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Revelations by Bellamybabe
Chapter 2 : Dumbledore's Plan
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Chapter One: Dumbledore’s Plan

Eight years. It has been eight long arduous years without a single sighting or word. Sirius was sitting in the basement kitchen of twelve Grimmauld Place twirling the near empty bottle of Butterbeer within his fingers. He was gradually peeling of the label and thinking to himself; thinking about the shocking news that Lord Voldemort had in fact returned to life and power. He shuddered at the memory from three years ago…

They were having a meeting when Severus burst into the room panting for breath. He was pale and looked like he hadn’t eaten in the two weeks he was missing. Dumbledore stood up and helped the black greasy haired man with hard black eyes to a chair. He sat down and accepted the plate of roast lamb, vegetables, roast potatoes and gravy. He dug into it, ignoring the questioning stares he was receiving from his fellow members.

“What happened, Severus?” Albus asked slowly and almost fearfully. Severus looked terribly thin and worn. He looked paler than before and his onyx eyes were trying and failing to hide the fear. Slowly Severus drank from the goblet and placed his knife and fork down. He looked at his hands folded upon his lap before he looked up at Albus, who in turn leaned back as if suddenly knowing.

“What?” Sirius spat.

“He has returned!” Severus barely whispered. The silence was deafening. Everyone was looking wide eyed at Severus as the information processed itself into their brains. “He-who-must-not-be-named has returned powerfully.”

“How was it possible Severus?” Remus asked calmly despite the panic filled atmosphere that was likely to burst anytime soon.

“He used three things…” Severus said remembering that night. He shuddered at it as he watched Wormtail and the cauldron. “Wormtail used bone of his father, flesh of a servant, Wormtail cut of his own hand for that, and… blood of an enemy, forcefully taken.”

“Blood of an enemy? Who was it?” Molly asked.

“Last month Lucius and a few others went to America…. New York in fact. They came back with a vial and looked pleased about something… who they used I am sketchy about.” Severus replied looking at his goblet with a stare that could melt it.

“Harry was in New York last month…. Sighted anyway.” Albus muttered.

“And you didn’t inform me? Albus what did I tell you… tell me of anything, no matter how small….”

“I didn’t tell you because the sighting was… hazy.” Albus replied slowly. “But I fear the worst… if Harry’s blood was used, what has happened to Harry? Where is he? … also… if Harry is still alive and his blood is in Voldemort… the protection his mother placed upon him, the very protection that almost killed Voldemort all that time ago… is now rendered useless….”

The Order meeting had begun. Sirius was twirling another bottle, barely listening to Albus as he talked of finding Harry. For three years groups have been leaving to various States in America looking for him, all coming back with even less than they had before. They only thing they did find out was that a boy approximately aged thirteen, with unruly raven hair, emerald eyes and a peculiar scar entered the hospital around the time of Voldemort’s return with terrible injuries.

The boy had cuts covering his arms, legs, torso and neck. He was covered in bruises, had several fractures in his skull and various parts of his body, he shook uncontrollably at unpredictable times and was in a deep coma for several weeks. His name was unknown and he left with his friends, saying that his family would pick him up at the bus station. The doctors were not happy but they must abide by the patients wishes and his was to be left alone.

Albus was talking, humming in Sirius ears when a great flash of red and gold appeared over the table. A thick folder landed with a flapped thud upon the table, causing some contents to spread over the table. A single feather floated down on top before Fawkes himself appeared on the back of Albus’ chair. A note was written onto the folder….

My friend, the contents should be of use for you, I hope you find everything you need and that your paths join peacefully. If ever you should need my help do not hesitate to floo. Mr. Frank Mapleton is very trustworthy and a wizard, it is him you should really thank… good luck.

Everyone leaned over and looked at the pictures before them. Severus frowned before picking on up and shaking it curiously. “Why isn’t it moving?” he muttered before looking up at them hoping it wasn’t just him.

“Because, Severus, they are muggle pictures.” Remus replied with a smile. Everyone looked at the picture Severus left on the table. The subject was a person, who looked no older than sixteen. He had unruly black hair, which stuck up in all directions. He had a lightening bolt shaped scar hidden under a fringe and had a pair of designer glasses upon his nose. He had a back pack slung over one shoulder and was wearing a loose black t-shirt and baggy blue jeans.

“What is that?” Severus said squinting at the picture, pointing at something clasped within the boys index and middle fingers of his left hand.

“A cigarette Severus. Harry apparently smokes.”


“Yes, it is said to help relieve stress. It cause many different cancers and is addictive.”

“Then why smoke it in the first place?”

“That’s what is curious.” Remus replied his mind wondering to the many possibilities that could lead James and Lily’s son to smoking. They flicked through the large array of pictures from his playing basketball, which Remus had to explain, to Harry drinking with some friends. