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The Weight of the World by bobrollin
Chapter 1 : The Weight of the World
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Chapter 1 Back at Privet Drive

The Dursley's knew that something was different about Harry the second he came
home. Vernon would never admit it,
but he could tell that something both powerful and possibly evil radiated from
the boy the second that he got into the car to head back to Surrey
from the King's Cross parking lot. The entire drive back not a word was said
from anyone and it wasn't until they pulled into the front of their #4
Privet Drive home, did the silence break. Vernon
was at the back of the car pulling Harry's trunk out of the rear of his car
when he asked for Harry to come back and help him.

As Petunia and Dudley walked through the front door,
Harry closed the back door of the car and walked back to help his uncle with
his school things.

"I got a phone call this morning from your Headmaster, Dumbdoor,
or whatever his name is," said Vernon.

"Professor Dumbledore," Harry said immediately correcting him. Harry
was surprised that Dumbledore knew how to use a telephone.

"Yes, that's his name is it? Well, he informed me that this summer you had
a competition at your school and that you competed in it. He also told me that
something went wrong and that.. well,
that something bad happened. He said that you and another boy were attacked
were you?"

"Something like that," Harry said

"Well what he told me that the other boy was killed and that you had to
fight for your life to get back and that you were hurt pretty bad."

"I'll be fine Uncle Vernon." Harry didn't really want to go into this
with his uncle at all. He wished it would just end here.

"Harry, I know that your school is different, and just because we don't
agree with it, or even what you practice there, we still get concerned about
you.. from time to time. I
know that we have been rough on you, but it has clearly been for your own good.
We have enough to deal with, with Dudley and we have
always figured you could fend for yourself which is why we treat you different.
It doesn't mean that we don't. like you. But we know
that you are different from us and we don't understand it, and honestly don't
care to. But I do want to tell you that we are concerned after this phone call.
It seems that you may need some help that we won't be able to provide."

"What do you mean?" Harry said abruptly. "I don't need a shrink
or any kind of head doctor. I know you would love to get me out of the house,
but I won't let you take me to some hospital." Vernon
immediately put up a finger to stop him.

"We don't want you to go to a doctor Harry now just SHUT UP A MINUTE AND

Harry stopped and lowered his head and waited for his uncle to finish his

"All I am saying Harry is that I don't, and that Dumble-whatsit"

"DUMBLEDORE!," Harry shouted.

"Dumbledore..sorry. We
don't think it would hurt for you to spend the summer back at your school. He
thinks that after what happened, it would be better to have some of. your own kind around you so you can talk about things if you
need to."

Harry couldn't believe what he had just heard. Either the fact that his Uncle
Vernon actually sounded like he was concerned or the fact that he may be
allowed to go back to the school for the summer, both were throwing him off.
Was his uncle serious?

"Sir, I understand that you are probably worried that the person who
attacked me will come after me here."

"What??" Vernon jumped
in, but this time it was Harry who stopped him.

"Please Uncle Vernon, will you let me finish this time? I know that you
probably feel like your family is in danger, but I can assure you that they
can't find me here. I don't know how much the Professor told you, but the
wizard who is after me is the same one that killed my parents. He can't find me
here though. I heard him say that I am protected here and that I can't be
touched and that would include you too."

Vernon stared at Harry for a second
to make sure he was finished then started in again. "Harry, its not that
we want you gone, although you probably will think that yes..
anyway your Professor thinks that you'll be better off
there for the summer that's all. I am sorry that all of this has happened to
you. I wasn't sure if there was anything here at home that you needed, but
we'll leave day after tomorrow to meet your professor in London."

With that, Vernon Dursley retrieved Harry's trunk from the car and walked
inside, leaving Harry outside to think about what he had been told.

Harry was still so numb from the events of the past month that nothing
surprised him at this point. Should he feel sad? Happy?
Scared? He wasn't sure. Why would Dumbledore not want him to stay here for the
summer? Did he think that Voldemort would find a way to get past the charms
that were set here?

Harry walked inside to find the Dursley's all sitting at the dining room table.
Obviously Vernon had been talking
to them, and Harry imagined that it was about him leaving for the summer. He
walked past them grabbing Hedwig's cage as he went up the stairs into his small
bedroom. He reached under the loose floorboard and made sure that he didn't
have anything stashed away that he had forgotten to take with him after the
last year. After that he opened the window of his bedroom, sat down at his desk
and took out a few pieces of parchment and his quill and ink.

He sat for a moment then began to write.


Dumbledore talked to my uncle and said that he thought it best if I stayed at
the school over the summer. Maybe I can some and stay with you for a while as
well, if it's not too much trouble. I really don't know why Dumbledore wants me
to stay there, but when has he been wrong before?

Talk to you soon.


[if !supportLineBreakNewLine]

He then folded the note to Ron and started on the second

[if !supportLineBreakNewLine]


I am going back to Hogwarts for the rest of the summer. Dumbledore wants me
there for some reason. If you need to write to me, send your owl there.

I'll write when I get there.


[if !supportLineBreakNewLine]

Then, with the last bit of parchment he stated his last

[if !supportLineBreakNewLine]


You may already know this, but I will be staying at school for the rest of the
summer on Dumbledore's request. I hope you are safe. Write to me as soon as you
can so I don't worry as much.

[if !supportLineBreakNewLine]

He then folded up all three and attached them separately to Hedwig. "Sorry
for so many girl, but I need to let them all know that we'll be back at school
for the summer." She stared at him with a blank look that he couldn't
read. "Don't look so glum, you'll get to stay at the owlery and get to
hunt whenever you want."

She hooted, quickly nipped his finger, and went out the open window carrying
her letters.

That night Harry lay in bed wide awake. It wasn't that he didn't feel
exhausted, he did, but he wasn't sure what type of dreams he would have being
back at Privet Drive. At Hogwarts he felt safer. He was in his element there,
which made him feel more comfortable. It wasn't that he didn't have nightmares
about Cedric and Voldemort, but they weren't quite as bad as they used to be,
and he was worried that his four-poster at school helped with that and that he
wouldn't have that help tonight. He stared at the dark ceiling for what seemed
like hours before he couldn't fight the weight of his eye lids any longer, and
fell to sleep.

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