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Harry Potter and the Lord of Destruction by Kestrel
Chapter 4 : Chapter 4
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See Chapter 1 for disclaimers.


A/N: Okay I'm not sure of the ages and years that Giles, Arthur and Molly went to Hogwarts, but for story purposes they graduated about the same time circa late 50's early 60's. Plus I'll be making references to Diablo II and DII:LOD enemies in this chapter.

A/N2: Plus I am very sorry for the time it takes me to put the chapters up, but it does take me a while to sort out my thoughts as to how the chapter is going to evolve, even with a general outline, it ends up going in a different direction.

Chapter 4

“Arthur Weasley?” said a stunned Rupert Giles.

“Ripper?” said Molly and Arthur at the same time.

Everyone was watching the three as they just seemed to stare at each other, but then Giles broke out into a genuine smile and threw his arms around the Weasley parents' shoulders and pulled them into a hard hug.

“Merlin's blood!” said Arthur as he and Molly hugged Giles back. “What in the bloody blue blazes are you doing here?”

“That old friend is a long story..”

“Which can be told while you take care of Faith!” ended Xander as he sat next to his girlfriend rubbing her back in a soothing manner.

“Right!”said Giles as he knelt down near his younger charge and started to look over her amid the snikers of the Weasley children and the Scoobies alike. “So what happened? You four look like you went toe-to-toe with a Blunderbore.”

“Nope, no big fat and bald demons, it was a bunch of guys in black robes wearing silver masks.” said Faith, wincing slightly as Giles examined her. He looked up at Arthur.

“Wizards?” he asked and looked at his old friends for confirmation.

“Yes. Their an order of Dark Wizards that came into power a few years after you dissappeared from the wizarding world Rupert.” said Molly with a slight hint of sadness in her voice.

Giles looked up at that and shook his head. “It seems I have been away from my former life for far too long it seems. Let me take care of Faith and then we can catch up on old times and fill in the years which I have missed.” Arthur and Molly nodded and settled back as Dawn came towards the table with a set of cups and a couple of large pots of tea.

“Thank you dear, but really you didn't have to.” said Mrs. Weasley as the cups were placed on the table.

“Friends of Giles are good in our book.” said Dawn.

“Faith did the wizard that attacked you use a spell on you? Did he say anything?”

“Yeah all that I remember after hitting the wall hard enough to daze me was the word Crucio.” said the younger Slayer shivering at the memory.

“I have never heard of this spell before.” said Giles as he looked to Arthur for explanation.

“It is a spell, known as an Unforgiveable.” said Percy as he took a breath to steeled himself for something unpleasant. “The Cruciatus causes a great deal of pain, according to those that have gone through it, the curse feels as though your insides have been bathed in acid and all your bones are being broken slowly then repaired, then broken again and again.”

“Ouch... “ said Xander as he and Faith paled a bit. Giles nodded in agreement and went over to a locked drawer behind the counter and after fumbling with the lock he pulled out a vial filled with a clear liquid. He looked at it for a moment and handed it to Faith.

“Here drink this. It should take care of some of the pain.”

“What is it?” asked the dark haired Slayer, eyeing the vial curiously.

“A pain curative I brewed up a while back. It doesn't lose potency over time.” said the Watcher with a twinkle in his eye. “One of the first potions that I truly mastered...”

Nodding Faith uncapped the vial and drank down the contents and made a face as she put the vial back down on the table. It may have tasted awful, but the affects of the potion could be felt almost immediately and Faith could finally sit without feeling any discomfort. She lookd up at Giles and gave him a thumbs up sign.

“Nice to know you still have the touch when it comes to potions, Ripper.” said Molly.

“Why would any wizard, good or evil, create such a spell?” whispered Anya as she sat down heavily on the stool behind the register.

“Voldemort is no normal Dark Wizard.” whispered Ginny as the rest of her family flinched at the sound of the name.

