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Sad deth of Harry by mndyweasley
Chapter 1 : Sad deth of Harry
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The Sad Deth Of Harry


a/n Harry dies by sorry can't tell Harry's lover dies before him.
really read it short sorry I had nothing really to say :l
Some spells an words might be missed spelled.

"If I could have one wish, just one wish i would want him to come back my love my one and only love"

Draco got murder by Harry's old best friend Hermonie.
"Don't kill me"He hollared.
"Yes you stole my best frien I ever had i have to kill you draco Malfory if you and Harry likes it or not"Hermonie said"Avera kadervra"then Draco fell silghtley on the ground.
"Hermonie why did you kill him. ."Harry said.
"Are you expecting me to ask you back out"Hermonie said stepping into the porch light on Harry's porch.
Harry said"Yes, i'm expecting you to"
"Harry why did you become gay on your best friends we love you for who you are not who you are with. Being with Malfory changed you life. All i'm asking is for you to be who you use to be....please Harry for your friends."Hermonie said starting to cry.
"Hermonie, I can't change this is who i'm am. But i do love you. You and Ron are still my best friends I ever had"Harry said letting out a little smile.
"Harry, Hermonie is right. You changed soo much. Harry your my best friend Ginny has not intrest in you now. Please change back please."Ron begged.
"Sorry there is no way you can change me"Harry said.
"Even if I had to put a confusion spell on you YOU WILL CHANGE HARRY"Hermonie screamed.
"NO I REPEAT I WILL NOT"Harry screamed. Harry pulled out his wand.
" but I love you Harry"Hermonie said.
"No you don't, you don't love me"Harry screamed.
"I'll cry look look at you best friend Ron. He cares for you but he doesn't want to kill you over something stupid."Hermonie said pointing at the agreable Ron.
"Harry take this from my heart please change please."Ginny said pointing her wand at Harry.
"Ginny oh my gosh I didn't know that you were still alive "Harry said in amasement.
"Yes and Harry will you change?....Please!"Ginny asked.
"No I will not change I love Draco and I'll always will"Harry said.
"Harry, you mom didn't want you to be this way and your dad had faith in you for whatever you will do"Hermonie said looking at him sadley.
"Hermonie, I never got to know my parents and i'll never will"Harry said.
"I know but in my heart they didn't want you to be this way. Believe me Harry they didn't"Hermonie said putting her wand down.
"Why do you want me to change so much?"Harry asked looking into Hermonie's eyes.
"We never liked it when you hugged, kissed, and held hands with him"Ron said.
"Yeak sorry that won't work"Harry said starting to grin.
"This will"Hermonie said pulling out her wand sayind "Avera Kadevera"killed Harry right on the spot"I killed Harry Potter his mum will love to see him but not dead"
"Hermonie that was the only way to change him"Ron said looking at the green-eyed boy.Hermonie sheaded a tear and went to his body; she wispered"Harry, oh Harry I'm sorry that I killed you I'm so sorry"
"Hermonie let's go. We need to go"Ro said trying not to cry"I know how you feel"
"Let's go this is too depresing to look at our bestfriend's body"Hermonie said buffing up.

They left when in started to poor of rain. Not a word was made not a sound to far just the weaping of Harry's bestfriends. That's all.

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