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Why Do Fools Fall In Love? by CocoapuffShooter
Chapter 1 : Why Lily Hates James
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Why Do Fools Fall In Love?
Chapter One
Why Lily Hates James

A lot of the time when someone looked at the way Lily Evans glared at James Potter, they had to wonder why. He was a nice enough boy, discounting his detentions and pranks, and surely he was attractive. No other boy in sixth year had the looks he did. Well, Sirius Black did, but that was assuming we were only focused on Lily and James. But anyways, that was besides the point, because believe it or not her deep seeded hate went all the way back to the first time she met him, on the Hogwarts Express.....

Lily hugged her mom one last time, before pulling away. “Mum! For goodness sake, I’m eleven, now, you don’t need to treat me like a baby! Really, how much of a pickle can I get in at a school where they teach you magic? You might as well put me in a padded room!”

“Yes, yes, fine, I’m sorry,” nodded Mary Evans as she wiped her eyes again.

“Good god woman, calm down!” chuckled Simon Evans. “She’ll be back for Christmas, you wait and see. And she’ll amaze us with all that fancy magic she learns! Atta girl, Lilis...!”

“Freak,” muttered a sulking, teen-aged Petunia.

As her parents turned to see what she’d said, Lily stuck her tongue out at Petunia, who was so stupid she did so back while her parents were watching. So, amidst waves and tears, Lily dragged her trunk off closer to the train and managed to escape on board. She walked through the corridors, seeing all these witches and wizards talking animatedly, a few legal aged ones doing fancy tricks with their wands. She sighed, smiling, and managed to find a compartment with only one other occupant, a girl her age with really curly dark brown hair.

“Hello!” Lily said, opening the compartment. The girl looked over. “I’m Lily Evans. Can I sit with you?”

The girl smiled and nodded. “Groovy. I’m Rebecca Smith. Call me Becca, or Becky, else I’ll curse your hair off... As soon as I figure out how...” She smiled, joking.

“Nice to meet you,” Lily said, shoving her school trunk under the seat. “Anyways... So, do you know a terrible lot about this school?”

“Oh, are you Muggleborn?” asked Becky. She had stunningly pretty blue eyes.

Lily nodded, wondering why she had to have green eyes and red hair. She always thought she looked like Christmas in July. “I suppose...”

Becky nodded. “Well, you go there for seven years, you know, and teach you all that groovy magic you’ll need to get by as a Witch or Wizard. I’m going to be an Auror after I leave Hogwarts.”

“Er... Auror?”

“Oh, right. It’s sort of like a Muggle policeman, only more so... You know, special assignments, risking death, horrible brave- SIRIUS!!”

Lily jumped as a firework went off, and bright purple smoke issued around the compartment. She and Becky ran out, gagging, to see a boy with dark hair and pale skin laughing his arse off and looking good doing it.


James Potter had just gotten on the train and seen girls screaming and stumbling out of the carriage from which purple smoke was issuing, smelling for all the world like his mum’s home-made breakfast. Which wasn’t good, as she was a witch and never cooked, that’s what the House Elfs were for. He grinned, seeing the boy responsible for it running from some Prefects and laughing his bum off, and took an immediate liking to the kid. As he went to run past, James grabbed him and shoved them both in a closet as the prefects ran past, both of them pressed together uncomfortably.

“Bloody hell, are you mad?!” gasped the boy. “Or gay?!”

“Neither!” laughed James. “Saving your skin!”

“Oh. That works, too.”

They shook with laughter as the noise died down, and James peered out. “It’s safe...” They stepped out and straightened their robes. “I’m James Potter.”

“Ah, I know about your family!” the boy said, smiling as he shook his hand. “Damn loaded, the Potters. Mum’s always going on about how fine you all would’ve been if you all hadn’t been so damn goody goody. Her words, not mine. Sirius Black, by the way!”

