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Vampires by Daphnie
Chapter 1 : Vampires
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A vampire has came to Hogwarts. Her name is Spike. Lots of boys fall for who and they became Vampires. Harry almost gets bitten 4 times.{EMERLD IS A VAMPIRE TO}
Pretend that she is one of the main caraters and her friend is a hook or one to.

Chapter 1
Spike and her friend Emerld was sittimg in the Griffindor common room when Harry and Fred came down the stairs. Spike and Emerld turnd aound.
"Hi Harry and your friend"Spike said in a weird way.
"Oh this is Ron's brother Fred"Harry said looking at him"He's getting ready to go to Romania to see his Brother George"
"My sister lives there "Spike said giving him her loveley stare.
"My brother studys dragons"Fred said like his brother Ron.
"So does my sister! Wow we have a lot in common!"Spike said starting to smile.
"Ok we are going to eat breakfast"Harry said,"And I'm going with the Weasley Family"
"Ok tell the others I said hi "Spike said getting up and kissing him on the cheek.
"O..O..Ok Iwill"Harry said amazed.
"Bye"Spike said really wanting him to leave.Harry left.
Harry looked at the Griffindoor table to notice that Hermonie and Ron was kissing.
"Hi guys"Harry said.
"Hi"They said not looking at each other.
"Where are you going for christmas break?"Harry asked.
"Shurley not here"Hermonie said.
"Why"Fred asked looking at her funny.
"Spik -spike -atrisha I can't say her name!"Hermonie said.
"Spikatrisha or Spike for short"Harry said.
"Yeah she is freaky she looks a lot like a vampire more than a veela"Hermonie said.
"No she doesn't. I thought you were a Weasley when I first seen you."Ron said.
"How did you think I looked like a Weasley?"Hermonie asked.
"Cause I just did"Ron said smiling.
"STUDENTS every one will be leving now so say your byes and go out to the boats"Dumbodore said.
Harry, Hermonie, Ron and his family went outside.
"Where did you say you were going to again"George asked like he was there earler but he wasn't.
"Romanis with you, Duh !."Hermonie said.
"Ohhh. oh yeah"George said.
"Draco isn't comming"Harry said looking around for him.
"Acorse he is going to stay here with Spike. Spike will keep him company"Pansti said getting mad.

Later That Night...........
Spike walked to Draco with a little vampire grin on her face.
"Hi Spike"Draco said.
"Hi Malfory. Will you go out with me?"Spike asked.
"Shure I will"Draco said grabbing her hand.
"Don't go to fast now I can't stand that."Spike looked at her watch"12 am so soon"Spike reached to kiss him. She got got him so stuck in the kiss she bit him.
"Ouch what did you do?"Draco said passing out.
"Sweet dreams you will wake up refreashed in the morning."Spike said walking back to the dormatory.
Draco woke up in the hospital wing.
"Why am I here?"Draco asked.
"Oh good morning Malfory dear your a vampire"M.Pomphery said.
"I'm a what"Draco said getting mad.
"You herd me! your a vampire"
"Oh ok I'm going to breakfast to see my girlfriend"
"Hey Spike"Draco said walking up to her."I'm a vampire can you belive it!"
"Oh my gosh who bit you?"Spike asked in a innosent voice.
"Dunno but they really love me 'cause they bit me good and hard"Draco said looking into Spike's pale blue eyes that matched her skin in the mornings.
"I dunno there is vampires around you know"Spike said patting his back"See ya later you need to go to your table"
"I bit Draco last night"Spike said in a wisper.
"We got lost in a kiss, I needed to bite someone so well I bit him"
"Oh never mind"
Spike got up and got Draco and they went walking around in the fluffy snowey ground.
"Draco I have something to tell you"Spike said stopping him from his annoying story.
"I bit you last night sorry I want to bite Harry and Ron but they left"Spike said.
"That's ok. Thanks. Now I don't have to be a death-eater."Draco said hugging her.
"Oh yeah I'm Tom Riddle's foster daughter"
"Really, man that's cool"
"Oh never mind you will never understand. I'm leaving tommrow to go to Romania."Spike said.
"Who is going with you?"Draco asked looking into her eyes seriousley.
"Don't worry Emerld is going with me!"Spike said kissing him going back in the school.Draco start to walk to the school slowley.
ok chapter 1 is done :P Was it good Review pleae no flaming i'm only 12 1/2 now
don' ask me why she is a Riddle. It just came to my little mind ! :) :) :P

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