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The Beginning of the end by Lili
Chapter 1 : The Beginning of the end
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The Beginning of the end


Disclaimer: I don¡¦t own the Harry Potter characters they belong to JK Rowling. But I happy to write fanfictions about them.
Summary: Hermione is a criminal and has stolen the files of the Ministry of Magic. Now everyone is after her even Harry Potter. And he will do anything to get those files back. Even send her to Azkaban. A Harry and Hermione fanfiction.
Rated: PG-13.
Warning: This fanfiction, maybe too dramatic for some so, please don¡¦t hate me. ƒº

22 year old Harry Potter drummed his fingers together thinking.
Voldemort was growing stronger overtime he possessed a body of any magical kind.
He sat at a desk of a very elite group of trained wizards to fight the Darkside.
He looked at the photograph of the famous trio at Hogwarts.
Ronald Weasley, who was now the Minister of Magic.
He was reaching 6 foot.
Then Harry¡¦s eyes fell onto Hermione Granger.
She was always top student at Hogwarts.
Her hair was a bit bushy but in a very beautiful way.
She was currently an Advance Charms expert and a doctor in magical artifacts.
But now she was on the run from the Ministry.
Remus Lupin a friend of Harry and co.-worker came in.
¡§Harry, we must go. Voldemort has been spotted, and so has Hermione.¡¨ He said.
Nodding Harry grabbed his cloak and wand.

* * *

Hermione Granger was working at her desk at her office when she heard screaming.
Quickly, she looked out and saw Voldemort and a large group of Death Eaters.
Then she slammed her door and locked it.
¡§Now what?! What else can go wrong now?¡¨ she asked herself.
More screaming came, and she heard Voldemort coming.
Then she heard his cry of rage, and a loud pop meaning that he disapperated.
Sighing deeply she unlocked her door, and looked out.
Harry Potter and a group of wizards were standing there with their wands out.
Gasping Hermione slammed her door shut.
¡§No. He can¡¦t be here!¡¨ she said.
¡§Sorry, Harry, but I can¡¦t let you find me.¡¨
Hermione whispered pulling janitors clothes on and taking out a mop and bucket.
Then pulling on her cap on and fake beard she went out to face him.
She was at the elevators when he saw her hair.
¡§Hermione!¡¨ he shouted.
She gasping and ran in closing the doors.
¡§NO!¡¨ he shouted pounding on the doors.
¡§The stairs!¡¨ he yelled running to the staircase.
¡§He¡¦s taking the stairs.¡¨ She realized, pressing the stop button.
It stopped between levels 1 and 2.
Quickly she opened the roof and climbed out.
¡§I¡¦m not done yet. Once I find the files that are in Russia I¡¦ll come back, Harry.¡¨ Hermione whispered using magic to move the elevator down.
Then she praised the door to the second level open.
By the time Harry got to the second level from the 13 floor he saw Hermione dive out an elevator door.
¡§Hermione!¡¨ he called.
¡§No.¡¨ she whispered.
Quickly, she ran.
Another fire exit came into sight.
Throwing open the door Hermione dashed out.
There were at least 200 stairs and it would take too long to walk or run down.
Then it came to her. She had to jump. If she didn¡¦t make it she was dead.
Taking a deep breath she jumped and landed like a cat on the last stair. Then she dived out the door.
Harry was close behind her.
¡§Lock all the doors!¡¨ he yelled into his walky talky as he too jumped.
Hermione looked back and saw Harry coming out of the door. Then the emergency doors began to side shut.
Quickly she slid between them.
Then getting up she was Harry.
They looked into each other¡¦s eyes.
¡§Don¡¦t do it, Hermione¡¨ he yelled to her.
But she turned and ran out the main doors.
¡§OPEN THESE DOORS!¡¨ Harry roared.
Finally the emergency doors opened but too late she was gone.
¡§DAMN IT!¡¨ He shouted.
Hermione watched him for a moment then hurried away.
She was running from her friend because she broke the most important law besides don¡¦t use magic in front of muggles.
Never steal from the Ministry vault.
And she did that.
The top respected witch was now a criminal.
But she had to. It was the key to destroying Voldemort for good.
¡§I¡¦m so sorry, Harry. I really am, but you have to catch me if you can.¡¨
Harry slammed his fist on his desk.
¡§So close and we didn¡¦t even touch her!¡¨ Remus Lupin growled.
Then Hermione¡¦s image appeared.
¡§Greetings, M.E.T.A.D.M (Magical Elite Team Against Dark Magic). I suppose you¡¦re all wondering how I escaped?¡¨ Hermione asked.
¡§Damn right!¡¨ Barked Sirius Black, who was now a free man and also working for Harry.
¡§That¡¦s because I¡¦m the most cleverest witch. I¡¦ve been trained in every area. Why do you think that I was made Honorary Member of the Dark Force and Order of Merlin first class?¡¨ Hermione said, frowning.
¡§You can¡¦t get away, Hermione! We will catch you.¡¨ Remus said.
¡§You think you can, Professor Lupin. But you¡¦ll have to get the whole M.E.T.A.D.M to get me. Oh I thought that you should make a better vault. It¡¦s too easy.¡¨
Then her image broke.
Harry just sat there.
He realized that he was in love with this criminal and friend.
¡§We must stop what ever she¡¦s doing.¡¨ Sirius snarled.
Harry sighed.
¡§I don¡¦t want you to go.¡¨ He said.
Sirius and Remus gasped.
¡§But, Harry!¡¨ Remus said.
Harry shook his head.
¡§I¡¦m going alone. But I¡¦m taking Neville Longbottom with me. And a group of trained wizards.¡¨
Sirius came foreword.
¡§Harry, what if she¡¦s working for Voldemort?¡¨ he asked.
¡§Then I¡¦ll deal with it.¡¨
¡§But- Harry!¡¨
¡§No. That¡¦s that. I¡¦m going alone¡¨
And he left.
Remus shook his head sadly.
¡§He¡¦s blinded by his feelings.¡¨ He sighed.
Sirius nodded.

