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Harry Potter and the Lord of Destruction by Kestrel
Chapter 6 : Chapter 6
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See Chapter 1 for the disclaimers. Why? I'm lazy.


Chapter 6

Buffy along with Spike and the Weasley's walked up to the front of the house, but Buffy was the first to hear a voice coming from inside that didn't belong to anyone that she had met before. Oh she recognized the Weasley's and her friends, but hearing a strange voice coming from within her home usually set her on edge. Usually. This voice was different, it had the quality of convincing you that though the owner of the voice was immensely powerful, it had no desire to use that power.

As the group entered the house, Buffy was relieved to see that the others had made it back in one piece though it did look like Dawn had been dragged across the turf a couple of times. Buffy sighed and shook her head but didn't say anything. She knew how it could get with Dawn and as much as Buffy hated to admit it, Dawn could handle herself in a pinch. But what attracted her the most was the elderly Wizard who was currently sitting in the la-z-boy with his feet up and sipping from what could only be a cup of hot cocoa.

“Ahh, you must be Buffy if I am not mistaken” said the Wizard as he smiled at the blond Slayer. “I am Albus Dumbledore.”

Buffy nodded her head in greeting as she took in the scene before her. Sitting on the couch was Giles and the Weasley parents obviously having had a conversation with the elderly wizard. Sitting in the love seat was Ron and Dawn talking to one another animatedly. Faith and Xander were near the kitchen and the rest of the redheads were scattered around the room. Willow and Anya were shuttling from the kitchen and the living room carrying trays of food and drinks.

“Hey Dawn guess who I found.” said Buffy as she moved out of the way and into the house came Spike with his characteristic grin and a cigarette clamped between his lips.

“Spike!” screeched Dawn as she leaped up off the couch and ran to the vampire and flung herself onto him.

“Hiya, Bit. Miss me much?” said Spike as he wrapped his arms around Buffy's younger sister and gave her a peck on the forehead.

“Just a little.” said the Dawn. “You would not believe what has happened today..” and she proceeded to prattle on and on about meeting the Weasleys and discovering schools of that taught magic.

Buffy shook her head and sat down on one of the unoccupied chairs and looked at the coffee table that had half a dozen large books. At first she thought that these books were Giles' but the covers read 'Ancient Artifacts of the Wizarding World' and the like. Buffy was busy staring at the books, but it was Dumbledore's voice that brought her attention back to the moment.

“I understand that you and your friends had a incident with Voldemort and his followers earlier today.” said Dumbledore choosing to ignore the flinch that most of the Weasleys gave at the mention of the name.

“Yeah. I never knew that magic like that existed. Wake up call if you ask me.” said Willow as she sat down on the floor near Oz.

“And that Cruciatus curse is mad painful, never want to feel something like that again.” said Faith with a slight shiver.

“But what I want to know is why they were ripping off the museum?” said Xander “I mean these are powerful wizards and according to Bill, they only take risks like that if it is something importand.”

“That is true and I think I have a lead as to what the necklace really is.” said Dumbledore as he reached down and picked up a book from those scattered on table. It was entitled 'Legend and Myths of Antiquity' he opened it up and flipped to a pre marked page and held it up for everyone to see. Sure enough the picture was of the 'Chains of Destruction'

“Does this look familiar?” he asked.

“Yeah that's the pretentious piece of gold.” said Xander nodding his head.

“Cool but what does it do and where does it come from.” asked Faith.

“Well it pre-dates anything we know of, but according to legend it was created during a time when the forces of Heaven and Hell fought their battles here on this plane of existence. When the current seals and barriers between the the dimensions were thin and easily crossed.” said Dumbledore looking at each person in turn.

“Wicked, but what did it do?” said Ron from his place next to Dawn.

“Well that is where things get vague.” sighed Dumbledore continuing with the narrative. “when it was completed the war was over and side of light emerged victorious. Then it passes into the mists of time, making appearances at the height of the darkest times in history, both wizarding and muggle.” pausing to take a sip from his cup he recollected his thoughts.

“But apparently, if the stories can be believed, it gave almost unlimited access to powerful magic, and to use it without the aid of a wand.”

“But how is that possible?” asked Bill “I know that you can do it Professor, but from what I understand it taxes the Wizard in question a great deal.”

“That is true Bill, but the way magic and wands work is that wands absorb and then redirect the magic from naturally occuring lines of energy.” explained the elderly Wizard. “The particular combination of wood, core and the user determines the nature of the magic absorbed.”

“So this necklace can tap into this magic in a different way then wands?” asked Ginny “Perhaps in a way that is more intense?”

“Twenty points to Gryffindor.” smiled Dumbledore.

“But from what I saw it looks like it was meant to hold something.” said Buffy.

“Yeah maybe a crystal or gem of some sort.” concluded Faith and when she looked over to Dumbledore he was smiling faintly and gave her an almost inperceptible nod.

“Huh?” said George

“Come again?” said Fred.

“Oh come on! You guys call yourself wizards?” snorted Faith “Every Slayer knows that certain gems and crystal types can be imbued with magical properties, or have natural occuring properties.”

“Like what?” asked Percy now very interested in the conversation.

“Like the ability to call upon certain spirits, focusing energy, telling the future” explained Willow who heard Ron snort at the last one.

“Or hypnotising innocent Slayers so that their watcher can inject...” started Buffy

“How many times do I have to apologize for that!” cried Giles.

“Regardless if the necklace is complete or not, that would mean You-Know-Who just received a major upgrade in power.” said Charlie, thankfully cutting off a very loud and angry argument.

“That, unfortunately, would appear to be the case.” sighed Dumbledore.

“Do we have any idea what the cage is supposed to hold?” asked Molly looking at the book now.

“No but we do have to believe that Voldemort is going to start hunting for the missing piece almost immediately.”

“So now it's a race against time.” mumbled Xander under his breath.

“No I don't think so.” said Dumbledore looking at each person in turn. “I believe he is going to try and test the necklace to see if it really is, how do you Muggles say it, the real mccoy.”

“You mean he's going to use the necklace here in Sunnydale?” asked Buffy even more worried now. “Does he know he's sitting on top of the Hellmouth?”

“Perhaps but I think he's not willing to tap into that much power and not this close to the robbery.” said Dumbledore as Arthur nodded his head in agreement.

“Dumbledore is right. I think he is going to leave this place first and lay low for a bit, he can't risk having the whole town crawling with Aurors and muggle law enforcement.” said Arthur. The rest of the group present also nodded seeing that it was logical and tactically sound.

“So what do we do then?” asked Xander “And where do you think he will use the necklace first?”

“Not much, except to wait and see what Voldemort does.” said Dumbledore with a sigh “But if he stays true to form he will use it on the Wizarding community in England and Europe first, seeing that we are the foremost threat.”

“So what does that have to do with us?” asked Buffy. “You could have easily kept us out of the loop.”

“We could have, but I think having you aware of what is going on will be benefecial. Seeing that if he does complete his conquest of Europe, he will turn his attention to America.” said Arthur “And now that he is aware of your existence, you'll be the first target.”

“So what do we do then?” asked Faith and in answer she got a smile from the Headmaster of Hogwarts.


A few hours later the gang had all retired to their rooms to get what sleep they could, but the two Slayers and Vampire were down in the basement having a sparring session to work off the tension, besdies it helped them focus to think more about what the Headmaster suggested.

“Can't believe your actually giving thought to this Faith.” said Buffy as she ducked under a kick.

“It makes sense B, can't have all the eggs in one spot. Makes it harder to take us all out.” said Faith as she blocked a punch.

“But it means breaking up a team that works good together.” mumbled Buffy.

“That's true pet, but it was bound to happen.” said Spike from the side of the room watching the two girls spar. “Besides the wizarding world has very little experience with the sort of nasties that Slayers deal with on a regular basis.”

“If that necklace does all that the legends say it can, it means that this Voldemort guy can summon demons that even we haven't had to deal with before, B.” said Faith as she grabbed Buffy's kick and pulled her forward unbalancing the blond Slayer. Fast as a rattlesnake Faith grabbed Buffy's arm and put her into a submission hold, bending the wrist, shoulder and elbow in a direction that they were never meant to go. “Can you imagine what would happen to those kids at that school if he attacked with a force like that?”

“It would be a slaughter...” mumbled Buffy as she tapped her shoulder letting Faith know that she conceded this round.

“Right, but if some of us were there to lay some groundwork with them, teaching them how to defend against something like that, then it would be worth breaking up the team.” said a voice from the stairs. Turning to look at the voice they saw it was Xander leaning against the rail.

Buffy for her part tried to look unconvinced but deep down in her heart she knew it made sense. Just that little bit of knowledge could turn the tide against one of the darkest threats on the planet.

“All right, but you guys make sure you make it home for Thanksgiving and I'll make sure to visit on Christmas.” said Buffy as she placed a hand on Faith's shoulder.

