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Two Brothers and A Girl by mum_weasley
Chapter 4 : Love Potion 101
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Hogwarts was an amazing place. The trio had found hiding place after hiding place, secret passages and even the door to the kitchen.
They had their share of house points taken away for reckless rule breaking and often received detention. They didn't seem to mind though. Only when their mother would send them a howler would they calm down for an hour or two. They had more run-ins with prefects then anything else.
The ghosts would often avoid them, knowing that they were up to no good. But one in particular, a poltergeist had immediately taken a liking to them. It was Peeves, an annoying nuisance to everyone at Hogwarts, including the caretaker Mr. Filch.
Mr. Filch was a crotchety old miser who loved getting students into trouble. He had a pet cat named Mrs. Norris who would lurk around corners and dark spaces, waiting for students to break the rules. Fred, George, Lee and Peeves loved pulling pranks on Mrs. Norris.
They had caught a mouse and with the guidance of Peeves they bewitched it. The mouse was laid on the floor one night near one of the hidden corridors. They foursome hid themselves behind the door and waited for the nosey cat to make her nightly rounds.
About ½ hour later, there wait had ended. Mrs. Norris came around the corner sniffing the air. She crept over to the motionless mouse and sniffed. Her teeth showed, salvia dripping down and pawed at the tiny creature. She opened her mouth wide and chomped down at the mouse. The mouse squealed and then sparks flew out of its ears, nose and mouth. The cat jumped back and hissed. The mouse laid on the floor, flopping uncontrollably. A long tail burst from it's behind. Its ears flopped out two feet. Its snout grew. Its body grew not only larger, but massively into a giant boarhound dog. It had huge fangs and it was slobbering all over himself. The cat stared, stunned at this transformation. The mouse, now dog gave a loud bark and spotted the cat. He hung his nose in the air and howled loud and deeply. The cat hissed one more time and took off the other direction with the dog closely on its heels. The four stepped out from behind the door laughing and patting each other on their backs.
"Excellent!!" Lee said.
"That should keep her from snooping around for a week." Said Fred.
They heard the dog continuing to bark down the corridor. All of a sudden another voice was heard. "Wha's this!!!??!! Where'd you come from?" It was Hagrid.
The four crept down the corridor and peeked around the corner. Hagrid was looking at the massive boarhound that had apparently run into him. He bent down and patted the dog on his head. "Aren't you just a sight for sore eyes." He said. And look at them fangs, spectacular!! Are you hungry? I'll take you to my hut and see if I have anything to scrounge up"
Hagrid led the dog out to the staircase. The dog seemed to like Hagrid and followed him eagerly with the promise of food.
"Did you just see what I just saw?" George asked.
"Yeah, Hagrid's got himself a poochie pal!" Peeves cackled.
The boys continued with antics everyday, trying to get the girls to laugh at them.
"When will three grow up? You're acting like children." Angelina would chastise.
"Come on Angelina, Katie, let's go watch Oliver practice at the Quidditch field." And they would leave the boys with their hands full of dung bombs.
"We need to get on the team George. It's the only way girls will notice us." Fred said.
"Heh, I'm trying out for the commentator. I'm not breaking my neck for no girl." Lee put in.
Later that week they headed for the dungeons to attend their least favorite class, Potions. Professor Snape was the meanest, nastiest person they had ever come across. He took points away from any house that wasn't Slytherin. He was head of Slytherin and would penalize student who would sneeze without asking permission first.
"What is this muck you've conjured up Weasley." He sneered at George.
"It's what you instructed us to make sir." Fred piped it.
"Maybe we added too much puss." Lee said.
"Five points." Snape spat
"Five points??!!??" George yelled, "Hey Fred, he's GIVING us five points!!!"
"Five points EACH will be TAKEN for being as thick as this potion." Snape corrected. He walked back up to his desk.
We're not as thick as that grease in your hair." Lee mumbled. Fred and George held in their laughter.
"I will write down the ingredients you need to bring with you next lesson. It will be a love potion." Snape said.
The girls in the class all giggled. Snape squinted at the class. "But I warn you. This potion is highly potent and difficult to make. If the ingredients aren't perfectly blended and boiled, terrible things could happen to the drinker." With this he ended the class.
The three headed out the door, following the three girls. "Can you imagine if we got our hands on that!!! Finally Alicia would be mine." George whispered.
"You mean mine." Corrected Fred.
"No, I meant mine."
"Will you two stop!!! Damn, it's like two rabbits fighting over a carrot." Lee walked away, catching up to Angelina.
