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Pure Innocence by BLOOM
Chapter 4 : Magic
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Pure Innocence
Chapter Four- Magic

Disclaimer- All original characters belong to J.K.

Rhiley bit her lower lip as she watched Mr. White shuffle his papers around his desk and neatly place them into a maroon folder that was labeled “sold” Rhiley wiped her eyes at the sight, she really didn’t want to go, but she had no choice, it was either go, or die a horrible death, and according to her dream it was her destiny, what ever that might be. She gazed down at her wrist, Krystal and Amy had made her a good-bye present which was a bracelet made out of rubber bands and paper clips. Amy had told Rhiley that when she came back that she would want to borrow the bracelet, but Rhiley new she would never see them again.

“What’s that?” Mr. White demanded as he stood up and walked towards her.

Rhiley immediately put her other hand on her wrist “Nothing” she said plainly.

“Give it” he said putting his old wrinkly hand out.

“All right...” she hesitated as she took off a paper clip from the bracelet and shoved the pieces of the bracelet into his hand “here” she smiled.

“That’s it?” he paused “that’s all you had, a few rubber bands and paper clips?”

“Oh..yes Sir” she smirked.

“Take it” he said thrusting the remains into her hand, and walking back to his desk and sat “its going to be a lot better without you here” he smiled.

“I think it would be a lot better without you here” she shot back.

“Remember who you are speaking to Rhiley” he laughed “I could still punish you”

“Go right ahead” she laughed back “oh and while your at it, can you kill me too?”

“Would love to, but Mr. Malfoy wants you alive and I want my money”

“I really do loathe you” Rhiley said as someone knocked on the door, Rhiley’s eyes extended.

Mr. White jumped up startled and walked over to the door, and put his hand on the handle “good bye Rhiley” he smiled opening the door to see no one standing there “Nice trick Rhiley, you finally learn how to use your magic by knocking a door”

“What? that wasn’t me” Rhiley said standing up.

“Sit down!”

Rhiley immediately collapsed back onto the chair.

“Um, Sir down here” said a little creature walking into the room.

“What in the world are you?” Rhiley said standing up and expecting the creature.

“A house-elf Miss” he said looking up at Rhiley.

“Rhiley sit down!” Mr. White shot “you” he said looking down at the house-elf “a house elf? I haven’t seen one of you for decades”

“Um, yes Sir, the name is Raze, I’m here to pick up Miss Rhiley” the creature said looking back at Rhiley.

“Very well, Bye!” he said holding the door open.

Rhiley stood back up and walked up to him “Mr. White” she started “You better not lay a finger on Amy or Krystal, I swear I’ll kill you if you hurt them”

“Rhiley dear, don’t say what you wont do, it makes you look stupid”

“Miss..” the house elf said “we must be going” he said pulling on her gown.

“Yes” Rhiely answered walking over to Raze “oh and Mr. White” she said turning around to face him again “I always mean what I say..think about it”

“Leave” he said pointing out the door.

“Ah..Sir” Raze said cutting in “we need a fire place, to get to Master Malfoy’s”

“There’s one in the basement, Rhiley knows where” he said hurrying them out the door.

“Do you Miss?” Raze asked, with puppy eyes.

“Yes” she said walking out the door giving Mr. White one last final dirty look.

The house elf followed as Rhiley opened the door to the basement, and walked down the stairs.

“Miss” he started “no need to worry, about the Malfoy’s”

Rhiley nodded ‘what do you mean ‘no need to worry’ of course I have to worry, the man is a murderer’ she thought as she turned a corner. She was hoping she would be able to see Krystal and Amy just walking around, but they were no-where to be found, "they must be working in the bath house” Rhiley said as she stopped in front of an old fire place “were here” she sighed pointing at it.

“Who must be working at the bath house Miss?” Raze asked looking up.

“My..” she paused “no-one..just no-one”

Raze nodded as he wiped his finger across the mantel “very clean”

Rhiley laughed “it should be, I’ve cleaned it about a billion times”

“And you never used it Miss?” he said looking at the marvel tiles.

“Were not allowed to light it”

“No” he chuckled “I mean to travel”

“Travel?” she asked pushing a piece of her dirty brown hair back behind her ear.

“Yes, its magic Miss”

“Magic” she sighed “I never used magic in my whole life, were not allowed, and plus I don’t know how to”

“Does Master Malfoy know?” he said now walking into the fireplace and inspecting the inside.

Rhiley looked at him strangely, inspecting his clothing, which consisted of a pillow case and a rope for a belt “um I dunno”

“Alright, best be going, it looks safe”

“One question” Rhiley began still staring at him “why are you wearing those rags, when you work for Mr. Malfoy, don’t you have like a uniform or something?”

“Oh Miss you have much to learn” he smiled “but we really need to be going, I’ll tell you later on in the day”

“Alright” Rhiley swayed.

“Ok, first you go into the fireplace, grab some flu powder, then scream to were you want to go”

Rhiley nodded as she tried to get this all into her head “ok, but where are we going?”

