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Ginny's Revenge by sarak
Chapter 1 : Ginny\'s Revenge
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HEY everyone!!!
DISCLAIMER: i do not own any characters but i would LOVE to own draco.. hmn but maybe not the draco in this story!! its not really humour in this chapter but i promise it will get funny l8er on!! PLEASE REVIEW!!!

Draco woke up and stretched out his arms then jumped out of bed. He walked over to his drawer and pulled out a bottle of ‘extra shiny hair gel’ then looked at himself in the mirror.

“Well, well, well, aren’t you a handsome malfoy” said Draco to himself.

“Could you shut up and stop talking to yourself, its really weird” yelled Crabbe.

“And must you wake up every morning at 6am just to do your hair!”

“Yes actually I do, I mean how do you think I get my hair so shiny and smooth?” said Draco with a slight sarcasm in his voice. Crabbe laughed.

“plus the last quidditch game of the year is on today and were versing Gryffindor, whoever wins this will win the quidditch cup, I have to be looking my best when they take a close up picture of me holding the cup. I can imagine it right now, everyone hugging me and cheering me for catching the snitch, and all the Gryffindors crying over their loss and potters broken legs” said Draco with a smirk on his face.

“With the amount of hair gel you use, I’m surprised you can actually stay balanced on that broom of yours,” said Goyle overhearing the conversation.

“It is not just a BROOM, it is a firebolt 2003. The most fast, well balanced, lightest, flexible and don’t forget the most expensive of them all. Even potter can’t beat that,” said Draco.

“Yeah well Slytherin better win this year, I betted 30 galleons on us” said Goyle.

“You can count on it”

* * * * * * * * *

Ginny quickly finished writing in her journal when Hermione busted in on her and told her to hurry up because the game was starting soon. In an instant Ginny stood up and took one more glance at herself in the mirror, she wore a black tight singlet with her bare back showing with thin straps holding it up and her favorite white mini skirt. She was so excited but nervous as she swayed her flaming red hair just past her shoulders. Today was the final match of quidditch, Gryffindor Vs Slytherin.

The problem was that she didn’t know who to cheer for, Gryffindor had her friends and family playing but Slytherin had Draco, that sexy bad boy she had desired for so long. So she just decided she would cheer for both and see who wins, although she secretly hoped that Slytherin would win, after all Gryffindor had the glory of winning four times in a row.

Just before the game started Ginny thought she would go and see Draco in the change rooms and wish him good luck. She walked into the change rooms and god it smelt bad, she looked around to find Draco and found him by himself. This is the perfect opportunity to speak to him privately Ginny thought as she made her way towards him.

“Hey Draco” said Ginny nervously.

“Hey Ginny” said Draco looking into her eyes and smiling.

“Uh…. I just came by to wish you good luck,” said Ginny awkwardly.

“Do you know what would really be my luck?” said Draco smiling.

“What?” said Ginny curiously.

“If you gave me a great big kiss and go out with me Saturday night” said Draco.

Ginny’s heart was beating faster than ever, she couldn’t believe that Draco was actually talking to her, let alone asking her on a date.

“Well guess you are in luck” said Ginny then kissed Draco on the cheek.

“Meet you on Saturday then” said Draco.

“Yeah I guess I will” said Ginny then winked at him.

She then walked out of the change rooms looking as happy as Dobby would if he received a yellow striped sock.

pretty please review!!! :D

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Ginny's Revenge: Ginny\'s Revenge


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