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Hearts of Steel Will Be Broken... by lillykk
Chapter 3 : Chapter Three
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September first had come at last, much to my relief. I had suffered countless sleepless nights since the time of the meeting. And when I did manage to fall into a fitful slumber, I dreamt about her, and how to carry out this plan. I managed to imagine my whole year before it happened, and how the plan would be carried out perfectly. Yet, I knew in my mind that Hermione Granger was far from easy to get close to. She was incredibly clever and would suspect something if I didn’t do everything perfectly.

I casually slipped between the barriers of Platform Nine and Platform Ten and fell into the hidden Platform 9 3/4. The scarlet Hogwarts Express glimmered faintly from lights scattered about the room. I sighed happily. It was good to be back, back to a world where I had friends and was accepted. Ever since the Meeting, I had had a terrible summer.

My father had been extremely watchful of every move I made. Every evening, I would sit in his study and talk to him about Voldemort, Death Eaters, and the Plan. Before this, his study had always been off limits to me. Once even, as a child, I took the opportunity to take a brief glimpse through the keyhole of the locked door. But of course, my father caught me before I saw anything too important or terrible. Since then, my longing to see the inside of the locked door increased, but now, it was a familiar territory, with nothing much more than books. These books would surely be found in the restricted section of the Hogwarts Library, if they were allowed in there at all. They covered the most advanced and horrifying areas of the Dark Arts. Surely they were topics I would never be taught in school.

I walked toward the scarlet steam engine, carelessly pushing my trolley loaded with spell books, my owl Samsara, and my other personal belongings. I admit I was paying no attention to where I was going. Not until I felt my trolley collide with another.

“Hey,” I heard a voice, “Watch where you’re going!” I looked up and saw scattered parcels around the floor. Above all the mess I saw a figure that I was familiar with. Hauntingly familiar, for she had haunted my dreams, if I slept, for the past several weeks.

“Hello, Granger,” I drawled. What a perfect way to begin the school year. “How was your summer?”

“Oh, go away Malfoy,” She replied sharply, “It’s not as if you care. Just maybe next time, you will watch where you’re going!” By this time, she had gathered all of her things and arranged them on her cart.

As she started to walk off, I flashed her my charming smile that usually made girls swoon, and winked in her direction. She just rolled her eyes and stepped aboard the train, paying no attention whatsoever to me. I sighed. No matter how you looked at it, Hermione hated me beyond a repair to friendship, and love was not even a possibility. Yet, I could not fail.

I stepped aboard the train after Hermione. I looked up and down the corridors, looking for friendly faces to welcome me. After several minutes of aimless wandering, I found Crabbe and Goyle, my father’s two best friend’s sons. They were pretty much as stupid as you could get, but they were useful at times. They however had not been told about the plan, even though they’re fathers were Death Eaters. I figured it was because somehow, they would ruin the plan, and somehow aid in Voldemort’s downfall. Sighing I entered the compartment.

My life had already dramatically changed, I was forced to watch everything I did or said, and I constantly felt as though I was being watched, which probably was true. Was it possible it would ever be the same?

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