“I knew you'd come to your senses, B. It's a deal.” said Faith as she gave Xander a wicked grin and grabbed Buffy's arm and threw her onto the floor in a perfect judo throw.


Willow was sitting in the living room with Oz and the two youngest Weasleys. The red-headed Wicca was meditating in front of a few candles focusing her mind contemplating the benefits of going to Hogwarts. Oz was watching Willow while plucking a tune out on his acoustic guitar quietly, he knew Willow was holding an internal debate with herself, but the werewolf knew that in the end she would go. The question was whether he would follow her or not.

Ginny and Ron were sitting on the couch and were quietly talking about the days events. Both worried about what this new wrinkle in the fight against You-Know-Who meant, especially for their friend Harry Potter.

“Do you think that He would go after Harry?” asked Ron of his younger sister.

“Of course you silly git!” exclaimed Ginny in an exasperated tone “It's just a question of how quickly You-Know-Who figures out how to use the necklace.”

“Yeah and if it does what the Professor tells us, it might block Harry from having dreams about what You-Know-Who might be planning.” sighed Ron.

“That's a big advantage for You-Know-Who. If Harry doesn't have his dreams or if his scar doesn't hurt that means He could go after Harry at anytime!” asked Ginny with more than a hint of nervouseness in her voice.

“I know.” Ron rubbed his face in his hands. “Merlin, I wish Hermione was here, she might figure something out.”

“I don't know if she could Ron.” said Ginny

“So what do we do then?”

“Pray that Harry's penchant for getting out of sticky situations holds out long enough for us to figure somethingout.”

“Oh bugger...”


A few weeks later the members of the Scoobies that were heading for England had their things packed and ready to go. All that was left was to say the goodbyes and all were hoping to put those off until the very end. The Weasleys were there as well so the living room looked a little bit like the baggage claim of LAX but more orderly, seeing that Anya was organizing things.

“Okay so how does this Floo thing work again?” asked Xander still a little nervous with the mode of transportaion.

“It's simple dear,” said Molly patiently, understanding how it might be disconcerting for Muggles. “Just step into the fire, say the destination very clearly and throw the powder onto the fire.”

“Simple really,” said Fred

“Just look out for the landing.” finished George.

“Plus get out of the way quickly, don't want to get hit by incoming luggage of the next person now.” said Percy with a grin. This time the twins did look at Percy in shock and awe.

“Who are you and what did you do to my uptight, asinine brother?” asked Ron, mouth agape.

“I transfigured him into a potted plant and took his place.” said Percy as he moved into the fire with his luggage and shouted “The Burrow!” and vanished with a puff of green flame.

“I don't believe it....” said George.

“Our brother actually has... wit!” said Fred as they watched Charlie step into the fire.

“Nice to meet all of you,” he said with a nod towards the Scoobies. “I hope we meet again. You should visit me in Romania sometime.” and picking up the floo powder shouting “Romania National Dragon Preserve” and vanished like his younger brother.

“I'll see about getting a transfer to the London branch of Gringotts.” said Bill as he stepped into the fire as well. “This little adventure sounds like it is right up my alley. Gringott's Egypt Branch!”

“Nice to meet you Dawn, Buffy” said the twins as they placed their luggage into the fireplace then, as though remembering something, they climbed out again and offered a box of custard cremes to Dawn, Buffy and Anya. The girls accepted but Ron quickly took Dawns away from her with a shake of his head. She looked at the youngest Weasley male with a upturned eyebrow. He glanced at the others who bit into the cremes and tried not to laugh as they sprouted yellow feathers.

“What the HELL?!” screeched Dawn, amid the laughter of the others in the room, as she saw her older sister and former vengeance demon turn into large canaries.

“Weasley Wizarding Wheezes strike again!” yelled the twins from the fireplace then promptly vanished with a yell of “The Burrow!”

Buffy looked down at herself and gave a very indignant 'cheep!' at her condition and crossed her arms(wings) over her chest and glared at the others until the feathers fell out.

“That was so classic.” said Dawn as she tried not laugh, but failed miserably.

“Now I see why you warned me not to take anything from those brothers of yours.” said Xander with a grin.

“Don't worry, dear.” comforted Molly to a fuming Buffy “I'll be sure to have a stern talk to them.”

“Not that it will do much good. They seem to take after you Arthur in that respect.” said Giles with a grin. “Like that time with the Ford Anglia...”

“Oh I remember a a time when you broke into the Broom closet...” but Arthur was cut off by hand over his mouth.

“Not in front of the children. You both have to set an example.” said Molly with a angelic grin. The rest of the room chuckled at the sheepish grins that were plastered over the older wizards.

Willow, though smiling from the exchange, was trying not to cry as she stepped up to the group and gave a long hug to each of the scoobies in turn.

“I wish you could come with me.” whispered Willow into Oz's ear.

“I wish I could too, but Buffy needs the hard hitters here, with you, Faith and Xander leaving...” said Oz his voice choking slightly.

“I'll come home and visit...” began Willow, but was silenced by a finger over her lips. She looked at the green-haired punk rocker with a questioning look. Oz grinned and pressed a necklace into her hands. Looking down she gasped, it was a jewel encrusted guitar pick. She gave Oz a lingering kiss and turned to let him slip the necklace around her neck.

“Now you better go, before you and I both start to cry and totally wig everyone out.” he whispered into her ear. Willow nodded and not trusting herself to speak gave her boyfriend one last kiss and headed towards the fireplace, but was stopped one last time by Buffy.

“We'll try to figure something out that'll let us communicate easier than owl post.” whispered Willow to her closet friends.

“Just teach those kids well, Wils. I'll come and visit when I can take a break from the Hellmouth.” said Buffy close to tears.

“Come on Buff, I'm just a floo away, it's not like I'm leaving this place forever.” whispered Willow back. Willow gave Oz one last glance and almost ran to the fireplace.

“Don't worry B, I'll make sure Red doesn't bore the kids to death with her babbling.” said Faith as she hugged her sister Slayer as they heard the fireplace flare up in the background.

“You better F, because I don't want her to live with that guilt.” said the blond Slayer with a small chuckle. But she gave a small squeak as she felt Xander wrap both of them up in his strong arms.

“Awww, who woulda thought you two would actually cry over leaving the other one..” said Xander with a voice full of jesting affection and faked tears. Both slayers hit Xander upside the head and Faith grabbed his shoulders and led him to the others to say their goodbyes.

“We'll keep in touch Dawn,” said Ginny as she gave the other girl a hug “Though I think we're going to have to find a better owl though.”

“Yeah Erroll will most likely up and die when he makes it here.” said Ron with a chuckle.

“Don't worry too much. I think with Willow at your school she'll figure something out.”
said Dawn as Ron wrapped her up in a hug and then pulled Ginny to the fireplace and flood back to merry old England.

Faith and Buffy shared a few quiet words before they looked over to the sight of Spike and Xander just staring at one another not knowing what to say. A mutual respect had grown over the years between the former Zeppo and the now Souled Vampire.

“So...” said Xander.

“So...” said Spike.

“So... you take care of yourself Spike and try to keep Dawn out of trouble.”

“Will do that. And... uh...” fumbling for the right words Spike decided to just blast ahead. “Oh bugger, here Harris.” said Spike as he held out a duster similar to the one he was wearing. Xander grinned and took the offered duster and looked at it carefully and grinned when he noticed it was modified with a hidden pockets for a sword, dagger and other small sharp objects.

“Thanks De.. uh.. Spike” said Xander with a grin when he noticed the small scowl that passed over the blond Vamp's lips.

“Ha ha ha, Harris.” retorted the vampire with a smirk and turned to Faith and held out a matching, though much shorter duster for Faith. “Now you can give those Death Eaters some hell, Matrix Style.”

“Wicked. Thanks Blondie.” and turning to Xander, Faith raised an eyebrow and grinned. “What do you say. Let's turn that school upside down and kick some ass.”

“Let's!” and with that they turned to the fireplace and moving a few trunks into it Xander and Faith vanished.

“Heaven help us.” said Giles with a grin and shookhis head. He then turned to the Weasley parent and gave a hug to both his friends.

“Wish you would consider Dumbledore's offer and return to England with us.” said Arthur.

“It would be just like the old days Ripper.” said Molly

“I know but I must remain here. Buffy will need help in getting ready to take on those Death Eaters. Vampires and Demons are one thing, but Wizards...” said Giles.

“We understand, but don't hesitate to ask for help.”

“I won't.”


Faith and Xander tumbled out of the Weasley's fireplace and skidded to a halt near the kitchen table. They both got up and dusted off their clothes and coughed a bit. The twins were chuckling at the sight and shook their heads as they moved the trunks into the living room. Though it took them a bit of effort, even with the help of Xander and Ron.

“Cor. What in the world do you have in here.” said Ron as they set it down on the floor. Xander grinned and unlocked the chest and opened it up letting the three boys look inside. The Twins just whistled and Ron just gaped.

