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Being There… With You by Scars
Chapter 3 : Similar Problems
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Disclaimer= I do not own any of these characters or Hogwarts or anything like that. I only own my character and the plot.

Note= Hi guys!!! Thanks so much to slyone, skyeblack, and kay (also to anyone else who reviews after I get this out), for reviewing, it means a lot to know people actually like this story!!! Ok on with the chapter...

Recap=Sirius Black has just gone to sleep, not knowing where Ali went and seeing an unfamiliar Siberian husky.

Ok, this is back to third person again.


Chapter three= Similar Problems

The next morning, Sirius woke up and saw there was no longer any dog, nor any sign of Ali being there. Shrugging, glad to have a break from her, he got up, changed and went down to wait for his friends down there.

Inside the common room was Ali, she was just sitting, her head in her hands. He looked at her and held back a groan. He couldn't deal with this right now. Right as he was about to go back up, and pretend he had never seen her. She picked up her head to look at him.

She was sitting in the shadows, so Sirius couldn't see all the pain and unmasked hurt on her face. Putting her head back into her hands, Sirius realized that he could no longer go back upstairs. It would make his seem afraid or something around this girl, and he had too much pride to let himself look that way.

Sitting on the couch, he thought about what to say. He had to figure out a solution to the problem, so he figured what better than to talk to the problem itself?

"So Carter..." he started. Still unsure what to say.

Ali looked up at him in surprise, but nervously awaited the spitting words of her father to come out of Sirius's mouth.

As he began again he noticed her flinch. Which surprised him.

'Why would she flinch? And at me?' he thought.

Reaching a hand out to touch her shoulder he asked, "Are you ok?"

Yet she only seemed to freeze when he grabbed hold of her shoulder. Her head fell, as if she was being punished. He'd recognize the gesture anywhere. Since he himself had done it often enough as a kid.

He moved to sit next to her, and she shrunk away from him. He could here her whimper, and for some reason it hurt him.

'What's going on with me? Why does she have this effect on me? Is it some kind of spell? It has to be. I could never actually like the daughter of Voldemort. Never!'

'That's not really what you think,'
came that annoying voice again.

'Ahhh!!! Get out of my head!'

'I already told you. I am a part of you, and I always will be.'

Without realizing it, Sirius had drifted off. Letting Ali escape, scared of everything around her.

*Sirius's POV*

A little while later James and Remus strolled down the stairs, and hit me on the back as a greeting. I fell to the floor; I had still been frozen in thought until they had come along.

"Are you alright Sirius?" he asked, while helping me up.

"Yes is Pady ok from his wittle tumbwle?" James cooed from the side.

I hit my obnoxious best friend upside the head. "No you wanker, I was thinking."

"Oh no! Run and hide his brain's going to explode, from finally being used! Run and hide!"

"Oh shut up James." I growled.

"What were you thinking about?" Remus asked hearing the seriousness in my voice.

"That Carter girl," I replied.

"What about her?" James asked sitting on the couch now completely serious.

"Well I woke up and came down, and there she was. I was going to talk to her about this whole engaged thing, but she was so scared. But what puzzled me the most is that she seemed afraid of me. So I don't know..." I said deep in thought.

"Why would she be afraid of you? She is after all his daughter," James said, and then muttered under his breath. I didn't catch what he was saying, but I did hear a couple of profanities, I'd rather not think of.

"Maybe her father warned her of you?" Remus said.

"What? That I could turn her good?" I asked sarcastically.

"Maybe..." he looked like he was thinking deeply. I gestured for him to share, but he just shook his head and muttered. "No, it's nothing,"

I looked at my old friend, confused, but I shook it off. If he wasn't going to tell me, there was good reason, and I firmly believed that.

"Well men, let's go down to breakfast," I saw him puff up his chest, and walk out the portrait hole. I looked back, just in time to see Lily some feet behind us. Looking at James I shook my head; he would never give up, even if it meant spending the rest of his nights alone.

*Ali's POV*

Walking through the halls, I tried to control my shaking. What was I going to do; I couldn't take all the beatings, not again. Not for some time, but what could I do? If I didn't go with Mr. Black, I'd be thrown back to my father, who would only use all those curses on me.

'Please God. I'm begging you. Send me an angel or a sign...'

I was so wrapped up in my thoughts I didn't hear the sleek Mr. Malfoy walking up the hallway. When he saw me his lips curled into a smile.

"Ms. Carter," his voice was too slick for my likings. "So nice to see you again.

I glared at him. I wouldn't let one of my father's minions get the best of me. "Malfoy," my voice icy and dangerous, despite its small projection. "Believe me the pleasure is all yours."

He ran a finger up my arm, "Yes, I do believe it is,"

I grabbed his arm, and twisted it around his back, "Who gave you the permission to touch me?" I hissed. When he didn't reply I dropped him to the ground. "That's what I thought," I hissed and walked away.

All of a sudden I was thrown against the wall, "You're father should've given you to me, and when I do kill your precious fiancé, I'll take you. And show you a real man." his arms braced me against the wall and I could feel every, single part of him.

As he leaned down to show me, just what he meant. He all of a sudden went slack and slid to my feet. I looked up in surprise to see none other than; Lily Evans.

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Being There… With You: Similar Problems


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