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Friendship, Turst, Love Pain, Cold, Hate by Lili
Chapter 1 : Friendship, Turst, Love Pain, Cold, Hate
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16 year old Harry Potter sat by himself on the Hogwarts Express. A dull gray sense flooded into his mind. Sirius was in hiding but now he had lost the trust that Ron and Hermione had gave to him. Friendship was now gone and nothing but cold hate and sadness filled his heart. No one was going to come. He knew it because he saw it in everyone's eyes. Cold and hate. Yes nothing but cold and hate. Even Ron and Hermione had left him. All but Hedwig, his snowy owl. "Damn it. Hermione, why me? I know I was harsh and cold. But now I see that I was wrong. Please come back to me." He sobbed to himself. On the otherside of the train Hermione Granger felt his pain but ignored it. "God I can't believe Harry turned out that he was suppose to be in Slytherin!" Ron hissed. "I know. It still bugs me that he never told us and now he's one of them." Hermione whispered. Harry felt his heart melt. No one was going to heal him. No one not even the person he loved with all his heart. God, Hermione. I love so much and now we'll never be together! It hurts so much that you think that I.I'm a Slytherin. I'll always be Griffindor! No matter what. "Ron, I think that we should get him back." "What are you nuts! Harry's in Slytherin and nothing can ever change that. We have to face it. Harry Potter is a Slytherin and always will be. No matter what." As they arrived at Hogsmeade station a voice called, " Potter, over here!" It was Malfoy. "What do you want, Malfoy?" Harry spat. Malfoy looked smugly at him. "Here you got into Slytherin will finally. Jeez, Potter, how long did it take you? 5 years? And I thought you were a what's it called oh yeah a Griffindor!" He laughed. Harry said nothing. Yes true he was a Slytherin now but in his heart he knew that he belonged in Griffindor. "Come along, Potter. You can sit with Crabbe and Goyle and I." Malfoy said motioning to the carriage that just arrived. "That's, Malfoy." "Don't mention it, Potter. You're a Slytherin and we should all stick together." Then Harry saw Hermione and Ron, he half heartily want to run to them and tell them that it was okay and that he was always a Griffindor it the beginning and always will be. But Malfoy had just looked at them and said in his usually voice, "Oh, look it's the Wesley and the mudblood." Hermione went very pink and said in a rather cold voice, "You're lucky that the term hasn't started, Malfoy. Or else 5 points from Slytherin. Well, what are you two waiting for? Hurry up!" Harry looked sadly at her and walked with Malfoy to the carriage that Crabbe and Goyle had gotten into. He sat there thinking about everyone. Would he now be replaced? What if he was and he wasn't the seeker for the Griffindor Quidditch Team? No, please no! It's the only time I'll get with my team! Please no!

Harry thought in pain.

Then he thought about Hermione. Would she still be his friend even though he was a Slytherin or would she be like the rest of the school and hate him for what he has become? I never wanted this. I never wanted to be in Slytherin but I just had to change my mind! "Ahh! But you want to become powerful when you faced Voldemort!" said that nasty voice in his head. Harry shook his head. The pain of losing his friends and their trust was too much all he could think of was Hermione. And what she would have to say to him once he faced her.

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Friendship, Turst, Love Pain, Cold, Hate: Friendship, Turst, Love Pain, Cold, Hate


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