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An Unwanted Detention by siriuslivesinourheart
Chapter 1 : A Detention to Remember
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An Unwanted Detention
By: siriuslivesinourheart

Here are the thoughts of James Potter right now. He is thinking that he shouldn’t even be in detention. He is thinking that it is one big mistake. But no one believes him. Who blames them? He is after all the famous prankster of Hogwarts, along with his best mate Sirius Black. But the problem lies in the fact that he could very well lose his Head Boyship. Those are the thoughts of James Potter right now.

James was ashamed of himself. How did he end up in this position? He knew perfectly well how it happened. He looked around at his surroundings. He saw Sirius leaning back in his chair. He saw Lily lying her head on her desk. Her shoulders were shaking. No doubt that she was crying. He didn’t blame her. Thanks to him and Sirius she was in her first ever detention. James remembered what had happened oh so clearly. He kept reliving the memory hoping it was just a bad nightmare. He had been walking down the corridor when he noticed Sirius hovering a bucket of something over Snape's head. He watched as Sirius dumped the contents on Snape. James quickly walked over to Sirius and grabbed the bucket from him. He began to get on Sirius’ case. Then Lily came up and since James was holding the bucket she thought that it was him that dumped the bucket on Snape. She then took the bucket from him and began lecturing him about the responsibility’s of being Head Boy. James then began saying how Sirius had done it and how he had nothing to do it. But sure enough she didn’t believe him. Then McGonagall had come up and snatched the bucket from Lily and began yelling at all three of them. And then she had given them all detentions. James never quite got the look of Lily’s face out of his mind. Her eye’s filled with tears and she began stuttering about how she hadn’t done anything. But McGonagall wouldn’t listen. She just walked off shaking her head. Lily turned and looked at him. She had a look of pure loathing. She then stomped off. But he could see her shoulders shaking. He felt miserable. He had made the love of his life get detention. Of course no one knew how much he liked her. They just thought he asked her out to get on her nerves.....

These are the thoughts of Lily Evans right now. She doesn’t know how this happened or why it happened. But she knew that it was all Potter’s fault. If not for him she could be hanging out with her friends right now or better yet in the Library studying. There are no words to describe how much she hates him right now. It is just a burning passion of hate. Whenever she looks at him she is over come with hate. But there is also something else. She doesn’t know how to describe it. Her stomach does this flopping sensation. But she always shakes off the feeling. She knows that James isn’t the only one to blame. There was also another culprit to their detention. Black. Oh. How she hated him also. Always having a different girlfriend each week. Sometimes twice a week. He would never grow up. He always strutted about the place as if he owned it. She shook her head. No point complaining. After this she had no intention on speaking to either one of them. Those, my friends, are the thoughts of Lily Evans.

Now back to James. Well not yet. We still need to see what Mr. Black is thinking...

God I am so pretty. I could kiss myself. I could even fu-

Okay I believe that is enough of the thoughts of Mr. Black. We’ll get back to him.... maybe.
James then got a brilliant idea. He began writing down an apology letter to Lily. After ten minutes or so after apologizing profusely he began to drift off the subject. He began talking about how beautiful she was and how much he loved her. Well I think we’ll leave Mr. Potter to his own little world. Let us check on Miss. Evans.

Lily looked over at Potter. She saw him scribbling quite fast. She wondered what he was writing about. She noticed how he was smiling. She then realized how cute his smile was. She then imagined kissing that smile. She realized what she was thinking. She mentally slapped herself. How could she think that. She then realized why her stomach flopped whenever she saw him. She too began writing an apology letter, and she too began to drift of subject and tell him that she loved him. She stopped and began rereading it. She jumped when she heard Professor McGonagall clear her throat. “Seeing as how your time is up you may all leave. I do hope this won’t happen again.” Lily jumped up and began to leave. But she soon found herself on the ground. She had accidentally bumped into James. “Oh. I’m sorry.” She had dropped her paper. She quickly scooped it up and left quickly.

James hadn’t meant to bump into her. It just happened. He noticed he dropped his letter and quickly grabbed it before anyone else got the chance to read it. He walked out of the classroom and began rereading it. He then noticed that it wasn’t his letter. It was, as it looked like, Lily’s. He couldn’t help but read it seeing as it was directed at him.

I don’t know why I’m writing this. I guess I feel guilty about getting you landed in detention and for that I am sorry. I cannot tell you how sorry I am. It’s just when I saw Snape covered in that slime and you holding the bucket I just jumped to conclusions. I am once again sorry. I also have another thing to tell you. I’ll just put it bluntly and get it over with. I love you. Are you happy? I said I loved you. I never thought it would happen but it did. I have only just realized my feelings for you. Please forgive how rude I have been to you in the past years.
Lily Evans

James couldn’t believe what he was reading. He quickly reread to make sure it wasn’t just some gag letter. He didn’t remember walking to the Head Boy and Girl common room. He just kept rereading the letter. She loved him. She loved him! He then realized that if he had her letter then she had to have his. He said the password and went in. When he got in he felt someone pounce on him. He realized that the only person it could be was Lily. He heard he say “Did you mean it?”
“Did you mean what you put in your letter?”
“Yes. I always will. Did you mean what you put in your letter?”
“Yes. I don’t regret it.” James broke out into a thousand watt smile. He happily kissed her on the lips. And to his amazement she kissed him back. It had definitely been a detention to remember.

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An Unwanted Detention: A Detention to Remember


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