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Hearts of Steel Will Be Broken... by lillykk
Chapter 16 : Chapter Sixteen
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Chapter Sixteen

I lay trembling violently on the floor, recalling what had just occurred. Over and over it played through my mind, until I was not sure of the truth anymore. Could she really be gone? After all of what just happened? I didn’t really know. I felt as though I had lost touch with reality, for all the details were becoming more distant in my mind.

Slowly, I rolled over to face the other way, to where Hermione fell. I uttered a cry of disbelief when I saw her. She was lying with her face to the ceiling, and her eyes were open in an empty, unblinking stare. Her clothes were torn and covered with dust, and her hair was sprawled all over her face. But to me, her disheveled appearance made her seem more beautiful and radiant.

Slowly, I pulled myself over to where she lay. Pain coursed through my body with every movement, but I couldn’t stay away. Glass pierced my palms and knees as I slid across the cold floor; it was all I could do to overcome the pain. When I reached Hermione’s side, I pulled her limp body into my arms.

“Hermione,” I whispered, unable to control my tears, “Hermione, wake up…”

I pulled her closer to my heart, praying that one breath could enter her lungs, giving her the strength to live.

“Hermione…” I sobbed, “I love you… Don’t leave me… Please…Hermione… wake up…”

I looked into her eyes. Her eyes used to be full of happiness and love, but now they were empty and cold. I brushed a few strands of her golden locks away from her face and caressed her soft skin. Every touch brought back painful memories, I could hardly endure it.

Slowly I took my right fingers, and gently closed her eyes. It was the last time I looked into her eyes. The eyes that used to pain me to look into, but now I wanted to hold that gaze for forever. I kissed each eyelid, and then softly kissed her on her rose-colored lips. I knew that it would be for the last time. I knew it would be for forever.

“I’m so sorry Hermione.” I whispered. “I—I l-love y-you.” I could hardly say I wanted to tell her. I wanted her to know that I loved her, and that our love was real, and that no matter what happened I’d love her. Always.


* * * * * * * * * * *

No one ever knew about my love for Hermione. Only she did. I know she loved me with such a power that it can and will never be put into words. I felt it with every glance, with every touch, and with every kiss. She kept me alive.

Even though she is gone now, I still feel her with me. I carry the memory of her in my soul. She is living through me, turning me into someone I never could have been without her. And I can only wish that she is with me now.

My heart is missing a piece that Hermione used to fill. The healing process is just beginning, and I have only a lifetime before I will see her again.

But for me, that day will not come soon enough.

~The End~
**Sequel** Always and Forever in the Angst category. Please read!!

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Hearts of Steel Will Be Broken...: Chapter Sixteen


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