“Close your mouth Ron,” said Ginny as she walked over to see what was so interesting in the trunk, “I mean it's gross and besides you..rrr.... oh my...”

“Like it?” asked Xander with a smirk. “I like to think of it as my own person plethora of chaos.”

“Well seeing where you lived, I'm not surprised.” said Arthur as he looked over the shoulders of his children. “Just do keep it locked up... oh my is that a piss-dell”

“Actually it's a pistol.” said Xander as he pulled out a .40 caliber Glock and held it up for inspection. “Never use it much, but if you kneecap a Vamp it slows them down considerably.”

Arthur nodded and was about to ask more questions about the weapon, but when Molly called to him from the kitchen holding a letter that had a emblem of a bird of some sort on it. Seeing the letter Arthur quickly went to his wife and read it as well.

[Wonder what that is all about?] thought Xander. He turned back to the chest and replaced the gun in it and closed it again, after making sure that the Twins didn't take anything from it.

“Well let me show you where you will be staying.” said Ginny as she led Xander and Faith upstairs. “You can have Percy's old room Xander, seeing that he and Penelope found a place of their own. Faith you can have Bill's old room, unless of course...”

Ginny chuckled when she saw a blush creep across both of their cheeks as they tried to remain cool and collected.

“No I think the current set up will work just fine.” said Xander trying not to stammer his response.

“I agree with Xander here, this is fine.” said Faith sounding rather bored with the whole tour deal. Unfortunately the blush that was creeping across her neck and cheeks gave her nervousness away.

“Uh, huh.” said Ginny as she led them back downstairs, rather unconviced. She was getting ready to tease the two of them about it, but when they reached the ground floor the sight of Ron and her Father putting on their robes and getting out one of the portkeys that Dumbledore gave them at the end of the last term immediately made Ginny tense.

“What's going on?” asked Ginny feeling apprehension creep into her voice and body.

“We have to get Harry out of his house now.” said Arthur in a matter of fact tone.

“Is it, because of ....” asked Ginny. She may be the youngest but she wasn't slow on the uptake. Living with Fred and George had taught her that much. Nodding his head with a curt nod he held out the portkey and got ready.

“Wait, we're going with you.” said Xander as he went over to the chest and opened it and held out a pair of matching daggers to Faith. Xander stood up and slipped a short sword and a matching dagger into the duster and pulled out his Glock and couple of extra clips for himself.

“Now see here...” said Arthur but was quickly cut off by Xander.

“No we're going. They're expecting a bunch of Wizards, not a couple of Muggles from the hellmouth.” said Xander as he slipped the pistol into a holster.

“Besides, I have a world of hurt to unleash on the first Death Eater I see.” said Faith as she secured her daggers and stepped up to the older Wizard.

“You might also need someone to watch your back.” said Willow as she stepped up to the chest as well and pulled out her favorite crossbow.

“No.” said Xander as he kicked the chest closed and looked at his friends. “You stay here.”

“Why? I don't see why you get to go out and have all the fun when I have to stay here and hold the fort I mean I am just as good as you are Mr. Harris, if not better and I...” babbled the indignant Wicca.

“I need you to be the rescuer of the rescuers if this goes to hell in a handbasket and you know it Wills.” explained Xander.

“Besides if this goes really bad. We need someone to plan us one really wicked funeral.” said Faith with a smirk that resembled Spikes when things got really hairy, even by Hellmouth standards.

“Allright but if you don't come back I'll...I'll... I'll resurrect you and kill you all over again!” said Willow with a smirk, but she put the crossbow off to the side.

“She means it.” said Xander as he looked at the reactions on the faces of the Weasley's.

“I see you won't listen to reason.” said Arthur seeing Xander and Faith's version of Willow's 'Resolve Face'. “The portkey will drop us off a couple of blocks from Harry's house.”

“I'll get things ready here and inform Dumbledore” said Molly expecting the worst but hoping for the best. Ginny headed into the kitchen to help her mother get it ready, but before she dissappeared into the room she looked at Ron with a look that said, 'Bring him home safe, Ron'

Ron caught the look and understanding what ginny was trying to say he nodded his head and gulped and took hold of the key.

“I'll help.” said Willow as she also went into the kitchen.

“We'll hold the fort here.” said the Twins, serious for once. Knowing that this was a possibility ever since Voldemort returned.

Arthur held out the key and when he, Ron, Faith and Xander grabbed it tapped it once with his wand. Xander and Faith felt a tug from behind their navels and felt the room spin away around them.


