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The Boy Next Door by JoBlack
Chapter 3 : Chapter 3
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Chapter Three
Meeting Harry!
* Finally, chapter 3. Anything you recognize from the books i don't own.*

The school year went fast. Zoie and Yvette stayed friends, but for some reason all the teachers were nice to me. I hate teachers and here they were being nice.
'Ugh' i thought'Why me' After that dinner disaster with the dursley's they scheduled another dinner, at there house.
" So you have to see the Dursley's again" Yvette said.
" Yup, Lucky me" i said adding sarcasm in the end. Yvette smirked. She knew I hated the Dursley's and would rather strangle myself then step foot in there house.
" Well think of it this way. If your a nice little angel," i snorted'yeah right me', " then your Mom will think everything's fine and you'll never have to see them again."
" You know you may be on to something"
" Of course I am, it's me." I rolled my eyes at the imitation of the insane headmaster.
" whatever lets get going. We need everything perfect for this plan of yours." I snapped
3 hours later, and I say they were painful hours, we finally had it done. My long brown hair was up in a bun with a few tendrils framing my face. She got me to put on an ugly pink sundress and white sandals. She even got me to put on makeup, with a lot of fighting going on there I tell you, I had to say I did look alright, in a demented sort of way.
" Finite" she said." Finally, i think I'm going to have a bruise on my arm for a month. You punch to hard." She was rubbing her arm where I punched her for the dress.
" That is what you get for making me look like this."
~~~~~~~~~~~At the Dursley House~~~~~~
Harry's Pov
As soon as I got in the house Aunt Petunia gave me a list of about thirty chores to be done by dinner. Their having company over, great, I know I'm not invited. Moody's warning didn't seem to phase them in the least, which is not that hard to believe, so hear I am, out here in the flower box, weeding Aunt Petunia's roses.
' There is an upside to this. It takes my mind off of Sirus's death.' He thought. Just then the ground started to shake. Something was coming. Something larger than an elephant, heavier than a killer whale, and uglier than Snape, Dudley Dursley.
"Hey Potter, guess what" dudley sneered. Harry didn't even answer, he just continued his work. But Dudley didn't even wait for an answer. " Tonight where having dinner with the neighbors, and you can't come." Dudley said gleefully. Harry rolled his eyes, like he didn't already know that. ' i wonder if Dudley's gotten any slower over the years.'
" Dudley, it's not like i didn't know that, i'm not as slow as you." I said in a tone like i was talking to a three year old, but a three year old is smarter than dudley, so basiclly i was. Dudley left with a confused look on his face and i just continued working on the roses.
Zoie's Pov
" Zoie, get downstairs, we have to go to dinner." her mother called. As usual her father wasn't there, but that didn't matter. Ben had been forced to wear a suit and i thought it was funny, because he threw the biggest temper tanturm he ever had. Kelly basiclly looked like me but her short blonde hair was in a ribbon.
" This is going to be boring as sh** isn't it." ben askefd in a very whiny tone. i suddenly hoped he would get smacked. But of course he didn't he just got reprminded.' ugh, she would smack me if i said that. Stupid mom, wish she would turn in to a bannana.'
" Mommy, said Kelly in her sickengly sweet voice, " can i get a pony."
" Maybe, honey, we'll see." I felt like i was going to throw up right there. My mom rang the dursley's doorbell. A Very Very fat boy answered the door, his chubby arm outstreached. I heard Ben snickering behind me. I couldn't help it I chuckled to.
" May i take your coats for you, madamm." he said in a fake poliete voice. ' The only thing you could take is a corn dog stuck up your ass.' So i prepared my self for sheer bordem and steped into the house.

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