“He must be bad to make a bunch of wizards get the major wiggins.” said Buffy “So what's the sitch with this ValueMeal..”

“Voldemort.” stammered out Arthur. “I guess we shoud start at the beginning...”

And so the Weasley's filled Giles in on the years after he left the wizarding world. From the rise of Voldemort and his Death Eaters, the atrocities commited in his name. Finally ending with the tale of his downfall and subsequent resurrection.

“So let me get this right.” said Dawn “This Major Big Bad goes around for a few decades and kills any Wizard that gets in his way or doesn't join him. Top it off he also kills whatchya call us.. Muggles?.. cuz it's fun” she looks at Ginny for confirmation, who nods.

“Then he goes after this Potter family and kills James and Lily, but when he tries to kill Harry, who is only a year or so old, he ends up fragging his own ass?” continued Xander. More nods from the Weasleys.

“Then tries to bring himself back so many times it gets rather predictable and monotonous..” said Willow picking up the summary

“But is eventually successful and is now waiting for the right time to strike and take out the only wizard who has ever defeated him?” finished Anya.

“That about sums it up...” said Fred

“...But if you want the gory details...” said George

“...You have to talk to Harry Potter.” they ended in unison.

“So what are they doing here in Sunnydale? And what does this have to do with stealing a gaudy ancient necklace?” asked Buffy as she paced around wanting to hurt something ever since Percy gave a description of what the Cruciatus curse did.

“Buffy will you stop pacing!” demanded Giles. “Slayer or not you don't stand a chance against a fully trained wizard, let alone four of them.”

Giles suddenly realized his slip up and he turned to look at the Weasley family who was looking at him and Buffy in a mixture of fear, awe, shock and fascination.

“A Slayer?” whispered Bill “I thought that they were legends...”

“If she's a slayer then that makes you her Watcher, Giles?” said Molly as she suddenly understood why her old friend vanished.

Suddenly all of the Weasleys started to barrage Buffy with all sort of questions about this and that, especially the demons that populated the slayer myth. Faith just sat back and just shook her head at the reaction and took it in stride. A few years ago this sort of thing would have driven her ape-shit, but she learned that her place wasn't to be the glamour queen or anything like that. Though she couldn't resist bursting B's bubble.

“Ummm excuse me, but second slayer in the room here!” said Faith waving her hand around like a school kid who knew the answer. All the Weasleys turned to look at Faith and then back to Buffy.

“Second Slayer?” stammered Percy, “But I thought that there could only be one 'Chosen One' at a time...”

“We did as well, that was until Buffy had died briefly, but was revived by Xander.” explained Giles. “But apparently she was dead long enough for a second slayer named Kendra to be called.”

“But she got aced by a nutso Vampire named Drusilla and then Faith was called.” finished Buffy as she glanced to her sister slayer who was nodding.

“And she been nothing but trouble ever since...” said Xander with a smirk as he planted a kiss on her cheek.

“Oh just you wait til tonight buster.” growled Faith as she returned the kiss.

Giles grinned at the display of affection between Xander and Faith and just shook his head, knowing how far both of them had come. But he quickly shook himself out of his reverie and looked at Buffy.

“What necklace?” he asked.

“Yes, I was curious about that too.” said Bill “Most Wizards as powerful and influential as the Death Eaters wouldn't steal something unless it was most important.”

“Some pretentious piece of gold called the Chains of Destruction.” said Buffy as she shook her head and grinned. “Maybe they wanted it cuz it sounded cool.”

“You-know-who doesn't want something because it has a 'cool' name.” said Charlie as he placed his chin in the palm of his hand. “It must serve some purpose.”

“I agree but I don't know what this necklace is or it's signficance.” said Bill, “But I'll be sure to ask the Gringotts people if they know of necklace bearing that name.”

“I will look through the books that I have here,” said Giles as he gestured to the collection of books throughout the store. “Maybe what we need is already here.” Willow and Dawn immediately got up and went to the shelves.