“Master are you sure this is wise?” asked Lucius Malfoy as he kneeled before Voldemort.

“Are you questioning my judgement Malfoy?” snarled Voldemort as he toyed with the 'Chains of Destruction' that hung around his throat.

“No master, just concerned that you might be prgressing too quickly. The spells you already know are childs play, but to summon...”

“I know what I am and am not capable of doing Malfoy. Tonight I mean to send a few... 'friends'... to young Harry Potter.” said Voldemort with a evil grin. “Though I do not count on them being successful tonight.”

“Then why do this master?” asked a nervous Wormtail from the side of Malfoy.

“It is only a test to see exactly how powerful these things are.” said Voldemort “besides it will let Potter know that I have just changed the rules of the game once again.” and with a laugh Voldemort left the room to prepare.


Harry was alone in his room, being locked in there by the Brontosaurus that was his uncle Vernon. Harry sighed and looked at the bars on his window and weighed the pros and cons of having his friends try and break him out of 'Casa de Dursley'. Fortunately he could use Hedwig. The bars may have prevented Harry from getting away, but Hedwig could slip out between them, though they were a tight fit for her. He couldn't pick the lock to his room, seeing that it was locked from the outside.

It seemed that after he got home from King's Cross Station, Dumbledore had talked to his relations for a bit. Harry could guess what the talk was about, but it seemed that said relations, took it upon themselves to make Harry's life even more miserable than usual. The best way that they felt to do this was to keep reminding him of Cedric and to treat him as though he was a dangerous prisoner. Thus the imprisonment in his room. There was a bright spot, if you could call it that, in this whole situation. At least he could work on his homework and had all of his magical supplies with him.

“Goody maybe I can work on my Potions essay.” said Harry to no one in particular. Sighing he went over to his trunk and pulled out potions book and went over to his desk and sat down and opened it up. [Wonder if there is a potion that'll melt double reinforced steel?] though Harry absentmindedly as he bent over his book and parchments and started to work.


Xander landed on his back with a thump. “First floo now this portkey. This keeps up and I'll spend half my time on my back while I'm here.”

“Oh come on, it's not that bad. I like seeing you on your back.” smirked Faith as she helped Xander up to his feet.

“Too bad your bed isn't around, huh?” asked Xander causing Faith to blush.

“Enough banter, we have to get there quickly.” said Arthur as he started down the street and looked around nervously as the sun was starting to set.

Xander noticed the darkening sky and mumbled to himself. “Why do I have a bad feeling about this...” Faith and Ron just nodded and picked up the pace just a bit more.


Harry had been working on his potions essay for a while now. It was difficult though, seeing that the sound of the television was blaring away at seemingly top volume. It reached all the way up the staircase and into his room with little or no difficulty, it seemed as though the appliance was enchanted. Closing his potions book in annoyance, he put his face in his hands and rubbed vigorously trying to regain his train of thought.

[Why does Dudley have to watch 'Saving Private Ryan' at top volume?] though Harry in annoyance. He looked up at Hedwig and rubbed her feathers gently as she nipped at his finger affectionately. Shaking his head, he sighed and looked out the window, unfortunately what he saw didn't relax him. It set him on edge and near panic. In the backyard he saw what looked to be half a dozen skeletons carrying shields and swords. And they were making their way over to the door of the house.

Harry immediately went over to the door of his room and pounded on it trying to get the attention of the Dursleys. Unfortunately the movie got to the final battle and the sounds of the bombs and machineguns filled the house, drowning out his frantic pounding. Realizing that his efforts were going unnoticed, Harry went over to his desk and pulled open the drawer and pulled out his wand.

Harry wasn't going to try and leave the room, it would take him forever just to charm open all the locks on his door. Same thing went for the bars at his window. So harry kneeled down and pointed his wand at the door and got ready to open a world of hurt on the first... thing... that made it through the door, Ministry regulations be damned.


The small rescue party was about a four houses away from 4 Privet Drive when they saw a soft glow fill the sky.

“What the Frahl was that?” asked Xander quoting from one of his favorite shows.

“Dunno, but it can't be good.” said Faith as the group picked up speed, moving towards the house at a near dead run.

“Mr. Weasley,” said Xander getting the attention of the older wizard. “You and I take the rear of the house, Faith and Ron take the front.” Arthur nodded and he and Xander ran towards the backyard.

Faith looked in the direction that the others had run and saw that Xander was drawing his pistol and one of his escrima sticks from the duster. Faith looked at a very nervous Ron and gave him a grin.

