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True Love or Not by fanficcraze
Chapter 1 : True Love or Not
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True Love or Not

Disclaimer: I don’t own anything expect Caroline.
Chapter 1
Should she tell or not?
Lily watched as her ex-boyfriend James flirted with another girl from Gryffindor. It was sickening to watch. Lily thought it would be okay after they broke up. It was before she found out she was pregnant. She already knew whom the child belonged to. It belonged to James and it was torture for her to watch. The only people who knew were her friends Caroline, Severus, Remus, and Peter. When Lily started to get Morning Sickness she finally realize she had to tell Madame Pomfery. Madame Pomfery was sworn to secrecy, who promise not to tell Professor Dumblore and Professor McGonagall until absolute necessary. She knew most of her friends didn’t trust Severus Snape because he was in Slytherin. Which Lily considered was unfair. Even though she James broke up didn’t mean they were not friends. But they still play pranks on one another. Lily had to work twice as hard to make sure no one noticed any difference in her. Her friends helped her. Caroline helped her in DADA, Severus helped her in Potions, Remus helped her with Transfiguration, and Peter encourage her to keep at it when she felt like giving up. Her friends never lost faith in her. Sometimes Lily felt like she was too tired to fulfil her Head Girl job.
James noticed that Lily had become more quiet than usual. And she looked like she didn’t have enough sleep. When he pointed this out to Sirius Black one of his best friends, all he said was, “Probably tired from all those Quidditch practice you keep throwing at us.” “I don’t think so.” James said. He turned to Remus and Peter who were quietly talking to each other. “Hey you guys have you guys noticed a change in Lily?” James asked. Remus at the time was drinking some juice. He spat it out on James robes. “N-Nothing is wrong with Lily.” Remus said stuttering a little. “C’mon Peter.” Remus was gathering his things quickly. As they left, James turn back to Sirius, “Do you have a feeling they’re not telling us something?” James asked still staring at the spot where Remus and Peter were for a moment. “No, why.” Sirius said. “No reason.” James said.
That day during dinner in the Great Hall Lily poked at her food. She didn’t feel like eating. “Are you alright Lily?” Caroline asked. “Not really. Not ever since this morning when Remus told me.” Lily told her best friend. “Oh. Maybe you should stop thinking about it. He doesn’t really no what the problem is.” Caroline said. “Your right. I’m going to see Madame Pomfery about something.” Lily said. She pushed back her seat. Then left the Great Hall to everyone’s surprise. Since everyone at the Gryffindor table knew there was Quidditch practice. When Lily got to the Hospital Wing, she went to Madame Pomfery’s office. “Hello Lily, dear what can I help with?” Madame Pomfery said. “I don’t really know. I guess I just want to know how I’m going to care for the baby when it’s born? I’m just so confused and frustrated right now!!” Lily said yelling a little. “Well dear, everyone get confused at a time like this. Maybe its time to tell your parents.” Madame Pomfery said a little gently. “No my parents will freak!” Lily said crying now. “Oh honey.” She said hugging Lily. Then Lily looked at her watch, “Oh no, I’m going to be late for Quidditch practice.” Lily said. “Thank you for understanding, Madame Pomfery.” Lily waved good-bye. There she met an angry James. Remus was behind him holding her broom. “Why were you in the Hospital Wing, Lily? You know long we’ve been waiting for you?” James shouted. “Shut up James. I late just a little and you blow up like it was a crime.” Lily said to him. “Thanks Remus.” She smiled at him. “Hold on you two, I know there is something your not telling us. And I for one want to know why.” James said folding his arm. “I tell you when the time right.” Lily said pushing her way past James with Remus following behind her. Quidditch practice was very tense. Lily was real tired when she got back. But she grabbed her Potions book and went to the Library to meet Severus. They worked for an hour on their Potions homework. “Thanks for helping me Severus. I really appreciate it.” She gave him a hug. Then she hurried back to the Common Room. There she finished her homework. At midnight she finally finish the last of her homework. She packed up and went to her room where she found her roommates all asleep. She soon fell asleep without changing.
The next morning at breakfast James noticed dark circles under Lily’s eyes. He felt really bad that he had yelled at her last night. “Sirius I am now positive there is something wrong with Lily. Look at her.” James said pointing at her who was poking at her food and just staring at it. “Yeah I think your right about this one. But it might have to do that she was up until midnight doing homework. Hmmm or her having been gone right after practice. I don’t know wh--- Hey do you still have feelings for Lily?” Sirius asked. “N-No. What would make you think that.” James said, but he felt his neck burning. “No reason.” Sirius said.
Severus Snape watch James and couldn’t help but smirk a little as he saw him blushing. Then he changed his glance at Lily, and couldn’t help feel sorry for her. He noticed at how she looked even more tired than usual. Severus then swung his head at his table. He looked at Lucias Malfoy, giving him a strange look. Severus looked away. He was sacred for Lily if Malfoy found out she would be in big trouble. Not only with her parents, but the humiliation.
James watched as Lily poked at her food. He then felt a funny feeling he hadn’t felt in a while. He then realizes than Sirius was right he did still have feelings for Lily. Something more than he usually felt. It was something he never felt before. Love. Then he saw Remus and Peter went up to Lily and sat down next to her. They were talking in low whisper. Lily was frowning a little. She saw that Caroline didn’t look that happy. Then he saw them get up and leave the Great Hall. He felt a pang of jealousy when he saw Remus hugging Lily. Everyone in the Great Hall was buzzing as soon as those four were out of earshot. He saw people glance his way many times. “WHAT!!!” He snapped at them. He got up and saw then something he couldn’t believe. Snape and Lily were talking really fast. He caught snatches of them. He pulled Sirius in to a corridor and they eavesdropped. “Lily that wasn’t a wise idea hugging Lupin you know.” Snape said. “Severus he does have a name. And at this point I don’t care what anyone thinks. Right now I need to stay on top of my schoolwork and Quiddtich.” Lily said a little frustrated. “Sorry Lil.” Snape said but he was smiling. “When did he start calling her Lil!” James said whispering angrily. “Who knows.” Sirius said a little calmly. “ See you later.” They heard Snape say as the hallways soon swarmed with students. James and Sirius soon went to Charms. He sat with Remus and Peter. James didn’t feel like talking to either of them. Sirius though did. When Remus asked me what was wrong, I ignore him.
Lily was having a hard time concentrating on what Professor Flitwick had to say. She didn’t feel too good. Soon the class was over and Lily decided to skip Care of Magical Creatures. All she wanted to do was rest. She went up to her room and soon fell asleep. She slept all through lunch and her afternoon class. Then soon she woke up to find herself in the Hospital Wing with Madame Pomfery, Professor Dumblore, and Professor McGonagall all looking at her with worried looks. “How long have I been here?” Lily said a little hoarsely. “All day, Miss Evans.” Professor Dumblore said. He wasn’t smiling his usual smile. “Miss Evans, I need to ask you to drop some of your subjects. You are overtaxing yourself and if you continue, you will die of exhaustion. Do you understand?” Professor Dumblore said. “Yes, Professor.” Lily said a little weakly. “So what will it be?” This time it was Professor McGonagall who spoke. “I guess Muggle Studies and Divination Professor.” Lily said. She sighed with relief. She was lucky this time, but how lucky will she be next time Lily thought.

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True Love or Not: True Love or Not


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