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Two Brothers and A Girl by mum_weasley
Chapter 1 : The Dynamic Duo
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Fred and George Weasley were one of a kind or two of a kind, depending on how you looked at it. They have been inseparable since they bonded in their mother’s womb. Their mother, Molly Weasley has always believed that they even schemed together to be born of all days, April Fool’s Day. From the minute they both learned to crawl, they were in to everything. From the time they leaned to walk, they were every where. From the moment they learned to talk, joke after joke after joke was spilling from their mouths. Fred and George were fun and mischievous, plain and simple. They didn’t take life so serious, after all, they were two of seven children, all with flaming red hair………what could be more funnier then that!?! 

Their three older brothers, Bill, Charlie and Percy had to watch every step they took with them around and their two youngest siblings, Ron and Ginny were always on the end of any joke that was performed. Mr. and Mrs. Weasley had their work cut out for them when it came to these two. If one was in trouble, the other one was sure to follow. In fact, being in trouble was normal for this duo. 

There was an episode where they had gotten a hold of Honeyduke’s candy from their older brothers Bill and Charlie when he attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Bill and Charlie had gone to Hogsmeade that year and brought home a bag full of candy for his brothers and sister. Fred and George thought they would run a practice test on Percy. After all, Percy was always running to their mother and getting them into trouble for this or that. They took a chocolate Frog, which happened to be Percy’s favorite candy and bewitched it. They placed the frog on the wooden kitchen table, knowing Percy was coming down to do some homework before returning to school the following day. 

As expected, Percy came down the rickety curved staircase with books stacked above his head. Percy laid the books down and set himself comfortable on the bench. He started scanning his books and wrote down a few notes. He started thumbing through “Standard Book of Spells, Grade 3” when something caught his eye. A chocolate frog!!! All alone on the table. Percy looked around to see if anyone else was there to claim this chocolate delight. Fred and George, hiding in the cupboard had their hands over each other’s mouth trying not to laugh out loud. Percy, content that the frog was his, picked it up and nibbled at the frog’s ear. He was looking at the Wizard card that came along with it when he felt something strange tingle his ear. He reached up and felt his ear, but felt nothing there, so he continued on eating. He nibbled the frog’s legs and the tingling sensation moved into his feet. Thinking this a bit strange, but not wanting to leave a ½ eaten frog he bit off the frog’s body and head. All of a sudden, his whole body tingled so much that he had to jump up. And jump up he did!!! Fred and George hit the floor of the cupboard from laughing so hard, but still able to keep each other’s mouths closed. Percy leaped on top of the table. Percy’s eyes scanned the room, looking for an explanation. Knowing his mum would flip if she saw him on the table he thought best to get down. He pushed himself off the table and with a spring, he leaped over the stool and out the front door!! 

By this time, Fred and George had fallen out of the cupboard laughing uncontrollably. Percy had seen this and turned around, knowing what had just happened. “Those two gits!!” he thought, “They’ll pay this time!!” Percy opened his mouth in an attempt to yell for his mother. “RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIBBBBBBBBBBBBB-BBBBBBBBIIIIIIIITTTTTTTT!” was all that came out of his mouth. 

Already having tears rolling down their cheeks from laughing so hard, Fred and George stared at their brother in disbelief. “WOW!!! I didn’t know it would do that!!” Yelled Fred. “Maybe we jinxed it too good.” George chimed in. They were now laughing so hard, they didn’t see Percy leaping to them. Fred and George finally saw their brother coming after them and scrambled out of the kitchen window. They ran to the back yard to the fields. A gnome jumped out of the shrubs wanting to play chase with them. Percy was rounding up the back, springing, leaping, hopping and jumping after them. Fred and George both stopped at the edge of the lake. They turned around and were almost run over by the gnome. They grabbed hold of the gnome, Fred holding its feet and George holding its arms, flung it into the lake. They saw Percy hopping to them. Percy stopped in front of them and began, what sounded like a tongue lashing. 

“Ribbit, ribbit, RIBBIT, CROAK, CROAK, RIBBIT!!” With that, Percy flung himself at his twin brothers, both hand stretched out to grab their necks. Fred and George both took a step away from each other and Percy went flying through the middle and landed with a splash in the lake next to the watered down gnome. Percy sat in the water flaring his arms madly. “We better hop out of here George, he looks awfully mad.” They bolted back to the Burrow and ran up to their rooms, holding their laughter till they could shut their door.