“Just follow me, take out anything that sneaks up on our backs, got it?” said Faith as she pulled out her pair of daggers. Ron nodded and pulled out his wand.

“Got it, but I should warn you that I am not allowed to do magic outside of school.” said Ron.

“Worry about that later, right now we have a kid to save.” said Faith as she made it to the front door and placed her ear against the door and used her heightened senses to figure out what was happening inside the house. What she heard spooked her. She heard a strange disjointed sound coming from the interior of the house along with the gurgling breath of someone suffering from a punctured lung.

Ron was watching the Slayer lean up against the door and steadied himself and gripped his wand with a relaxed and ready hold, as if he was just attending another Transfiguration class. He jumped when Faith suddenly kicked the door so hard that it was ripped off its frame and hinges.


Xander was in full soldier mode as he pulled the Glock out of it's holster and screwed a suppressor onto the muzzle of the pistol. After making sure it was on tight, Xander pulled out one of his trusty escrima sticks. He glanced over his shoulder at Arthur and nodded towards the corner of the house, getting the meaning Mr. Weasley skidded to a halt behind the young Muggle as they reached the indicated spot.

Glancing around the corner Xander tried not to curse when he saw a pair of fully ambulatory, and armed, skeletons standing there keeping watch. Ducking back around the house he looked at Mr. Weasley and using simple hand gestures he set up their tactics. Nodding in comprehension Arthur got ready to move when Xander counted dow to zero.

Dashing out from behind the house Arthur shot a spell that hit the first skeleton, slightly distracting it. As he did so Xander stepped out and fired a couple of quickly aimed shots and hit one skeleton in the head shattering the skull completely. The other skeleton didn't get so lucky and was hit in the spinal column and dropped to the ground flopping around like a landed trout.

Mr. Weasley rushed to the back door as Xander ran up to the skeleton and stomped on the skull ending it's magically summoned life. Quickly following Mr. Weasley into the house he saw Arthur blast the one of the skeletons that was hacking the Dursleys into luncheon meat. The spell was similar to the one that Lockhart used on Harry after the Bludger broke his arm, simply put it removed the skeleton's whole spine.

Xander was impressed and as he was drawing a bead on one of the skeletons, the door to the front of the house burst in and Faith rushed in. She hit the skeleton he was aiming at on the back of the head with the 'skull crusher' pommel on the dagger that she was using, she quickly followed up with a slice from the other dagger that severed the head from the neck.

A shout of 'STUPEFY!' from the front door signaled that Ron had entered the fray. Though the spell was quite advanced Ron did it perfectly and the spell, instead of stunning a normal human opponent, pulverized the remaining skeleton into chip and fragments. Faith looked up towards the second floor of the house and heard the sound of wood splintering and spells being shouted.

“Second floor! Go!” shouted Xander as he took the steps two at a time, keeping both the top of the steps and the exposed side in his line of sight. Normally tactics dictated the use of a flashbang, but seeing that he didn't have one he would have to do this the hard way. Risking a glance towards the bottom of the steps was surprised when he saw it was Ron, not Faith that was following him up.

[Kid's got good instincts] though Xander failing to see the sword swinging towards him.

“Xander! Duck!” yelled Ron as he saw the sword swing towards Xander's head. Xander immediately dropped to one knee when he heard Ron shout and fired blind in the direction of the swing three times in rapid succession. Xander heard something drop on the second floor landing and he could only hope that it was what had swung the sword at his noggin, hoping to send him into the great beyond.

Faith, who was following Ron, saw the swing as well. Pissed Faith used her heightened strength and speed to leap up and grab the bannister on the second floor from the stairs. Using her momentum to swing her over the bannister, she landed with both feet on top of the skeleton that Xander had shot. Turning around she saw the door to, what could only be presumed to Harry Potter's room, hanging open from the chain locks that once held it secure.

“Oh shit...” she said when she saw the door. She caught the sight of Xander rushing past her and run into the room. It was only her heightened hearing that allowed her to hear the sound of Xander's pistol firing quickly.

Xander ran into the room and saw the sight of a blue tinted skeleton closing the distance on a young boy no more than Dawn's age. Though the boy was not helpless, far from it actually. He was using a spell that was supposed to stop the skeleton cold in it it's tracks, but all it was doing was slowing it down.

Xander seeing an opportunity took aim and shot the skeleton once in the skull. The bullet impacted dead center, but instead of shattering the skull, like the others had, it just punched a hole clear through one end and out the other. Xander growled and started to fire in quick succession, landing the bullets in the skull and all up and down the spine. All of the effort did nothing to stop the skeleton and dropping the pistol he pulled out his other stick and decided to do this the hard way.