“I should contact Dumbledore.” said Arthur, “He should be made aware of this development.” he stood and looked around and then remembered where he was. “You wouldn't happen to have a floo connection around here would you, Ripper?”

Giles nodded and looked at Buffy apologetically. “The connection is at Buffy's house, I put it there so that the group could escape if the situation ever warranted it.” he explained as Buffy shot him a glance and grumbled.

“So any wizard could have just popped in and done who knows what to any one of us!” Buffy screamed at Giles.

“It's what you would call a 'unlisted number' Buffy. They can't use it unless they know it exists.” explained Giles “I put it so far off the Floo network no one would bother to look for it.”

Buffy was still grumbling as she shot Giles another look then turned to the Weasleys and nodded her head. “Well come on, you can use the poo...”


“Whatever. We can use the van and head over to my place. Then we were planning to head out to the Bronze.”

“Good, and after we stop over at your place, OZ can take the rest of the family back to the hotel.” Arthur raised his hands to still the protests of Ginny, Ron and the Twins. “No, now that I know that there is a Slayer living in this town, it makes me nervous as to the nightlife...” finished Molly.

“But mum, dad, you said we should experience how muggles live.” said Ginny, “and look at it this way, we get to experience both how muggles and the Slayer live.”

“Yeah think about how much we could impress our future DADA Professor.” said Ron

“Besides I'll go with them” said Bill, “Gringotts is closed and goblins tend to prefer not being disturbed in the middle of the night.”

“Plus the safest place they could be is at the side of the Buffy and Faith.” both girls gave their watcher a murderous look. “Besides the rules applying to vampires and homes does not extend to hotel rooms.”

Arthur looked at Molly, who shrugged her shoulders. “Giles does have a point and Bill is going to be with them.”

“We'll stay here,” said Willow and Anya as they went scouring through the books.

Nodding Arthur and the rest of the family, along with the remaining Scoobies headed out the door to the still magically enhanced Van.

“I still say we should paint the van blue with the words 'Mystery Machine' on the side.” said Xander's fading voice as they left the shop. Giles had to chuckle as he saw both Oz and Faith smack Xander on the back of the head.


A few minutes later Oz had dropped off the Scoobies, except Faith, along with the Weasley family, save for Percy and Mr. and Mrs. Weasley at the Bronze. Then he gunned the engine and headed for Buffy's place.

Getting out of the van, the Weasley's looked up at the quaint home that was home to the two Slayers, a former Key and a red headed witch. Faith got out of the van and headed up to the door, wincing slightly as she ascended the steps. Oz helped Faith out as much as she would let him.

“Wolf, I can make my way up the stairs just fine.” she hissed a bit as they got to the door.

Oz just shook his head and smiled. “I wish I could, but if I let you fall down and hurt yourself more, Xander would kick my ass, then Buffy would have a go at me. Then Willow would resurrect me so it could happen all over again.” he said as he held the door open for her and the Wizards.

“I liked it a lot better when you talked less.” she said with a wink and plopped down on the easy chair.

Arthur and Molly followed and watched the excahnge between the younger ones and just smiled and looked at each other. Though Arthur was quickly distracted by the house and living room. Loving all things muggle he was instantly entranced by the trappings of the room.

Percy knowing that his father could examine the room all night before he remembered to contact the headmaster of Hogwarts, cleared his throat to get his attention.

“Father, Dubldore first, the room will still be here later.” said Percy with a hint of sarcasm in his voice. If the twins were here they would probably have died of shock and horror.

“Hmmm? Oh right!” said Mr. Weasley as he put down the cordless phone and headed over to the fireplace pointed his wand at it's interior and set it ablaze. He then picked up a medium-sized box sitting on the mantle and opened it. He picked up a small pinch of the powder and tossed it in and summoned Albus Dumbledore.

