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The Boy Next Door by JoBlack
Chapter 2 : Chapter 2
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* Chapter Two. Harry will appear in the next chapter. Right now is during the school year.*

Chapter Two-New People and a New Enemies

"Zoie get up for your first day of school" Zoie's mother screamed.

Zoie grumbled pulling her pillow closer to her body.

"I meant NOW."
" Alright I'm up, I'm up."she replied
'Great now I have to go to some stupid f***ed up English school.' Zoie thought as she got dressed in the Uniform that had been sent. ' Do all English schools have uniforms' she asked herself in her head looking at her little sister Kelly.
"oh, hi dear do you want some breakfast," her mother asked.
" No, Mother" she answer annoyed. " I want to go back to sleep."
Her mother sighed. she went upstairs trying to get Ben out of his bed.
Kelly glanced up at her.
" What" Zoie snapped.
"Nothing" she timidly answered back.

The first day of school. Zoie looked onto the school building with disgust. I just screamed I AM THE CLEANEST SCHOOL IN THE WORLD.
Her mother and Ben walked up behind her.
" Well this should be called the geekiest place in the world." Ben said. Zoie silently agreed with him.
" Ben don't say that. This is a instution of learning. W should treat it with respect." her mother replied.
' Right, respect, i say it's more of an instution for the mentally disesed. the diesese being the cleaning freaks.'
Zoie said in her head. She already got grounded on the way here for calling this town a f***ing hellhole.
Her mother and Ben started walking in the school. She grudgingly followed them in to the headmaster's office.

"excuse me, um.. i'm here to get my children's schedules. Me and my husband enrolled them yesterday."
" Are you the Georgina Henderson." the blonde assitant asked.
" Yes i am." my mother answered.
" Oh, yes. Well the headmaster told me to inform you that he would like to meet you and your children." she answered looking disdanfully at my ruffled uniform and Ben's spikey brown hair.

Her mother guided them into the headmaster's office.

" Ah you must be Georgina Henderson, am I correct, of course i'm correct, i'm the headmaster of Stonewall High, i'm the most important person in the world, i can do anything, i..." he was cut off by my mother.
" Well I'm sure you are but what did you want to meet with us about." she impatiantly snapped.
" Yeah well if he's the most important person in the world then i'm a flying cucumber about to blast off into orbit while singing christmas carols in a milk bottle." I muttered hoping no one heard. Unfortunetly I had no such luck for the Headmaster stopped his chat with my mother to glare at me.
I glared right back at him with a look that clearly said ' back off bucko or it won't be me going into orbit.'
He turned back to my mother.


Lunch. The only part of the school day like. So far a had.....
22 people glare at me
9 people make rude comments about me
7 people snicker at me when I got detention
'Aleast this place allows cd players'she thought relieved. She popped in her Linken Park cd. She survedyed the court yard. There were huge groups of people huddled togther. She must look like a loner. ' Atleast i'm not one of those preppy snobs' she thought looking at a group fatherest to the left with there blonde hair up perfectly. She unconsily thought of her brown hair hardly brushed and looking like she had just woke up. 'Which I had."she answered herself. In her last class she had fallen asleep.' Of course the stupid teacher had to notice and give me a dumb detention.' She saw her brother talking to a group of boys at the end of the courtyard.
A girl with messy black cropped hair came up to her. Zoie stared at her.
" um.. are you the new girl." she causisly asked.
" that a problem." zoie replied her answer having a sharp tone.
" no.. um what's your name."she asked a little more talkitive.
" Zoie Henderson" she answered.
" Mine is Yvette Mcfadden. Um.. i noticed you were sitting alone and i was wondering if you would like to have lunch with me."
" er.. i don't know. I don't think you would like to be my friend." zoie told her. Zoie had only ever had one friend. Her name was Sarah O'davids and she had gotten into a car crash and moved away.
" well let's see. Why don't i tell you about my self and you tell me about yourself." she answered with a hopeful look in her eyes. (no she's not a lesbo).
" alright."
So Yvette told her about how her father had left them when she was a toodler to live alone with no money. How she didn't have many friends and started acting like a bit*h to some people. How after school she goes to the skate park, all the teacher's hate her, she get's detention alot, got suspended for fighting, and listens to punk rock.
".......... and you seem like that kind of person."
After listening to her Zoie kind of liked this girl.
" so what's your story"
" Well, my parents neglect me, i have two annoying siblings, i'm alway's grounded, my father's never home, i have no friends, i listen to punk rock, curse at teacher's and annoy my parent's constanley, me and my brother fight like cat's and dogs, got drunk last year at a party and almost lost my virginity, and i already got on the bad side of the headmaster."
" Wow, so do you think we could be friend's now."
" We'll see. Wanna hag out later. I got to sneak out of the house though cause i'm grounded."
" Cool, I got to ditch detention anyway."