James grinned, really liking this kid. The girls were back in their compartment, airing it out and talking. The boys set off that way, dragging their recently abandoned trunks. James knocked on the door and peered in. His heart nearly stopped in his chest as he saw a slim, pretty red haired girl flapping her hand through the smoke and holding her nose with the other.

“Hey, uh, you all right?” he asked.

She turned her green eyes on him.


Damn, is he cute... What am I thinking, I’m eleven!!

“Excoobze be?” Lily remembered her hand and dared to take it off. “I mean, what, excuse me?”

“You all okay?” asked the cute, black haired, blue eyed boy.

“NO WE ARE NOT OKAY JAMES POTTER!” roared Becky, hands on her hips. “THAT BLACK BOY- YOU!!”

For the boy had just peered his head around James Potter’s shoulders, and suddenly looked horrified.



Before Becky could finish, however, she launched and was gone, along with Sirius. Lily shook her head, still wafting air out of the compartment. The boy came in, threw his trunk down, and sat on the seat, reclining his feet on his trunk. Lily made a face at him.

“So, I’m a Potter,” he smiled at her.

“I’m an Evans, who gives a damn,” she shrugged.

His feet fell off his trunk, but that may have been because the train lurched a bit, about to set off. “WHAT?!”

“I said, I don’t care,” Lily repeated. “Why should I?”

“You... you’re JOKING, right?” he asked. “Everyone wants to be a Potter!”

Lily made a face. “I personally don’t see why, they seem overly egotistical to me right now.”

James just sat there, partially because he didn’t know what overly egotistical was. Then he said, “Well, you know, I’ve just gone and had a third year ask me out, because she thought I was like... a fifth year!” He waved his arms wildly, hoping to place emphasis but only managing to look idiotic.

Lily gagged, and James didn’t exactly know how to handle this. As the train lurched off and she sat back down, burying her face in a book, and paying him no attention. Which struck a major blow to his Potter pride. He stood, about to say something else, when the door opened and Sirius ran in and jumped clean over James’ head, hiding behind him.

“SAVE ME JAMSIE!!” he yelled, pointing at the door.


Lily stared at the ludicrous boy, then looked to see Becky huff in. Only, she looked quite different, because the Sirius kid had managed to curse her hair into giant, purple tentacles.


“SHUT UP YOU LITTLE WENCH!” roared Becky, pointing her wand at Sirius.

Sirius flinched, obviously having some kind of past with Becky, and she shook her wand in some unknown pattern for a second as she screwed up her pretty, lightly freckled face in thought. Suddenly, the door burst open again, and a tall, scrawny, pale, sort of greasy haired kid with a really bad hooked nose ambled in. James glared at him, and Becky threw up her hands in frustration, wand clattering near Lily, sprouting legs and crawling up the wall.

“Oh. Great. Severus. JUST GROOVY. Join him why don’t you, decorate me a bit more!” she yelled, crossing her arms.

The boy made a face. “I wouldn’t go near that reject if it were the last thing I did!”

“WHO’RE YOU CALLING A REJECT?!” Sirius roared, jumping up.

He seemed to have a bad yelling problem. Lily watched this all, wondering if she’d been dropped in the Loony Hut. James seemed to be defending Sirius, though Lily was quite sure they’d only met a few minutes ago. The greasy kid raised his wand and pointed it at the boys, and Becky was trying to catch hers. She dropped her book and stood.

“Er, hello,” Lily said, gaining everyone’s attention. “Look, I’m not exactly familiar with wizard ways and ev’rythin, but-”

“You’re a Mudblood?!” spat the boy.

Lily jumped, confused, but before she could ask what the hell a Mudblood was, the Potter and Black kids had roared loudly and were pointing their own wands at Severus.

“Oy, that’s not like a Pureblood, givin’ off that bad vibe!” said Sirius loudly.

“Hear hear!” said James, brows scrunched. “Don’t be sayin’ that again, it ain’t right to go round insulting pretty girls-”

“I BEG your pardon!” Lily said loudly.

