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Hearts of Steel Will Be Broken... by lillykk
Chapter 12 : Chapter Twelve
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Chapter Twelve

Never had I felt so emotional in my entire life. I was in love. I was in love with the one person that I had hated since we met. I was in love with the one person I had betrayed beyond repair. It seemed that everything in my life had been growing more wonderful everyday, and yet the guilt I had felt was a burden screaming inside my heart. I fell asleep every night thinking of Hermione, my father, Death Eaters, betrayal, and my future. What good could my future possibly hold for me now? The only thing keeping me breathing now was Hermione. She was keeping me alive.

She had become my life.

* * * * * * * * * * *

I opened my letter from Father carelessly that day, hoping to read his usual ‘You will be honored Draco…’ speech.

But it did not come.

I discarded the envelope into the blazing fire in the Slytherin common room. I read the letter hastily; rushing to meet Hermione earlier then usual, but my father’s cold and cruel words slowed my reading.

You must leave, immediately. You are no longer safe at Hogwarts, and you will most likely never return there. I will be sending you a port key soon. Everything will be explained upon your arrival.

Numbly I tore the letter into as many pieces I could manage, and continued by burning the shreds. I raced to see Hermione, hoping this time would not be the last.

I rushed to see her, and as soon as we met I embraced her in the most passionate kiss of my life. How could I leave her? We broke away breathless, each of us gasping for air. As our breathing slowed, we looked at each other. No words could possibly fill the air then. We were in love. A love so powerful neither time, nor evil could tear us apart.

We made love for the first time that night. It felt as though two distant stars from opposite sides of the universe collided. Nothing else could describe the love we felt for each other. As we reached the height of our passion our cries could have been heard in the heavens above, but not inside the castle. I would never experience love like that again.

We lay together until the sun came to meet the horizon. The bareness of our skin melted together when we touched, giving us a sacred and undying bond of love.

* * * * * * * * * * *

I received the fateful letter from father the next morning. All the envelope contained was a Muggle object called a shoe-lace and a short message.

This port key will be available to your use at midnight tonight. Do not be late.

Again I tore the letter into shreds and burned them.

That night, I couldn’t stay away from Hermione. I met her again, at the same time, and at the same place, knowing I had only thirty minutes to spend with the person I loved.

“Hermione,” I whispered, “I’m leaving. I can’t stay here.”

“What?” She asked in disbelief, “What are you saying? What do you mean?”

“I’m leaving. I can’t stay here- at Hogwarts. I just came to say good-bye.”

“You can’t. You can’t leave me, I can’t live without you here...”

“Hermione, I can’t tell you why I’m leaving, so please don’t ask. It’s hard enough already. Just know that I’m sorry. And remember that no matter what happens, remember that I’ll always love you. Please tell me you love me too, so that I’ll know that what is between us is real……”

“Draco, you know I love you, and always will. And that I forgive you for whatever you have done, even though I don’t know what it is.”

I kissed her one final time before grasping the port key. I took one last loving look at her, soaking up every detail of her figure. Her light brown hair, which was still untamed, her lips that still tingled with the kiss I gave her and her eyes from which silent tears of grief slid onto her pale skin. I could no longer hold back the tears my own eyes were holding.

Before I was ready, before I could say goodbye one last time, I felt a painful tug from behind my navel, and was speeding off to an unfamiliar place.

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