The gathered Death Eaters all bowed and Disapperated to the sounds of their Dark Lord chuckling to himself.


A/N: Okay sorry it took this chapter out to you guys, but I think we know what the reason is ;). Okay as far as the OoTP and canon stuff goes, this story will feature a character death. I just don't know who it will be. I also apologize for the lack of Willow in the chapters so far, but don't worry. She'll kick some DE arse and do so while chewing bubble gum.

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