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Signed, James Potter by lupinssweetie
Chapter 7 : To Peter
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A/N: Thanks once again to everyone who reviews so faithfully. You guys rock my socks. And please don't kill me. I HAD to write this letter. The collection wouldn't be complete without it. I put a lot of irony in so that you can all remember why we hate him. Just please don't hurt me and review! *cowers in a corner and waits for reviews*
Dear Wormtail,

Iíve been writing letters to everyone, telling them what I need to, in case I die. Nowadays, with the prophecy and all, it seems more likely that thatís going to happen. I hope not. I want my son to live, to grow, and to experience life. I want my wife to live a long, happy life. And I want to be there to watch it all.

But, for some reason Peter, I saved your letter for one of the final ones. I donít really know what to say to you. No words can express my feelings of gratitude for what youíre doing for my family. By being our Secret-Keeper, you are putting your life on the line for my family. There is no way, though I will try with all my might, to repay you. You are truly a wonderful person.

I know we gave you a hard time in Hogwarts for tagging around with us so much. We told you you were annoying and ignored you quite a bit, but the truth is that Iím happy that you did that. Iím glad that I have been able to watch you mature as a wizard (more so than Padfoot and I have yet to manage), and Iím so happy to have someone as amazing as you to call my friend. I trust you with my life, and I have so entrusted my life to you.

Thank you for everything; for being here for us during the difficult times, for having fun with me through all of these years, and just for being my friend.

In everyone elseís letters I found myself making jokes all of the time, but for some reason I canít with yours. I find myself too speechless (of course, it could just be the tiredness and the amount of letters I have written finally getting to me, but I highly doubt that).

Iím so proud of you, finally taking a stand for a just cause. All of these years, we helped you out (I mean, admit it, you would have never become an Animagus if it werenít for the help of Padfoot and me), and now you are finally helping one of us in return. I admire you so much.

Lily wants you to come over sometime for dinner, as a sort of thank you. She said sheíd cook you macaroni and cheese or eggs benedict (sorry mate, I couldnít remember which was your favorite dish). Weíd love to have youÖ soon I hope. I know you probably wonít ever get this letter and Iíll have to ask you in person, but Iím writing it down. Lily canít say I forgot to ask you! I have proof! Haha!

Anyway, thank you for everything Wormtail. Youíre the best brother a guy could ever have (I do consider you my brother, you know).

Your debtor,

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