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Hearts of Steel Will Be Broken... by lillykk
Chapter 10 : Chapter Ten
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Chapter Ten

Hermione trembled in my arms. Her face was tilted toward the floor in fearful manner, making me more nervous than I thought I should have been. She turned and walked toward the windows walking slowly and softly as the moonlight silhouetted her eerily.

“Do you remember,” She asked, facing away from me, “In our first year, that the third floor corridor was forbidden to us? And how Dumbledore told us, that if we ever dared to enter, we would die a painful death?”

I could only nod to answer her questions because of the visibly terrified expression she wore.

“Do you remember what it was guarding?”

I nodded. Suddenly everything made sense. “The Sorcerer’s Stone.” I replied.

“Yes Draco, and remember that it was going to be destroyed? Well, it wasn’t.” Her voice raised and began to tremble even more. “It was a cover-up. We couldn’t let it fall into You-Know-Who’s hands, or the whole world would be brought to evil. So the Ministry told the magical community that it was going to be destroyed, and they all believed us, including You-Know-Who.”

My mind was racing. The Sorcerer’s Stone? The Elixir of Life would make the drinker immortal. If Voldemort was able to retrieve it, his rise to power would be permanent. Nothing could stop him, and no one would dare to even try.

“And so,” Hermione continued, ripping my attention from my thoughts, “We had to hide it. Somewhere no one would find it. They eventually decided it would be safest in the hands of a Muggle that didn’t know its powers. And, they gave it to- to- my parents.” Her trembling voice now gave way in to shaky sobs. “Draco, I swore to keep it secret, and I have, even from my own mother and father. But I couldn’t keep it from you. I love you.”

She kissed me so softly I didn’t know if she actually had. But then she pulled me into a deeper, more passionate kiss. Afterwards, I held her in my arms until the sun began to rise. She had fallen asleep with her head against my shoulder. I didn’t want to wake her for I had just noticed how softly the first rays of sunlight touched her pale skin. I stared at her lost in thought for a few minutes before I realized what I was thinking.

‘She’s a Muggle-born! A Mudblood!’ I thought viciously, trying to erase the thoughts from my mind.

I woke her gently from her slumber, and we both hurried back to our dormitories to catch another hour of sleep if possible.

But I couldn’t sleep, not after what had happened last night. The information was in my hands, and so was the power. This control almost scared me, I had the power to destroy all the good in the magical world, and bring Voldemort to his ultimate power. But I knew what I had to do.

I left my four poster bed, and gathered my parchment, ink, and quill. Slowly and shakily, I wrote the letter telling my father everything. Everything that would eventually lead to the destruction of all.

I called Samsara to my side and gave her the letter to deliver. As I watched her fly into the sunset, I wiped a single tear from my eye.

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Hearts of Steel Will Be Broken...: Chapter Ten


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