Harry heard the back door crash inwards and he braced himself for what he knew was coming. Gritting his teeth he tried not to think that it was his relatives, as awful as they were, that were screaming in horror and absolute pain. He tried not to think about the fact that the screams were no longer as loud or blended together. He kept his eyes planted on the door in front of him and his wand trained on it.

He didn't have to wait long as the door started to rattle in the frame as something inhumanly strong was pounding on it. He saw the door start splinter in one spot as he saw the tip of a sword break through.

[Just a bit more..] though Harry as the hole started to grow larger and larger. Harry pointed the wand at the hole and decided to risk a spell that he had learned for the TriWizard Tournament but never needed to use. He saw the eyeless face of a skull fill the hole and Harry grinned in a way that must have gave away what he was planning because the hole was filled with a shield right as the spell was launched. The result was that the door was knocked from it's hinges.

[Oh bollocks..] thought Harry as the blue skeleton walked into the room. [Oh well. Might as well make a good show of it.]

“STUPEFY!” yelled Harry and his heart gave a lurch as he saw the spell hit the shield and was absorbed by the material.

“INCENDIO!” same result. “LOCOMOTOR MORTIS!” ditto

Finally Harry out of desperation pointed his wand at the skeleton's legs and yelled out: “PETRIFICUS TOTALUS!” and his heart gave a leap of joy as the spell worked... sort of. The skeleton was moving, but at a very slow rate. Just as Harry was formulating a plan to get around the his unnatural assailant, he saw a man who looked slightly familiar step into the room and raise a pistol and shoot the creature from behind.

Unfortunately it didn't stop the creature at all. He saw the man sneer in frustration and started to shoot in rapid succession, but all for not. To make matters worse the spell was wearing off and the skeleton was starting to move at full speed again. Just as this fact was registering in Harry's mind the skeleton took a swing at the Bot-Who-Lived. Only his quidditch reflexes saved Harry as he dodged out of the way at the last second. Before the follow up swing could hit him Harry was across the room and out of harms way when he saw the man rush in and engage the creature with a pair of wooden fighting sticks.


Back and forth the fight went between Xander and the skeleton, though Xander was the more skilled of the two, the skeleton didn't tire out. This had the potential of turning out very badly for Xander if he didn't find a way to end this quickly. His prayers were answered when the sword of the creature was suddenly pulled up into the air, along with the skeletons hand. Suddenly the skeleton's shield was pulled away to the side of the room, leaving the the creature quite exposed. Never one to look a gift horse in the mouth Xander quickly smashed the ribs and arms off the body.

“Xander! Ramp up!” hearing Faith yell out Xander immediately dropped to one knee and let Faith use him as a platform and leap off his shoulder. Glancing up he saw Faith kick the skelton in the neck knocking it down. Continuing with the follow through Faith jammed her daggers into the eyesockets and then twist the daggers so that she ripped the skull away and tossed it to the far corner of the room where it shattered.


Harry realized that the man didn't stand a chance unless he helped, but was at a loss of what to do. Suddenly he saw Ron rush into the room and after he glanced at the fight, he pointed his wand at the skeleton's sword and shouted “WINGARDIUM LEVIOSA!” and the sword was pulled up toward the ceiling. The skeleton, not being the smartest thing on the face of the planet, refused to let go. Inspiration suddenly hit Harry and he pointed the wand at the shield.

[Offensive spells don't seem to work, but what about utility charms?] he thought as he shouted out “ACCIO SHIELD!” and was pleaseantly surprised when the shield, along with the arm of the skeleton, was pulled away along with it. Chancing a glance back to the man fighting the bag-o-bones he was shocked to see how fast the man thrashed it. Both arms and most of the ribs were knocked off the body. Suddenly he saw a girl run into the room and shout something that he didn't catch, The man must have understood though and took a knee and let himself be used as a launching pad for the flying kick and the most spectacular follow through that Harry had ever seen in his life.

Harry saw a hand drop into his line of sight and looking up he saw the familiar face of Ron and his father looking down at him. Taking the hand he let himself get hauled to his feet before leaning against the wall.

“Harry? Are you okay?”

“Yes Mr. Weasley, but can I ask one question?”

“What is it Harry?”

“What in the bloody blue blazes is going on?”


A/N: sorry that this chapter took so long in coming but I felt that if I was going to give you a chapter that had action in it I had to make sure it was good enough for me.

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