That next week, Lee, George and Fred arrived extra early for potions classes. Quills and parchment ready to go. Snape entered the dungeon, spotting the three. "What are you three nit-wits doing here so early?" He asked.
"Nothing sir, just thought we'd get a good early start on class today. You know us, always trying to get good grades, be the best we can be sir!!" Fred said with an angelic smile.
"Funny, it's normally the girls who get here early on love potion day." Snape announced.
As if on cue, Angelina, Katie and Alicia bounced into the dungeon. "Ahhh, there, that's better." Said Snape and went to his desk.
"Looking good Johnson." Lee winked at her.
"Oh, go fly on a stickless broom Lee." She hissed at him. The girls giggled. Lee turned to the twins "She's so hot for me."
They paid very hard attention that day in class. They tried their best to get the potion right. But their final concoction turned a dark orange and smelled of rotten pumpkins. "Ack!! I'd sure hate to be the one drinking this." Lee plugged his nose.
Snape walked over and looked at the bubbling potion. "Tsk tsk, looks like you boys will have to go to the dance alone this year." He laughed and walked off.
"The way I see it George, Lee. We have 4 weeks to perfect this. He's right, the Halloween dance is coming up!!"
Every night they would sneak into a deserted girls' bathroom and try to get the potion right. After 3 long weeks, a ghost had appeared out of one of the bathroom stall. "I would never, ever drink that if I was alive." She said, startling the three.
"Who are you???" Lee asked.
"Why do you care who I am. This is my bathroom. Who are YOU should be the question." She screeched.
"Jeeze, calm down. We won't bother you anymore after the match this Saturday. We'll be done with this."
That Saturday before the dance arrived with the big event of the day. The 1st Quidditch match of the year, everyone was in high spirits. They put their final touches to their last attempt of the potion and wished each other luck. They headed out to find their seats at the stadium. Lee was picked to commentate and couldn't wait to show off his gift of gab.
They sat one row above Katie, Angelina and Alicia. All three girls had red and gold flags and buttons that flashed "Wood for President." Gryffindor came flying out of the locker rooms. The stadium erupted in cheers. Slytherin came flying out next and the applause turned to boos and hisses. The match was exciting and invigorating. Slytherin cheated so much, Gryffindor was slowly getting the pants beat off of them. They were behind 250 points.
Charlie Weasley had finally had it and decided to end the game by grabbing the snitch out of the air while doing a spectacular dive. The girls all howled and hooted and whistled. The game ended, Gryffindor lost by 100 points. The team was downhearted, but soon smiling as all the girls spilled out of their seats and on to the playing field to console the losers. Oliver had many consoling hugs and kisses, which included Katie, Angelina and Alicia.
"That's it!!" Fred grunted. "Quidditch try-outs next year, I'm there!!"
They had a plan all worked out to how they were going to distribute this love potion. How it worked is someone would have to drink the potion you made in order for them to fall in love with you. So the three had made out a potion each and were mixing it with pumpkin juice. They would bring the drinks to Angelina and Alicia. Of course, Alicia would have to unknowingly drink either Fred's or George's.
That evening, they made their way down to the great hall. The three girls were sitting at the table, surrounded by other girls gossiping about who they're going to the dance with next weekend. Oliver Wood still hadn't picked out a date yet and most of the girls had their hopes up high to be chosen.
The boys sat down and tried to get Angelina and Alicia to talk to them but kept being interrupted by the other girls. They had strategically placed the drinks near them, hoping they'd get thirsty and take them. After an hour of non stop rubbish girl talk, the boys grew impatient.
"Don't they ever stop?" Sighed Fred.
"Afraid not mate, they're born to chatter." Lee said sleepily.
Ten minutes later, all the girls started to get up and leave. Percy and Charlie came over to where they had been sitting. "What are you three up to? Sitting here with these girls!! You must be crazy." Charlie said.
"We're just listening. Trying to understand women you know." Lee said innocently.
"Ha!! Good luck on that. I've been trying to get Penelope Clearwater to notice me for ages now. " Percy sighed staring at a tall lanky girl with glasses.
"Ahhh, Percy, hang in there. Sooner or later she'll see the stud in you." Charlie patted Percy on the back. He stood up and went over to the girls and stretched out his arms. "Girls. How are all you pretty ladies doing tonight." Squeals and giggles flooded the hall.
"Show-off." George said.
"Hey!!! Look!! The glasses are empty." Fred pointed out.
Angelina, Alicia and Katie were walking out of the door, followed by a few Slytherin girls. "Uhhhhhhhhh, you didn't by chance see who drank what did you?" George asked.
"Oh boy."
