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I'll be there to watch over you by Jenny
Chapter 1 : meeting
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disclaimer- I don't own Harry Potter only the great JK Rowling does

Time passage: 1 week till the beginning of the 6th year.

Harry was walking along a dark street. He was drenched with rain and his round glasses had rain dripping from them.Every so often he would take them off and wipe off the water.He kept walking along looking frantically for any sign of life but there wasn't a soul in site the only sounds that could be heard were his feet pounding off the floor and the splashes of rain hitting the gound.He started to get really worried and decided to walk faster he kept looking behind expecting someone to jump out and chase after him.This thought really got him worked up so he broke into a run.He ran and ran the rain hitting him harder as he ran. He suddenly turned a corner and tripped over.He lifted his head up and looked at his knee it was bleeding but it was only a graze.He managed to pick himself up and looked straight ahead of him and what he saw almost made him stumble backwards. He saw a beautiful girl wearing a white gown and she had wings coming from her back and her long brown hair falling just past her shoulders. He couldn't see her face because it was covered by shadow. He walked towards her but she stopped him and said "I'll be watching over you Harry Potter" and with that he sprung up and looked around to see his room at Privet drive. Beads of sweat running down his face he reached for his glasses and walked to the window it was quite sunny. He couldn't hear and noises at all so he thought the Dursleys must be out but no sooner he thought this his aunt had shouted up the stairs for him to get downstair. Gloomily he walked downstairs and sat at the seat."you" said Petunia "Im really busy today so I want you to go and get me a few things from the supermarket" she pulled out a quite long list of things.Harry decided to skip breakfast and go straight away because his uncle Vernon was giving him dirty looks which wasn't out of the ordianary.So after half an hour trying to find the stuff he got out the shop and truged off home two bags in each hand (which were extemely heavy) Harry was thinking things about his aunt like "I hate her the good for nothing lazy twat". He would give all the money in his vault to be able to use
the wingardium leviosa spell. After Ten minutes he was about halfway back when he heard something from behind him. He turned around and got knocked off his feet. He fell down with a thud on the ground he looked up to see a young girl the same age as him with brown hair. She looked at him rubbing her elbow then shouted "Oh my Im so sorry I thought I hit a lampost do you want a hand" then she realised she still had her headphones on her head. She blushed and took them off and smiled innocently "sorry I forgot I had them on are you hurt" Harry looked at her then snapped back "no Im not hurt and luckily nothing was breakable in the bags" he got up and so did she he noticed she had inline blades on.She looked him up and down then her eye's moved towards the scar and she gasped and said "Your Harry Potter aren't you?"

who is this mysterious girl all this and more in the next chapter please review I don't care if its somthing like "this is a rubbish fic and you should delete it" Im not bothered just please review I want to hear your thoughts

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