He looked over and grinned, trying to look cool. “Yuh?”

“I hate to be a bother, but I must beg to differ, you pompous litt-”


James jumped out of the way of Severus’s spell, however, and Lily jumped, not expecting the magic. Becky had managed to get her wand and was trying to make it get rid of the legs as the boys threw aside their wands and started a brawl.


How dare he, that little git! He knew there were still those idiots that felt all superior because they were Pureblood and all, but it was ridiculous! He threw aside his wand and tackled Severus, not hearing the girls scream somewhat loudly. Sirius shrugged, handed Lily his wand with a curt bow, then let out a loud battle cry and literally jumped in, landing hard on James’s hand. He let out a sound of pain.

“Sorry, mate!” Smiled Sirius, before punching Severus.


“SHUT UP!” Lily yelled, quite aware that the noise would attract attention.


“BUT SHE DIDN’T DESERVE THAT!” James said as he tried to kick off Severus’ hold on his leg.



She looked over at Becky, who seemed to have a handle on things. She tossed Lily her wand, and she caught it, but didn’t know a damn spell to use.

“Impedimenta!” Becky hissed.

Lily nodded, and pointed her wand at the brawling and shouting boys. “Im..pedi..ment..ula....?”

Becky shook her head, doing a kind of flick with her wrist. Lily did the same and at the same time, the two of them yelled, “IMPEDIMENTA!”

Instantly all three boys flew apart, still trying to punch each other, and were suspended in air, a few feet off the ground. Lily smiled, seeing she’d done that, then her face fell as the Head Girl and Head boy threw open the door.

“WHAT in MERLIN’S name is going on round here?!” shouted the head girl.

Lily suddenly realized how this must look, and paled. “No, it’s not, they were fighting, and she gave, we were stopping, OH PLEASE DON’T EXPELL ME!”

She stared at Lily, the Head Boy puling the boys out of their suspension. Severus straightened his robes, trying to look respectable despite a blackened eye and bloody nose. Sirius’s hair was in knots, his lip was busted, and he was hissing at Severus, and James was sporting a cut across his left cheek.

“What are your names?!” asked the Head girl, pulling out a notebook.

“L...Lily Evans...” she whispered, voice shaking.

Lily lowered her wand, staring shamefully at the ground as the Head Girl got everyone else’s names. Then she put the parchment in her pocket and stared coldly down at all five of them. “All of you will have three weekends of detention. You can be assured that points will be deducted from your house as soon as you are Sorted. If I hear of this again the Headmaster will get involved. Good day.”

She and the Head Boy left, and Severus spat at Lily. “Fucking Mudblood bitch.”

James raised a fist to punch him again, but Sirius caught his arm and shook his head as Severus left. “Not worth it, mate...”

James sighed, cradling his bleeding hand. Lily felt tears coming on, and Becky was trying to clean up the mess that had been made when James’s trunk had burst open. Sirius and James were talking lowly over the highlights of the fight, and Lily sank onto her chair, blushing and wishing she hadn’t come today. James Potter looked over.

“You okay?”

She stared up at him. “Okay? OKAY?! AM I OKAY?! NO POTTER I AM NOT OKAY!”

Sirius blanched. “Bloody hell, woman, calm down, you’re too young to be experiencing That Time Of The Month.”

Lily felt herself shaking with rage. “You just got me detentions! I’VE NEVER HAD A DETENTION IN MY ENTIRE LIFE!!”



“You need to get out more,” James muttered dryly.

Becky knew this was the wrong thing to say, and shook her head. Lily jumped to her feet, glaring up at James. Granted, they were both short, since they were young, but he was still taller than she was.

“I hate you.”

James blanched. “WHAT’D I DO?!”

“You ruined my record! I’ll never be able to be a doctor, now!”