“Malfoy Mansion” he squeaked “you first Miss”

Rhiley sighed as she took her black garbage bag and stepped into the fireplace this would be the last and final time that she was going to see this horrid prison where she had grown up. If it wasn’t for Krystal and Amy, she probably would have been dead. She grabbed a handful of the green flu powder squeezed it in her hand. Her new life was going to start soon, it could be the best thing that ever happened to her or it could be the worse. She looked down at the powder in her hands and threw it onto the floor and scream “Malfoy Mansion!” she was instantly enclosed by green flames. She felt as though she was spinning for an hour until she landed on another fire place. She slowly got up and wiped the ashes off her body. Soon Raze appeared in front of her.

“Wow, I thought you wearing coming through there” she said pointing toward the fire place where she had came.

“No, I just snap my fingers, think where I want to go, and I’m there” he said snapping his fingers and disappearing.

Rhiley spun around “Raze!” she shouted “I don’t like this magic your talking about, please come back”

“Sorry Miss, thought I have a little fun” he said pulling on the back her dress.

She spun back around “no its alright, I have to get used to it” she smiled.

“Oh Miss you mind not standing there, I just cleaned the floor”

“This floor? But it’s huge, you did it all by your-self?” she said looking around.

“Yes Miss, this is nothing compared to the other rooms”

Rhiley looked throughout the room, it truly was large. The floor was made of dark mahogany wood, there was a large black rug in the middle of the room, on top of the rug was a square shaped wooden table, it had a few books on top of it the said “Dark Thoughts, by Edward Hosea” and another was a book about the Dark Ages. The couches were a dark shiny green, and the pillows were silver and black, with large letter “M’s” on them. Rhiley pulled her head back and looked up at the ceiling, Her jaw dropped at the site “that is the most beautiful ceiling I’ve ever seen” she said pulling her hair back. The whole thing was painted by hand, she could tell. It had a picture of a large black castle, the weather looked really dark and gloomy and it had a painting of a man in a black robe walking toward the castle, and it literaly was walking. Rhiley looked back down and rubbed her eyes, then looked back up to see if she was hallucinating, and she wasn’t the man in the black robe was still walking toward the castle. She looked back down to face Raze, she bent down to be on his level.

“That man in the picture” she said pointing up “he’s moving” she said frightened.

Raze looked up, then looked quickly back down “Mrs. Malfoy’s favorite” he sighed.

“But its moving, paintings can do that?” Rhiley asked looking up at the ceiling, but the man was gone now, he must have went into the castle.

“Here they can” he smiled.

‘Still scary’ she thought “Mrs. she nice or..”

“She’s very caring toward us” he said cleaning Rhiley’s foot prints off the floor.

“I’m really sorry” Rhiley scowled.

“Don’t worry Miss”

“Who else lives here?” she said cleaning her shoes, so she could walk around the room, and for Raze not to clean where she has walked.

“Young Mr. Malfoy, a spoiled brat if you ask me”

“Well his father is rich, I would be a spoiled brat too”

“Yes, but he’s been very touchy Miss, not wanting to eat, talks back to his father, and abusive to the maids’ and house elfs'”

“Oh you poor thing” she said patting his bald head “why don’t you tell Mr. Malfoy about this?”

“If I do, Young Mr. Malfoy will be punished, he’s been through to much”

“I would rat him out” Rhiley said standing up “how many other maids have you got here?”

“Five, one of them a bit older then you” he said wiping up the fireplace.

“Would you like me to help you? I’m experienced in cleaning” she said walking over to Raze.

“You’ll have your share tonight Miss, better you rest”

“What am I to do till then?”

“Master Malfoy said that when you arrive here, that you are to be washed and given a clean uniform, then you must go to your cellar till he arrives”

Rhiley nodded in agreement.

“Go through those doors, Natalie will be waiting”

Rhiley nodded and walked over to a big black door that had red stripes flowing down as if it were blood. She shook her head trying to get the thought out as she pushed the door, but It didn’t open, she tried pulling it but nothing. She turned around and walked back to Raze “Raze”

“Yes Miss” he said looking up at her.

“It wont open” she said pointing at the door.

“Did you tell it to open?”


“Magic Miss”

She laughed “sorry..forgot" and walked back to the door and took a deep breath and breathed out “open” and the door slowly opened allowing her to go through.

“See Miss, you got a little magic in you”

She smiled as she pushed the doors closed, and turned around and faced a tall, young girl, with strawberry hair up in a pony tail, and wearing a nice green and black uniform. The girl just stood there with no emotion, Rhiley slowly walked up to her then stopped when she was about three feet away from her.

“Natalie?” Rhiley asked.

“Yes, you must be Rhiley” she said smirking.


“Well your very late, your bath is cold so I’d advise you go in, before it gets colder” she said pointing towards another door “your uniform is inside, you are to burn the clothing you have on now”

“Alright” Rhiley said walking towards the door that Natalie had pointed towards “open” she said, but nothing happened “I said open” she said again, and again nothing.

“Not all doors are charmed you know” Natalie laughed.

