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Hearts of Steel Will Be Broken... by lillykk
Chapter 15 : Chapter Fifteen
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Chapter Fifteen

I knew it wouldn’t be long now.

“Hermione,” I gasped, “Please come with me! You aren’t safe here-“

“I’ll be safer somewhere far away from you!” Hermione spat.

Her face of rage turned quickly to horror when she heard voices outside her front door. The room filled with a purple flash of light as the door was reduced to splinters. Slowly, two figures appeared through all the tinted dust in the air.

“Well, well, well.” My father began, “Why Draco,” he said with a note of surprise in his voice, “I never expected you to be here. Nice work. I figured when you left…”

“Yes,” entered Voldemort’s voice. It’s cold and cruel tone vibrated chills into my skin. “We were prepared to punish you. Though I am surprised and quite pleased to see you here, I cannot let your disappearance go unpaid for- Crucio!” Pain as I had never felt entered my body. Flames hotter then the sun rose to burn my skin that was already suffering from thousands of knives stabbing ever inch of my body. As suddenly as the pain had come, it left my body completely. I was left sweating and shaking on the floor.

“That was just a taste of what you will suffer if you ever leave again.” My father told me heartlessly. “Now, back to business. I hope you know why I have so nicely graced you with my presence tonight, mudblood.” He mocked. “I require the Sorcerer’s Stone. Where is it?”

“No! I don’t have it!” Hermione screamed.

“Don’t lie to me,” Voldemort said, “I am Voldemort, and I know everything. Tell us where it is!”

“No!” She was sobbing uncontrollably now. Her eyes were red from the tears, and her breathing was becoming shorter.

“Well,” my father sighed, “I never thought it would come to this. Imperio!”

Hermione’s expression changed drastically. She had stopped crying, and an odd look of happiness washed over her face. She took slow but steady steps toward me, with her right hand outstretched. Suddenly from something deep inside of my heart, anger boiled and spilled over my mind. I was hardly aware of what I was doing. I pulled my wand out of my robes and raised it upon my father.


Caught off guard, his wand flew out of his hand and landed with a clatter at my feet, releasing Hermione from the spell. I hastily picked up the wand before he could retrieve it.

“You’ll pay for that one son.” My father threatened as he regained his composure. “I suppose I was wrong, you came here to save the mudblood. How touching. And I thought you would never sink that low.”

He large pale hands reached for me. I could sense he wanted to hurt me as much as he possibly could, without a wand. Somehow his fingers found their way to my neck and wrapped around it, and squeezed tightly. I couldn’t breathe, I was gasping for air that would not come. As my head began to spin, and my vision faded, my father dropped me suddenly.

Hermione had stunned him. His crumpled body lay unconscious on the floor motionless. His long blonde hair was out of place, and a long trickle of blood was flowing from behind his ear.

“Hermione! Don’t!” I tired to warn her, but my voice refused to work due to my lack of oxygen.

“Draco! Help me! I’m sorry!”

“He cannot help you mudblood. Never again will he help you, for you will be gone. Say good-bye to life Mudblood.” With that, he raised his wand high into the air and stuck it down saying “Avada Kedavada!” The words He spoke sliced through the air like a knife. The flashes of green light from the curse were accompanied by Hermione’s screams. I saw His figure, silhouetted by the light from his killing curse, disappear suddenly from my vision. He had disapparated.

I collapsed. My face was shining with tears, and I was trembling from fear. I couldn’t bring myself to look at her. I knew she was gone. She was dead.

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