* * *

Hermione was searching on her laptop computer at her apartment late in the afternoon.
¡§You¡¦re going down Voldemort.¡¨ She whispered drinking some coffee.
Then Harry¡¦s face appeared.
¡§Hermione, stop running. We need to talk.¡¨ He said.
Hermione frowned.
¡§No, Harry. I got those files for a reason and I¡¦m not giving them up.¡¨ She hissed.
¡§Hermione, give up! Maybe you¡¦ll get lucky and not get sent to Azkaban.¡¨ He said softly.
The she heard another voice.
¡§Okay we nearly got her location.¡¨
Hermione glared at him.
¡§I thought you were my friend, Harry Potter! But I was wrong. Very wrong!¡¨
And she shut down her computer.
¡§Did we get her?¡¨ Harry asked Neville Longbottom a respected Auor.
¡§No, she broke contact before we could get her exact location. But we have her apartment building.¡¨ He replied.
Quickly Hermione packed her laptop into her bag clothes and her moneybag.
¡§Okay not so fast. They¡¦ll think that you knew their little plan to catch you.¡¨ She said slowing down.
Then she made a hologram of herself, computer and the entire thing she took.
¡§I hat to do this but- I have to¡¨
She took a pair of scissors and cut her hair to shoulder length and dyed it a reddish brown.
The she put on long hoody and black pants.
Then grabbing her keys she turned to leave but stopped.
She wrote on a piece of parchment.
Press space abr.
Before Hermione made a video on her computer.
¡§Later.¡¨ And she left.
¡§Excuse me. Do you have a Hermione Granger staying here?¡¨ Harry asked the owner.
¡§Yes and are you a friends of her?¡¨ replied the owner.
¡§Yeah we need to speak with her and I seemed to have lost my key to her room and I was wondering if I can have another.¡¨ Harry said.
¡§Course. Room 114.¡¨ He said giving a key to Harry.
As soon as Harry and his group of wizard friends went into the elevator Hermione walked down the stairs.
Harry nodded to Neville who listened.
¡§Hey, Lori, yeah I¡¦m coming. No I have to do this myself.¡¨
¡§She¡¦s inside.¡¨ He hissed to Harry.
Then slowly he put the key into the lock and slowly turned it.
¡§One. Two,¡¨ Harry mouthed.
And threw open the door.
Hermione turned.
¡§Hello, Harry,¡¨ She said.
¡§Get her!¡¨ Neville shouted.
They all dived at her.
But as soon as they touched her she said,
¡§Once again, Harry, you loose.¡¨ Then she broke.
¡§She was a hologram.¡¨ Harry shouted.
Then he saw the parchment and touched the space bar.
¡§Hello, Harry, once again I fooled you. But know this, Voldemort didn¡¦t kill you parents. The night they died Voldemort stunned them and took them to a secret location. Then he made people look like your parents and killed them. But I¡¦m sorry I can¡¦t let you near me or catch me. My information is too great. Once I find him I¡¦ll come quietly.
Then the computer broke to.
Harry pounded his fist on her desk.
¡§No! We have to catch her! Before she disappears with those files she has!¡¨ he roared.
Meanwhile Hermione was drinking some ice tea at a diner near by.
She looked up to her apartment.
¡§Oh, Harry, I hate this too but I¡¦ll get him for you, and I¡¦ll go to Azkaban freely.¡¨ She whispered.
Then she saw Harry look down at her.
Their eyes met.
She waved up at him and drank some more ice tea.
¡§Come and get me, Harry.¡¨
Harry looked down at her.
¡§She¡¦s at that diner!¡¨ he bellowed.
Sighing Hermione got up and paid.
¡§Thank you, Lisa. And Harry gets here tell him I¡¦ll be in the city where it¡¦s 50 degrees north and 55 degrees east.¡¨
Lisa her cousin nodded as she wrote it down.
And nodding to her cousin she left.
Harry thundered into the diner some 10 minutes later. It went very quiet.
¡§Where is she?¡¨ he demand.
Lisa looked at him.
¡§Just take this and get out of my fucking diner!¡¨ she snapped.
¡§Thanks I think.¡¨ Harry mumbled.
Then he and his team left and went outside.
He gave Neville the piece of paper.
¡§She¡¦s in Moscow.¡¨ He said after a few moments.
Harry looked shocked.
¡§Why Moscow?¡¨ he asked.
Neville didn¡¦t even know.

* * *

Hermione stood on the bridge that looked towards the Orthodox Church in Moscow, Russia.
She wished Harry were with her. But he like all other wizards thought of her as a criminal.
She wiped tears of pain away.
Once Voldemort was destroyed she would go to Azkaban. For life.
¡§Harry.¡¨ She sobbed.
Then as she looked at the icy blue rose she held she set it down knowing that Harry would find it.
Then she left.

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