Later that evening, Mrs. Weasley called everyone for dinner. She looked at her unique family clock and sighed. Mr. Weasley’s and Bill’s pictures still pointed to work. There was a thunderous clamber coming down the stairs as five red headed Weasley children came bursting through the kitchen and finding a seat on the wooden bench. “For Heaven’s sake!!!” Mrs. Weasley spat. “People would think your father and I starve you or something!!” She looked around the table. “Where’s Percy?” Everyone shrugged their shoulders and George spoke up “Maybe……..e’ll………hop……..on down…….oon.” Food flying from his mouth. Fred giggling next to him. “George, don’t talk with your mouth full of food.” Chastised his mum. 

Just then, a loud crack came from outside and a man with flaming red hair entered the kitchen. “Evening Weasley’s” he yelled. “Evening dad!!!” Everyone chimed back. Mr. Weasley gave his wife a kiss on the cheek. “How was your day darling?” He asked her. “Well, we were able to get Charlie’s, Percy’s, Fred’s and George’s books, wands, robes and everything else on their list. The boys had de-gnomed the garden for me as well and Percy, last I knew, told me he was going to get some reading done before dinner, but I haven’t seen him for a couple of hours.” Mrs. Weasley said looking concerned. Fred and George gorged their mouths with mashed potatoes, trying not to look guilty. 

Another bang came from outside and a younger man with the same color hair walked in the door. Bill gave his mum a kiss on the cheek and sat down and started piling his plate with food. “How’s Gringott’s son?” His father asked. “Great, they just gave me a promotion!!” Bill looked down at his plate sadly. “Well, that’s wonderful dear!!” His mum hugged him. “What will you be doing?” 

“Well, you may not like it.” He said glumly “But it’s a great opportunity.” The whole table waited in anticipation of his news. He found his strength to go on. I’ve been offered to go to Egypt to be a curse breaker.” He stuffed food in his mouth. The whole Weasley table stared at him. 

“Egypt? Egypt you say?” His mother finally said. Bill shook his head yes. “Well, that sounds exciting and wonderful, doesn’t it Molly” Mr. Weasley spoke up before Mrs. Weasley could say anything. “We’re sure proud of you son!” He added. Mrs. Weasley looked on the verge of tears. Her baby was leaving, far away. How could she let her oldest go, the one who her and Arthur had prayed for, for 12 long years. The one they named after Arthur’s father, William Weasley!! Bill stood up and went over to his mother. “Mum, it won’t be bad. You can come and visit, I’ll come home on holidays. Please be happy for me. This is a great move for me.” He hugged her tight, rocking her like she used to rock him. Mrs. Weasley hugged her son back, wiped her tears and looked up into her handsome son’s face. “Of course dear, I am happy for you. I will just miss you so much.” Ginny jumped up from her bench and ran over to her older brother wrapping her arms around him. He had a soft spot for his eight year old sister. “Ginny, I will owl you everyday!! I want to hear all about your adventures and keep me posted on your brothers.” He started tickling her ribs and she giggled. 

Mrs. Weasley asked again about Percy. There was a noise coming up from the stairwell. It sounded like someone hopping down the stairs. Percy came into the kitchen. “What kept you dear?” Mrs. Weasley asked. Percy flung Fred and George an awful look and sat down without saying a word. ”What’s the matter Perce? Frog in your throat or something?” Fred innocently asked. George fell off the bench laughing and soon Fred joined him. Percy continued to ignore the two and piled his plate up. “What on earth are you two up to? Or better yet, what have you been into?” Mrs. Weasley glaring at her two clowns. “Nothing mum!! They both sat back up and continued eating Percy shoveled a forkful of potatoes in his mouth. He turned green and spit it out. “This tastes like a million flies!!” Fred and George fell backwards again, laughing till they couldn’t laugh anymore. This was the normal scene around the Weasley’s house, so everyone went on with their dinner. 

The night ended with George and Fred whispering in their dark moonlit bedroom. “George, you don’t think it’s possible that we’ll be split up tomorrow do you? I mean, we could be put in different houses.” “Don’t be thick Fred, we’re Weasley’s, generation after generation of Gryffindors. We’re shoo-ins!!!” George exclaimed. They both fell asleep with dreams of practical jokes and pranks. (a/n: I just love these two, they're so much fun!! Tell me what you think.)

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Two Brothers and A Girl: The Dynamic Duo


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