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The Hardest Thing by LadyMalfoy
Chapter 2 : The U.S.A.
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A/N: Well, here’s the second chapter. Hope you enjoy! San Antonio is a real place and most these are real people, except for the HP characters. PLEASE REVIEW!!

Disclaimer: I own everything! Just kidding! He heeeee…. All the HP characters belong to Mrs. Rowling.

Shout Outs to:

AddisonRae: Thanks for reviewing! No it's not going to be a small town. I already have 12 chapters of this story down and I'm just going to be putting 1 up everyday!

LilyEvns: No small towns, sorry. Thanks for the review, though.

Gin: No slash! I absolutly hate the stuff. But thanks for reviewing!

On with the story:

The U.S.A.

“Don’t get too close to me Granger, I don’t know what you’re capable of having.” Draco sneered looking at Hermione maliciously.

“Shut your mouth Malfoy before we make you.” Harry said threateningly.

“I’m sure you would like that, Potter. You and your lover, Weasley, over here, I’m sure would love to have your hands all over body.”


Malfoy quieted down. He wanted to protest, but then again, there were three of them and only one of him. He sat quietly the whole trip to King’s Cross as the trio played Exploding Snap.

After a few hours, the train stopped. Each group got into separate cars that would transport them to the airport. The groups got on separate planes. Some before others. Many of the students were amazed by the airplanes (“They look like giant birds!”)

The Texas group boarded their plane and took their seats. Ron was shouting out how bizarre everything was and Hermione had to slap him across the head to be quiet. He then started to whisper instead making Hermione roll her eyes.

“So this muggle family, do you think they have kids?” Ron asked.

“Ron, don’t say ‘kid’. A kid is a baby goat.” Hermione said knowingly.

Ron scowled. “Well, as I was saying before I was rudely interrupted.” he glared at Hermione, “Do you think they have children?”

“Well of course they have children, Weasley.” Draco said “Why else would we have to go to school with them?”

“Here we go again…” Harry muttered.

“Who asked you to speak, Malfoy?” Ron asked.

“Since when do I have to have permission from a no brain weasel that can hardly afford a toothpick to talk?” Malfoy asked smirking.

“Will you BOTH shut up?!” Hermione shouted making everyone in the row jump from surprise. Everyone turned to look at Hermione.

Hermione blushed and sunk lower into her seat. “I think we should get some rest, we have had a long day.”

“Whatever.” Ron muttered.

Pretty soon they fell asleep, all except Draco.

He sat awake watching the misty gray clouds through the window. He wandered how these freaks could get excited over living with muggles. Weasley, he could understand. He’d be excited about getting a handkerchief! But Granger was a mudblood and Potter lived with muggles. What was the big deal?

His eyes started to get heavy after a while so he snuggled his head into the pillow of his seat and fell into a peaceful sleep.


They were awoken hours later by a female voice over the intercom. “We will be arriving in San Antonio shortly.” said the voice.

“Finally.” Ron muttered.

“For real.” yawned Harry.

“I’m hungry.” Ron said rubbing his stomach.

“You’re always hungry.” Hermione said rolling her eyes.

“Yeah, well I haven’t eaten since breakfast.”

“Can you wait until we get there? We’re almost there.” Harry said.

Ron grumbled something and started to glare at Malfoy for no particular reason.

The female voice soon returned. “We have arrived in San Antonio and will be arriving at the airport shortly. Please buckle all seatbelts and prepare to land.”

“AHHH! WE have to LAND the PLANE?!” Ron bellowed worriedly.

“Of course not Ron, calm down.” Hermione said trying to stifle a giggle.

All of a sudden, they heard a loud grumbling sound. They quickly buckled their belts as the plane started to land. They each felt a bit bumpy.

The plane soon landed and they each got off. They soon realized that they had forgot to change clothes on the plane and were still in their Hogwarts robes. They started to receive odd looks from people.

Hermione just chose to ignore them. She didn’t care what people thought of them. But soon another problem popped into her head. How were they going to get to the home?

She turned to look at the lot. She noticed Harry looked a bit uncomfortable. He apparently had thought of this just now.

“Does anyone know how we are suppose to get to the muggle house?” he asked.

They shook their heads no. Harry was confused. Surely Dumbledore would have thought of this?

“Okay this is bad.”

“No kidding Scarhead.” Draco drawled.

Hermione heaved in a deep breath. What were they going to do?


I know this chapter was short! I’m totally sorry! The next one will probably be a bit longer. I’d like to thank all of my reviewers! I love ya’ll so much! But not in that kind of way, just if you were wondering. Please REVIEW and I’ll have up the next chapter soon. My goal is to get 20 reviews. PLEASE RATE AND REVIEW!!

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The Hardest Thing: The U.S.A.


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