“I'll give him some time to contact us, it is two in the morning there after all.” said Arthur and went back to examineing the phone.

“I'll go and start up a pot of tea.” said Molly as she headed for the kitchen, though a few moments later she walked out a bit shamefaced and went over to Oz.

“Excuse me dear, but could you show me how to use your kitchen. I'm not sure if Buffy would appreciate me enchanting her pots and pans.” she said with a small grin.

Mr. Weasley perked up at the mention of something to drink and headed over towards the kitchen, wondering if the Slayer had a 'Mr. Coffee'. Percy just watched his father go and chuckled to himself and excused himself to look for the loo.

“I'll help Mrs. Weasley” said Faith as she got off the chair and headed over towards the kitchen and pushed Oz back into his seat. “Stay, good boy.” she said.

“Woof, woof.” said Oz as he smirked and picked up a magazine and started to read a rather interesting article when he heard a voice from the direction of the fireplace.


Hogwarts, Headmaster's Offices

Prof. Dumbledore was already awake having let Hedwig in and read Harry's interesting letter. Knowing Voldemort didn't do anything, especially as bold as to rob a Muggle museum, without a purpose he started to look into it, but without more specific details he couldn't do more than speculate.

Sitting in his office the Headmaster of one of the most prestigious schools of magical arts in Europe, he steepled his fingers and meditated for a bit, wondering as to this new development. He got up and headed over to the bookshelves and started to search for a volume that might contain what he was looking for.

“No that's not it,” he said as he flipped through one tome, then replacing itbefore selecting another one. He was on his fifth try when the sound of a summoning from his fireplace and he placed the book down on his desk and made his way to his fireplace.

“Strange, this is an unregistered floo connection.” said Dumbledore, but he did recognize the signature to the summons. He nodded and and picked up his small pot filled with floo powder.

Quickly completing the spell he opened his eyes and was greeted by the sight of a well furnished, and very Muggle looking home. Albus looked around for a few minutes taking in the room, but his attention was quickly grabbed by the sight of a young man sitting on the couch reading a magazine. That sight would have been normal under any circumstances, but the fact that he had lime green, spikey hair was definitely out of place.

“Excuse me, but I was wondering if there was an Arthur Weasley here.”


Oz looked over the edge of the magazine and saw a head, which looked remarkably like Ian McKellan from the Lord of the Rings movie, sitting in the fireplace. What was more amazing that it was looking around the room and at Oz.

“Uh did you say something?” asked Oz just a little miffed at the sight.

“Yes, I asked if Arthur Weasley was here?” said the head as it smiled and and waited patiently for Oz to process this information.

“Um, I'll get him.” said Oz as he stood and headed for the kitchen. “Name's Oz by the way.”

“Nice to meet you Oz, I am Albus Dumbledore.” said the head with a nod.

“Same here.” said the young werewolf as he entered the kitchen.

As Albus waited he looked around the room and smiled, this is the sort of house that he himself might like to own whne the time came for him to step down as the Headmaster of Hogwarts. Although most people pressed him to take the job of Minister of Magic and remove that bumbleing idior Fudge, politics was not in his blood.

As he was contemplating where he could find a house just like this one he saw a rather pretty brunette walk out of the kithen and into the living room, but she stopped dead in her tracks when she saw his head sitting in the fire place. She just stared for a minute and then turned right around and went back into the kicthen. He chuckled to himself at her reaction, she took it quite well considering that she and the boy with the green hair were obviously muggles.

“Hello Arthur, I take it something important must have come up for you to call me in the middle of the night?” asked Dumbledore with a twinkle in his eye.

“Yes Albus, apparently a group of Death Eaters, led by you-know-who, attacked a museum here and stole...”

“A necklace of some sort?” finished Albus, trying not to laugh at the incredulous look that Arthur Weasley was giving him.

“Why yes, but it get's more interesting....” and with that Arthur began to fill him in on the rest of the happenings.

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