He glanced at Sirius, who shrugged. Have to find out what a ‘doctor’ was, later... “Woman, detentions aren’t going to set you bac-”


He jumped, seeing the blind fury in her pretty green eyes. No, it wasn’t possible for a woman to hate a Potter, they were irresistible. He even saw pity for him on the Becky girl’s face. But Lily Evans was a different story, and if anything... It made him want her more. Granted, he didn’t want her in that necessary way, but she was pretty, smart, and ambitious. Who wouldn’t want a girl like that?

“Hate is a stron-”

“Fine. How about this?” Lily hissed.

Next thing he knew, a sharp blow was struck to his face as she punched him. He reeled back, feeling a bit of blood in his mouth, and stared, shocked, at the little spitfire.


Next thing he knew, she pushed him out into the hall, and his belongings came sailing after him. James ducked, narrowly missing getting nailed in the head by his broom. Sirius shrugged and grabbed his trunk, wheeling it out. As he went to close the door, he leaned his head in and said,

“So I guess this means no date on Saturday?”

Now, as Lily strode through the corridors with Remus, patrolling the train, she couldn’t help but look forward to the fact that she only had two more years to go and she was Potter free for all of eternity, and she’d be a Medi-Witch. She sighed and glanced at Remus, who looked a bit peaky. Full moon must’ve just gone by... Not that he’d ever told her, but he must’ve been damned stupid to think she wouldn’t know, what with mysteriously disappearing every month for six years, always looking ill around the Full moon time...


“...anyways, so what happened over your summer, mate? .....Hellooooo? JAMSIE?!”

James jumped and looked over at Sirius, who was waving a hand in front of his face. “Huhn?! Oh, yea, absolutely.”

Sirius glanced around the compartment, seeing only Peter in there other than themselves. “What were you thinking about, mate?”

“Nothing,” James said quickly, messing up his hair.

Sirius grinned widely. “I KNOW WHAT YOU’RE THINKING ABOUT!”

“Shut up-!”

“No, I remember that dream you had the other night, Jesus, could’ve woke the dead-”

“SHUT up-”

Sirius jumped up on the seat of the train, narrowly missing hitting his head. He hugged himself. “Oh Lily... I love you... Marry me... Mwaa mwaa mwaah... Kissie kissie snog me Lily-”

“SIRIUS!” James roared, feeling a flush rising in his cheeks. “I DID NOT!”

“Don’t lie to me, Prongs, I bloody live with you now!” Sirius said, opening his eyes and sitting back down. “But seriously what are you thinking about?”

Peter was shaking with silent laughter, and James had to wonder if he’d wet himself. “Just... wondering why she hates me so much.”

Sirius chuckled softly. “Ah yes, let me think... You know, I seem to remember that one time the first day you met her you managed to get her three weeks of detention-”

“Shut it, Padfoot,” James growled.

“And then that other time in third year, you spilled a whole freaking inkpot on her. She stormed off before you could tell her it was meant for Snivvely-”

“PADFOOT!” James said.

“And then last year, oh god that was great, why didn’t you look at the map-”


“-I mean it was a locked bathroom... And the Prefect’s one, too, you shouldn’t have broken in the door-”

James flushed. “That was an accident!”

“But really, does she look as killer naked as you said, because really she does look kind of thin-”

Peter was staring, wide-eyed at James, who would give anything to sink into the couch right now, especially since the incriminating green eyes were staring at him in horror right now. He’d been trying to shut Sirius up for about a minute, since she’d opened the door, hearing Sirius’s yelling, and a deep flush was coming over her cheeks as Remus looked kind of torn.

“-and really I didn’t think she can fit those kind of curves in that unif- OY WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME SHE WAS HERE?!” Sirius turned and saw her.

A tear surfaced in Lily’s eye as she glared at them “You assholes, you PIGS!” she whispered, before turning and running off.

There was silence in the compartment for a second, before Sirius looked down at James.

“Well damn, James, I guess you can add today to the list, too.”

A/N!! Leave me a message aboot the series and tell me what you think of it so far!!

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