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Change of Identity by hannierika
Chapter 2 : transfering
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Chapter Written by Hannie~

"What the hell! Karkaroff's gone?" sixteen-year-old Rica Dolohov shouted, as she stamped her foot on the ground, her wand emitting green sparks. She had an official looking letter in her trembling hand and had been calmly practicing her hexing skills on a poor house-elf in the living room in front of the fire before her brown eagle owl delivered her letter from her wizarding school, Durmstrang.

She threw down her wand in disgust and dismissed the poor house-elf away. She sighed loudly and flopped down on a large arm chair near the fire.

"Could you keep it down? I was trying to make the newly discovered Death Potion that father had sent, but from your loud racket, it spilled all over me!" Hannie Dolohov, Rica's twin sister, said angrily as she came into the room, her robes had a shiny silvery substance splashed all over. She was also holding a letter that was unopened in her hand.

Rica gave her a wary look at the mention of their father and calmed herself down.

"Read the letter," Rica said glumly. Her pretty, long dark brown hair was swept up into a quick ponytail and her large, dark brown eyes were troubled.

Hannie, having long, dark brown hair also, was instead not in a ponytail, but down, cascading down her back. She had dark brown eyes too, but they weren't as beautiful as Rica's. She had slightly smaller eyes, but had the same brightness in them. They were both part veela, considering that their mother was half, meaning that they were very pretty. Both having their own beauty trait, Rica, her eyes, Hannie had a pretty smile that was sweet and loving.

Hannie skimmed the letter quickly, her eyes darting around the letter. She looked up, her face angry.

"You know why he's not going to be there, right?" Hannie fumed, as she sat down next to her sister.

"Yeah, because he ran away from the Dark Lord when the mark burned," Rica said disgustedly.

"Where are we going to go, then?" Hannie asked her sister thoughtfully.

As if on cue, a brown eagle owl flew into the window and dropped two official looking letters, bearing the Hogwarts crest, onto the coffee table before taking flight.

"No. No, no, no! I'm not going to that damn school!" Rica yelled.

[[eeeee. i gotta go but i'll finish this later!]]
love~ Hannie!

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