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someone different by crestfallen
Chapter 1 : someone different
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In the middle of a dark small room, which smelled like dead mice and spiders stood a lonely candle. The flame of that candle was rising high, making a wicked kind of a dance, glowing with mad colors. As the light was shining on the grey walls of the room, one could see cupboards full of human skulls, spell books and potions. In the middle of the room there was a round table, on which the candle was placed. A large raven was sitting on top of a bookcase gazing unpleasantly around the room. That room belonged to a headmaster of Durmstrang Academy of Magic. The owner of the room himself was standing by the table looking very furious. Across from him stood a girl, who looked like she was a student of Durmstrang, judging upon the crimson robes and a Durmstrang patch on her cloak. She was not tall, slender but not petite with short jet black hair, fair almost pale skin and deep green eyes. The touched her hair with her hand and revealed a pale hand with elegant long fingers. She wore a Celtic-designed ring on her thumb. Although headmaster Karkaroff looked mad with her, she did not blush; there was only a hint of mischievous smile in the corners of her lips.
“I can not believe it! What a disgrace!” screamed Professor Karkaroff pacing from one side of the small room to another. “In my own school! Have you ever thought of how many opportunities you had, you were the best student at Durmstrang, your parents were so proud! If not for this incident!!! I will send an owl to your parents and your fate will be up to them. As for me, I will also write to Dumbledore of Hogwarts to ask him if he can take such a menace of a student. One thing is clear, will not remain at Durmstrang!”
“Um...Professor” the girl said quietly “what will you do to Fluffer?” where was amusement in her voice.
“ Flu-what? What did you call that monstrous thing? Oh, never mind, I suppose a Rare Magical Creatures Park will take care of it. It’s really a shame that Hungarian Horntails are so rare, you know.” Then he heavily sat down on his chair and said “ You’re dismissed. I suppose you may pack your things tomorrow” The girl left his office quietly.
So Zlata Volkoff, a daughter of Vladislav Volkoff, a famous Bulgarian Magic Minister, and one of the most important wizards in the country was expelled from Durmstrang. She left Karkaroff’s office in a rather upset mood and had no idea how she ended up in the dormitory. Zlata was thinking of how excited she was about the summer. She was in the beginning of her seventh and last year of school. She was also getting top marks in her classes, and her parents expected her to get a job in the International Trade Department of the Ministry of Magic, for she was very good with languages. Also during summer, Zlata and her best friend Ivana were going to go to Transylvania. Now all that was going to change because she was expelled from Durmstrang. Obviosly, the Ministry will not want to give her a job now, that she was caught possessing an illegal dragon. Now she was thinking that the reason that she actually managed to get herself such a creature was because she wanted to rebel against the strict rules of her family. Well she succeeded, she thought, but at what cost? Zlata sat down on her bad, trying not to wake anyone in the room, but Ivana was awake, waiting for Zlata.
“So, what’s the verdict?” she whispered
“ Hogwarts..”
“ What? Karkaroff’s actually going to send you there! What about your father? He has enough connections to have you stay.”“Yeah, too bad he will not take the effort. He’s going to think that’s a good punishment for me”
“Too much of a punishment. Doesn’t he know that Hogwarts is full of Muggle lovers?”
Ivana sat up in her bed and the moonlight that was coming through the window was shining on her tan face with pretty big hazel eyes and elegant soft features. She had long blond hair that she usually wore in a braid. Now her hair was falling on her shoulders and arms making a golden cloak over her body in a ghostly white nightgown.
“You look like a mermaid, dear” said Zlata smiling.
“Well, you look like a vampire. You should get some sun, or pretty soon you face will match my nightgown.” Two friends laughed quietly, afraid to wake the rest of the girls.
“You know” said Zlata suddenly “I think I actually know someone who goes to Hogwarts. My mom’s best friend, Narcissa has a son. I met him a while ago, when both of us were about twelve. Oh, I told you about him, a blond boy, he came over with his mother once. Draco…I think his name was Draco”
“ Interesting” said Ivana grinning “ I wonder what he looks like now. What if he’s handsome and you’ll like him. What a shock for your mom! You’ll be going with her best friend’s son.
“Oh shut up! Go to sleep!” Zlata pulled the blanked up to her nose “you’re impossible to talk to, you always make everything sound like a joke.
“Suit yourself! But remember my words. Good night” Ivana smiled again. Zlata didn’t hear her, she was thinking of distant Hogwarts and how much she will miss Durmstrang.

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