I'm now in Gym class. One thing i'm good at. Yvette is in this class so she's my partner for the rock climbing shit were suppose to do. There are some girls to the right of us filing there nails. I point this out to Yvette and she say's they get speacil treatment cause there parents work in the parliment.
" Well that just sucks"
" Yeah, i argued with the teacher about it once and she gave me a month's detention.:
" Stupig f***ed up teachers. The gym teacher looks like she's smokin' crack."
And she did. She kept stopping thourgh the lecture and having dizzy spells. She was coughing like there was no tommorow and looks like she was recently sick.
" She is, everyone knows it. The Headmaster refuses to listin though." Yvette replied trying desperatly to yank off her tie." Bloody choker's of hell" she muttered. I smirked at her as she fell off the stool still trying despretly to take off the tie.
" I give up" she mockingly screamed.
I shook my head at her as some girls came up snickering at her antics. The leader of the group had bleach blond hair and looked like a momma's girl.
" Oh, look it's the loser." she said.
' Can't she come up with something better then that.'
" And who are you." she asked disgutedly.
" Well, i think it's none of your business who i am you bleach Blonde rabbit."' No offense to rabbit's but this girl is about to piss me off.'
She glared at me.
"hmph" she said stalking off.
"Who the hell was that" i asked helping Yvette off the ground.
" That was the richest girl in this town. Britney Christina Danielle Thompson. A right bitch if i ever saw one. Which i have, my mother."
" Well she better not cross me unless she wants to be eating her food though a tube for the rest of her pathetic excuse of a life." i said annoyed.
Yvette smirked with a mysterious glint in her eyes.
" What" i asked intrested.
" Well, why don't we do something to her."
" What do you mean" i replied confused.
"Like put worms in her food, sneak into her house, steal all her hair assoceries, and take emmbarrsing photo's of her and put it on the school website."
" Cool"

I snuck out and met Yvette at 4:00. I knew i had to be back at 7 for that stupid dinner with the neighbors.' Probaly just want to get on their good side.'
"hey girl"yvette called from the half pipe.
" hey" i answered.
" So what time do you have to be back for that diddy neighbor meeting"
" What are their names"
" something with a d i really don't care."
" yeesh"
" yeah, life sucks don't it"
" i know all to well" she answered buying us an ice cream. ' No matter how long i live here i will never get English money.' i thought.
" so what was school like before i came here" i asked
" pretty much the same. Last summer dudley dursley and his gang started terrosing are block. Dudley doesn't go to are school, but two oh his friends do."
" Yeah, the only person dudley wouldn't punch was his cousin."
" Why."
" I don't know. He always seem to hate his cousin. But then there was also a rumor going around that his cousin was a hardened crimanal going to St. Brutis."
" Do you think that's true."
" I don't know i never met him"

How I ever got back in time for that stupid dinner i will never know.
" Honey come down for dinner. The neighbor's are here." ' great' i thought sarcassticly.
" i'll be right down."i answered not looking forward to this at all. I slowly went down the stairs and saw a very bulky man with no neck, and a woman that looked like a horse with to much neck.
" Zoie these are the dursley's"' Didn't yvette say something about the dursley's. Oh yeah something about there son.'
" wat up" i asked
" The sky" the woman answered
" right"
well i tell you the night did not go smooth at all. By the end of it i don't think my parents could be any more ashamed of me or if Petunia and Vernon could hate me any more then they did when i came in the room.

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