“Thanks” Rhiley laughed back, then shut the door, so she didn’t have to here her. She looked around the small room, It had a green metal bath tub that looked more like a human sized bucket, she put her finger in the tub to feel that the water was freezing cold “she probably did that on purpose” Rhiley said as she took her gown off then her under garments, and climbed into the freezing tub of water. She felt as though she hasn’t taken a bath in hundreds of years, meanwhile it had only been three days. In the sweat house you were only allowed a bath every two days and that was only if you were good, and in that case Rhiley hadn’t taken a bath in about a week, so she felt extremely dirty. She dunked her head under the water and put her fingers threw her hair and felt as the dirt washed away. She came back to the surface trembling. She took some of the used soap that had been left for her to use and washed her body and then her hair. When she was done she climbed out of the tub and dried her-self up. On the counter next to the sink was her new uniform. She placed her hand on the shirt and felt the material which was silk, of course it was fake, but at least it was some sort of silk. She picked up the shirt and slid it on her shoulders, and buttoned it up, she practically couldn’t breathe, and her chest looked a bit bigger then it had before they must have gotten her like a extra extra small. Next was the stockings which were plain black, then she slid on the skirt, it wasn’t as tight as the shirt was but it was pretty short, when walking around she would have to hold it down, but when she stood still it looked like a reasonable length. Then she slid on her flat, black, shiny shoes. She looked at her self in the mirror and played with her now clean brown hair, and decided just to leave it out. She picked up her old clothes from the floor and put them into her black bag and oped the door to see Natalie and a few other maids, that looked much older then they both did put together, talking. Rhiley slowly walked over and stood there.

“Can you believe Mr. Malfoy would do that?” said a maid with long braided grey hair.

“Yes Mrs. Malfoy is upset and refuses to...”

“Ladies” Natalie coughed “we have an outsider” she said.

Rhiley eyed her this really wasn’t going to be good was it.

“Oh who’s this?” said the maid with grey hair rolled up in a tight bun.

“Rhiley” Natalie said before Rhiley even opened her mouth.

“Well nice to meet you Rhiley, I’m Isabella and this is Margaret, we’ve been working for the Malfoy's for centuries”

“I can see that” Rhiley laughed.

“Haha..funny” Natalie smirked.

“How old are you dear?” Margaret asked ignoring both their comments.

“Fifteen” Rhiley said scratching her cheek.

“Oh Natalie, she’s almost your age, you two will have a lot in common, talking about boys and such” Isabella said excitedly “she’s seventeen”

“Yea sure” Natalie shrugged “I’d rather be with Malfoy”

Margaret shook her head at Natalie and turned to Rhiley “Rhiley” she said circling her “you look so pure, how is that possible”

“Pure, what do you mean by that? Is that magic?”

“No dear, I mean I’m surprised you don’t have children, or your not having one”

“I would never let a man touch me that way” Rhiley started “never” ‘are you people like insane?’ Rhiley thought as the plump women kept circling her.

“Well your going to have major problems here” Natalie shot.

“What do you mean, were only here to clean and cook..aren't we?”

“Ha, thats what I was told when I came here too”

“How old were you?”


“Oh” Rhiley sighed “thats pretty young”

“You think”

“Yes” Isabella started “Natalie had trouble since the day she arrived....”

“Shut up!” Natalie yelled “its none of her business, let her find out on her own”

“Dear she’s young, she should know”

“Well I was younger, and not one of you informed me of what could happen!” she said leaving the room and slamming the door, she left through.

Rhiley put her hands on her face and felt her-self turn red “umm..I otta go to my cellar, do you mind telling my where they are?”

“Dear were really sorry about Natalie, we would tell you, but its not our place”

“I understand, just please tell me where the cellars are”

“Go through those doors” she said pointing towards the doors she had entered in the beginning "and they should lead you to the study there you will see a little wooden door, you go down the stairs and you should see the cellars, yours should have your name on it”

“Are any of the doors charmed?”

“No not our doors, only the master bed rooms, the study, and the front door”

“Alright” Rhiley said as she went to the study and down to the cellars. Soon she found her cellar that said her name and opened it, she walked in and shut the door behind her and to her surprise the door didn’t lock behind her. She looked around the small room and she saw a small bed with a comfortable mattress, or at least it looked comfortable, there was a little window with bars, she had a small dresser that she could fit her clothes in and still have tons of room, and last on top of the dresser was a phone, she guessed it was for when they needed her to do something and they would just call. She sat down on her bed and bounced and laughed there was no spring, she laid down and wondered where Natalie had gone, what they did to her that made her run off like that. She sighed as she stared up at the ceiling happy not to see a man in a black robe walking around, but to see a nice grey ceiling, with no mold growing on it.

“I can work with this” she smiled.

A/N I thought this was more of a humor chapter, but you tell me!

Alright theres a little problem with Chapter Five I have Finals comming up people in high school know what I mean. So I have to study, so here's my plan, I'm going to try to write a draft while I'm studying for my finals then I'll post it as fast as I can, but don't count on it being like in a week. Also I wont post unless I have 20 or more reviews, so please post and wish me luck on my test! please!

- I'l love you always - BLOOM-

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