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Harry's journal by MrsRemusLupin
Chapter 7 : 17th of August
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17th of August

I went with Lupin today to Sirius' house. At first I felt tears creep into the corner of my eyes. I looked at Lupin, although his face had a determined and sturdy look to it, there were also small tears in the corner of his eyes. I didn't have much time to ponder Sirius' death though as I had-while looking through Sirius' belongings-stumbled upon a most unusual item. It was a box carved from redwood, and it was about two times the size of a normal jewlery box. It's carvings had flowers decorate the borders of mysterious box. It was painted in a dark blue and purple. The weirdest thing was what was on it. Mind you, I found this in Sirius' room so I assume it was given to him. Inscribed on the box was some phrase that I cannot read. I do not know what it said. This is what it looked like though: pateo postquam malum terga. Isn't that weird? I don't even know what lanuage it is. And you know what, really freaked me out, and i feel lucky I saw this, was that there was a small note I saw taped to the box written in someones hand writing I don't really know. I think it may be Sirius' mum . It said this: Don't let anyone see this Sirius, and use it only when needed! Only open after the time is appropriate or all hell will break loose! You must listen to me! It was not my way that I saw fit for this to fall in your hands but I must go to you as it had before. Son to father...." This is me, Harry again. I s'pose I was extremly lucky to stumble upon it. I dunno what could've happened. I was going to show this to Lupin so he could help me figure it out. But I somehow... can't. I guess I feel like this is what remains I have of him, plus I don't want it taken away. So I just took it and hopefully will be able to figure it out soon. It's locked in my trunk for now. Well, a feeling of sleep seems to be taking over now. It took a lot of work to clear the place out. I found various interesting trinckets I brought home such as a journals of his, old letter from my father to him, pictures, and loads of other things i gotta look through. I really want to so I guess I'll do it now, I won't have much strength in about an hour anyway.


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Harry's journal: 17th of August


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