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Two Brothers and A Girl by mum_weasley
Chapter 2 : To Hogwarts School We Go
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The next morning was a madhouse. Everyone bustling around, trying to get their last things packed.

“But why can’t I go mum? I don’t want to be stuck with Ginny!!” Ron sat glumly on the chair in the living room.

“Don’t think it’s a treat for me either Ron.” Ginny piped in.

“Now come on you two, I’m not ready just yet to give up all my children.” Mrs. Weasley said taking them into their embrace. “Besides, Neville will be coming over a lot (a/n – In my other story “The Unsinkable Molly Prewett Weasley”, Molly’s best friend is Ginny Longbottom, Neville’s gran).

“Oh great, should we start a list now of what things he’ll forget after he leaves.” Ron laughed. Neville Longbottom had a knack for losing things. He was a sweet, pudgy boy and he lived with his gran. His parents had been attacked 8 years ago and were completely mad and are in St. Mungo’s.

Mrs. Weasley, Ron and Ginny waved good-bye on platform 9 ¾. Charlie was in his sixth year. He was a prefect and also the Seeker for the Quidditch team. He was very popular among all the students. Percy was starting his third year. His goal was to be a prefect and Head Boy. He had a knack of making sure everyone around him followed the rules or else. Fred and George were not as lost on the train like most of the first years. Since having three older brothers attending school, they knew what to expect.

They found an empty compartment and took a seat. They watched the families disappear and watched as Mrs. Weasley and Ron waved good-bye and as Ginny chased the Hogwart’s Express. Fred stuck his head out the window “Plenty of owls Ginny, we promise and maybe we’ll send back the Howler’s mum sends to us.”

They disappeared. Fred sat back and stretched out, relaxing. A boy wandering the hall came to a stop at their door and peaked his head through the door. “Mind if I have a seat, all the others are full.” The boy had a head full of dread locks.

“Sure, come in, have a seat.” George patted the seat next to him. The boy smiled and started to sit down. George’s hand slipped back to where he was about to sit and laid something on the seat. “PLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL” was the sound when he sat down. Fred covered his mouth and George quickly looked out the window.

The boy stood up, looking embarrassed and looked down at his seat. “Oye!” He exclaimed. “That was brilliant!!”

George and Fred now laughing “You really think so? Our dad took us to a muggle gift shop one day and we talked him into buying it for us.” George said.

“The name’s Jordan, Lee Jordan.” He stuck his hand out.

“Well, Jordan, Lee Jordan, I’m Weasley, George Weasley” he stuck his hand out.

“Weasley, Fred Weasley, it’s a pleasure Jordan, Lee Jordan.”

They all shook hands and an instant friendship conjured up.

A few hours later, after their robes had been put on, the trio stepped out of the train. “First years!!! First years over here!” They heard a loud voice bellowing. A giant of a man was weaving his way through the crowd. The boys made their way to him.

“You must be Rubeus Hagrid.” George looked up in amazement. He heard from his brothers about Hagrid, but never imagined him to be this big!!

“Aye, that I am. I see we have another Weasley on our hands this year……..make that two Weasleys!!!” His beard twitched as he saw Fred behind him. “I’ll be missing Bill for sure. Ahhhh, Charlie, how was your holiday.” Charlie came up behind the boys.

“Wonderful Hagrid. I’m all ready for Care of Magical Creatures. I just wish we could study dragons face to face though!!” Charlie said glumly.

“Yeah, would be a treat to have them.” Hagrid winked.

“I’ll try to keep an eye out on these two this year Hagrid. They’re new, and like to wander, if you know what I mean.” Charlie said.

“Oh, I think these two will do just fine lad, just fine.” Hagrid led the first years to the tiny boats that were nestled on the lake. George, Fred and Lee jumped in one boat and took off. The next boat over were 3 giggling girls.

Lee elbowed George “Look at that one in the middle….those eyes!!! I’ve got to find out who she is.”

George only shook his head, he was entranced by the girl on the right, and just like with everything else, Fred was looking at the same girl, with the same expression.

(a/n: Ok tell, me if I should just give up this writing business or not :) )

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