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Hearts of Steel Will Be Broken... by lillykk
Chapter 2 : Chapter Two
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Chapter Two

Still I waited. Waiting in the horrible dungeon for the truth. I recognized my father across the room close to the wooden door. I felt a sense of hatred wash through my body. Why was I here? Had he told me? No. Did he ever tell me? No. Did he love me? No. Never had he ever have one drop of love enter his viens. He was full of hatred and an evil power that could never be removed.

I saw the heavy wooden door open and close across the room and I listened as the room fell silent immediatly. I knew who entered. None other than Voldemort himself. I felt the other figures in the room fall to the floor to show respect for their leader. Then He began to circle the room passing in front of each of his follower's bowed heads. His foot steps echoed loudly in the empty hall. He fell into a rhythm at once, circling the room at a slow and steady pace. Each Death Eater kissed the floor as He passed them. The rhythm stopped as he suddenly preformed the cruciatus curse on one of his followers who dared to look up in his presence. Horrible screams filled the room, and everyone was forbidden to react. After a few minutes of tourture, the screaming ceased, and his cold voice entered the room.

"Perhaps next time you'll follow the rules, Hunnington," He whispered. But his words carried across the room. He circled around the room one final time before coming to the center of the room where I stood silently. My father followed at a distance, for he was Voldemort's right hand man and was going to tell me what I role I was to play in the operation.

"Another Malfoy?" Voldemort asked, "I do hope you will be as loyal to me as your father has been." I saw my father flash the hereditary Malfoy smirk with pride as he glanced at me. "And now you have a chance to prove your loyalty. Lucius," he beckoned my father closer.

"Draco," my father started, "As you may know, the Dark Lord has formulated a plan that will ensure our rise to power. And you have a major role in the operation." He sighed, "Dumbledore has been hiding secrets inside one of his students. She is a very smart girl I assure you, and will not easily tell anyone of her secrets. But as we know, everyone is capable of falling in love, well, most everyone," he laughed. "You will have to seduce her, make her believe you love her, and have her fall in love with you. She will trust you with everything, and hopefully she will give you the information we need. But, one problem is that you have a history of hatred between the two of you. To me, that is no excuse. Failure is no option. You cannot and will not fail. You are a Malfoy, so you will succeed. And another problem is, is that she is a.... a mudblood, and although you are never allowed to assoiciate with those kinds of people, that is no excuse."

I hardly dared the breathe, let alone speak, but my words just spilled out of my mouth before I could think. "So who is she?" My heart was about to leap out of my chest as I awaited my answer. I had just spoken in His presence without permission. Would the cruciatus curse be preformed on me? Wild thoughts raced through my head as I waited. My knees were shaking so fiercly that I nearly fell down. Still I waited, forcing myself to stand.

This time, before my father could speak, He, Himself answered my question. He spat the name out in such a manner of disgust, I figured he never allowed himself to say it.

"Hermione Granger."

Then I realized it: This plan was impossible.

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Hearts of Steel Will Be Broken...: Chapter Two


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