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Two Brothers and A Girl by mum_weasley
Chapter 6 : Dance Partners
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For the next week, avoiding the Slytherin girls was not as difficult as they expected thanks to the Marauder’s Map. They would scope out where they would be at and take a totally different route even if it meant taking the long way around the castle. Potions class was unavoidable though. They shared their class with Slytherin and were forced to hear their giggles and their little looks.

“Go ahead Fred, ask.” George whispered.

“Wait till the class leaves, I don’t want to do it in front of everyone.” Fred whispered back.

“I just hope…………” Lee was cut off by Professor Snape.

“Is there something you’d like to share with the rest of us Jordan?” He asked.

“Well, ahhhhh, yeah…….sort of.” Lee stammered.

“What Lee is trying to say is………..well, ummmm………hmmmmm.” George looked puzzled on how to approach this.

“Is there not a dunderhead in your group that can talk clearly?” Snape getting frustrated.

“Professor, sir, if I may ask. If someone, say a girl would drink a potion, oh, let’s call it a love potion.” Fred finally spoke up. “How long would the effects last?”

“Don’t tell me you three tried concocting a love potion?” Snape was smiling evilly. The boys just stared at him. “Well let me put your little brains to rest and tell you that the potion I gave will only have a lasting effect for one week. May I ask who you tried to poison?”

The boys’ eyes swung to the giggling Slytherins next to them. “Oh, this is classic. I don’t imagine they were the main targets were they?” All three shook their heads no.

“Ahhh, well, my suggestion is to ask my girls out.” Their mouths dropped.

“But, no, you don’t….”

“Crabtree, Goyle, Marley. Front and center. I think these three are dying to ask you something.” Muffled laughter spread through out the dungeon.

The girls came over to Snape, all looking deliciously at the boys.

“Professor, please, anything!!! We’ll do detention everyday till the end of the school year.” Lee shouted.

“Till the end of our days at Hogwarts.” George pleaded.

Fred shaking his head, pleading as well.

“Nope boys, sorry, if you’re going to play with fire, you’re going to have to ignite the sparks. Now ask them NICELY”

George, Fred and Lee stood up and walked over to the girls.

“Errrr, Margie, would you accompany me to the dance Saturday?” Fred spoke up first.

“Oh Fred!! I though you’d never ask.” She flung arms around his neck.

“Regina. It would be my pleasure to take you to the dance.” George said with a tight grin.

“Oh Georgie!!” She ran to him, nuzzling up to him.

There was snickering everywhere.

Lee was having a hard time letting the words come out of his mouth.

“Mr. Jordan? Funny, never thought I’d witness the day you’d be lost for words.” Snape said. “Ms. Marley, I do believe Mr. Jordan would like to ask you to the dance Saturday.”

“Oohhh!! I’d love to Lee.” She ran to him and laid a big, fat, wet kiss on his lips.

By this time the whole class was over come with laughter and it took five minutes for Snape to settle the class down.

“Now if you don’t mind, or if there isn’t any other date arrangements, I’d like to get on with our lesson. The potion that will get rid of nausea.” Snape instructed. “Crabtree, Goyle, Marley, you may want to pay special attention. Once you come out of your spell, you may want it.” Snape said greasily.

The boys pretty much stayed out of view from most everyone for the next few days. They would eat later, go to the common room when everyone else went off to bed.

“Come on guys, it won’t be that bad. I hope.” Lee said doubtfully.

“I guess we just have to take them to the dance, not actually dance with them or be with them.” George putting in.

“Face it, we’re dead.” Fred dazing at the fire.

“You boys should be working on your dance steps.” A girl’s voice drifted in. “I heard Charlotte mention she was going to request a lot of slow songs.” Angelina grinning at Lee from the portrait.

“I’m dead meat.”

“You should have asked us when you had the chance. We didn’t get asked out till last night.” Katie said giggling.

“We thought you all had your hearts set on Oliver Wood.” George said nastily.

“Well, that’s true. But he asked a seventh year out. Apparently we’re not mature enough.” Alicia said.

“Or developed enough.” Angelina commented. “Brittany Clark has some huge taa-taas on her. Oliver asked her out yesterday.”

“Brittany’s got nothing on you Angelina.” Lee said with a surprising bit of shyness.

Angelina blushed. “Lee, that’s the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me.”

He walked over to her and ran his fingers through her hair. “Who’s the lucky guy?”

“Oh, a Second year Hufflepuff. Waldo Poindexter.” She said.

“WHAT!?! That geek!! You’ve got better taste then that!” Lee spit out.

“Yeah? Well if someone would have gotten off their King of the Jokester’s throne and asked me, I wouldn’t be going out with a geek now would I?” She threw her book down and ran out to the portrait crying.

“Mate, you better go after her.” George said.

Lee went over and picked up the book she threw down. “101 Ways to Pull off the Perfect Joke” “Angelina!!! Wait!!!” He ran out through the portrait hole chasing her.

“So, who are you going with Alicia?” Fred asked.

”A sixth year, Andrew Holt.” She added “He’s a Ravenclaw Beater.”

“Figures, a quidditch player.” Fred mumbled.

“Want to know who I’m going with?” Katie spoke.

“Do we have to?” George grumbled.

Katie walked over to George “Zacharias Smith, Hufflepuff Beater.” She blew him a kiss and she and Alicia marched off to their dormitory.

“George, brother. Quidditch try-outs next year.” Fred started to say.

“I’m there.” His brother finished for him.

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Two Brothers and A Girl: Dance Partners


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