The potion took up to 48 hours to work. The boys occupied their time by trying to come up with a way of making a fake wand. They stayed in the common room so they could monitor Angelina and Alicia. A couple of days passed, and nothing happened. "What could be taking so long." George grumbled that night.
"I don't know." Fred said. "We need to go over to the library to find a way to get into the restricted section. There's tons of books that would be useful to us."
They left the common room. The stairwell was packed with students. They made their way to the library, followed by in by three Slytherin girls. They found a table in the back where it was darker and laid there books down. They started to investigate all the book shelves to see if there was maybe a secret book or lever to control a hidden door.
After 15 minutes, George joined the other two at the table. "Can't find anything. Course it would help if that Slytherin girl wasn't there every time I turned a corner." They looked over and saw Regina Crabtree, a stumpy looking Slytherin jump behind the book case.
"Charlotte Marley was following me too." Lee said.
"Funny, I couldn't shake Margie Goyle off of me." Fred added. They noticed all three girls now sitting three tables down from them whispering and giggling, looking over at the boys.
"Weirdo's." Lee yelled.
The girls giggled and the Librarian "Shhhh'd" them.
"Let's keep looking." They split up again.
George walked down the isle and stop dead in his tracks. Regina had walked in his path. "Regina, could you let me pass. I'm quite busy."
"Sure handsome. But I need to ask you something first." She said.
"Handsome?" George thought. "What did she mean by handsome?" "Spill it, I need to finish."
"Well, I've seen the way you keep looking at me, your green eyes twinkling with delight. I want to be your girl George Weasley. Would you ask me to the dance next Saturday?" She cooed, batting her fat eyelashes.
"You're crazy!!" George jumped back. "What makes you think I like you!!!" He ran off in the other direction head long into Fred and Lee.
"They're mad!!!! We better get out of here. Charlotte just professed her undying love to me!!" Lee yelped.
"Margie just tried kissing me!! YUCK!!!" Fred made a sick looking face.
The trio took off down an isle then made a turn, then another, then another, then ran smack dab into the three Slytherin love crazed girls. They turned around and ran off in a different direction. They ran down an isle and was trapped. The girls blocked the only way out.
"Oh boy. We're in for it."
The boys pressed themselves against the books and Fred's hand started to scramble for a book to throw at the girls. As soon as he picked it up, the book shelf disappeared and the boys fell into a dark corridor, tumbling to the ground. The wall that was the book shelf reappeared before their eyes leaving the boys in the dark, deserted corridor.
Fred grabbed his wand. "Lumos." He whispered.
The corridor lit up. "Wicked!!" Screeched George. We've never been down here."
They started to investigate but a soft sound stopped them dead in their tracks. They looked down and a pair of shiny eyes stared back. George kicked at the creature "Get out of here Mrs. Norris. We don't need your help."
"Aye, that may be boys, but we certainly are in trouble now aren't we boys?" Filch stepped out from the shadows. "And to my office we shall go."
Filch marched the three Gryffindors' to his office. He sat them down in the dinghy office and lit a lamp. Filch was busily writing something on a piece of parchment when something caught Fred's eye. He nudged his brother and eyed the file cabinet. "CONFISCATED" was written on one of the drawers. Fred smiled at George.
George quietly slipped his hand into his robe and produced a stink pellet. As their luck would have it, Peeves floated by Filch's office and spied the boys. He swooped in and hovered at the boys' feet, out of sight of Filch. George held the stink pellet out to Peeves and Peeves silently cackled and grabbed the stink bomb and flew off.
Five seconds later complete havoc was in the hall. Peeves was making so much noise that even the dead would wake up. Filch jumped up and ran out the door into a cloud of stink. "Peeves!! Come *cough* back here *cough* you foul creature *cough* you!!"
Fred leaped up and made good use of the distraction. He lunged for the filing cabinet and stuck his arm in. He grabbed what he could and made a run for it.
The three ran as fast as they could to the Fat Lady portrait. "Broomsticks" they all heavily breathed at once.
"My goodness young Gryffindors, where have you been and why are you out of breath?" The Fat Lady asked.
"Just open the door!!"
The portrait swung open and they flung themselves into the common room. Gasping for air, they sat for a few minutes registering it all in. "Wow!! That was close." Lee panted.
"What do you supposed got into those Slytherin girls anyways?" Fred asked.
"I'm thinking pumpkin juice that was meant for a couple of Gryffindors girls." Lee answered.
"Oh boy." Said Fred.
"Yeah, oh boy." Said George.

(a/n: I thought it was about time the tables were turned on the boys.)

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