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The Hardest Thing by LadyMalfoy
Chapter 6 : Unexpected Happenings
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A/N: Next chappie!

Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the HP characters. But as soon as I start to figure out how to rule the world, then they will……

On with the story:

Unexpected Happenings

“Good. Now what should we do?” Brandi asked her sister.

“Well, we need more milk and chips. Do you want to go get some at the store?”

Brandi shook her head. “No. Do you guys want to go with her?” Harry, Ron and Hermione nodded but not Draco.

“Ok then I’ll stay here with Draco and you can take them.” She handed her some American money. Kristina counted the money. “You know I think we might need more..” Kristina said innocently.

Brandi narrowed her eyes and pointed to the door. Kristina got the hint and led Harry, Ron and Hermione outside and closed the door behind her.

Draco saw Brandi roll her eyes. She was quiet for a moment then walked into the kitchen and Draco followed her. She didn’t seem to notice him behind her.

She opened a cabinet and took a pitcher then opened another cabinet and got out a thick bag of something. Draco panicked,. ‘AHHH! She’s going to poison us!’ he thought but soon realized it was sugar as she tore the top off.

She went to the faucet and poured some water into the pitcher and turned it off when the water and reached a inch bellow the top. She poured the sugar into the pitcher.

Draco wandered what she was doing? Hmmm…… She went to a big white, rectangular box and pulled on the handle and it opened. She got 6 lemons and closed the big white box.

She got a knife and started to cut each lemon in half. She squeezed each one in the pitcher and got a big spoon from a drawer and started to stir it. After a while she stopped and brought the spoon the her lips and tasted the substance. She nodded with satisfaction.

She walked towards the white box and accidentally sloshed some on the floor but didn’t notice. She reopened the white box and put the pitcher into it. She turned and started walking towards the puddle.

Draco was about to shout a warning at her but it was too late. She slipped and with his great reflexes from being a Seeker, Draco caught her just in time.

She looked up at him, her eyes locked on his. His silver-gray eyes on her chocolate brown ones. He could see red patches appear on her cheeks in embarrassment.

He didn’t know why he did what he did next, but he did. He brought his face down to hers. Brandi could feel his warm breath against her face. She breathed in his scent. It smelt like something she had never smelt before. But whatever it was, she was sure to remember it for forever. He brought his lips down on hers and kissed her gently. She returned the kiss by deepening it. She ran her fingers through his silky soft, platinum hair. The kiss lasted moments before Draco realized what he was doing and backed his head away and placed her on the floor.

Brandi looked down in embarrassment. Why had he done it? And most importantly………… Why had he stopped?


What did you think of this chappie? Sorry if I spent most of the time typing Brandi making lemonade……… but oh well, now you all know how to make lemonade. Heh. Again, I would like to thank my reviewers. This story might not turn out the way ya’ll might expect, but that’s the good thing about being a reader. SURPRISES! PLEASE REVIEW!

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The Hardest Thing: Unexpected Happenings


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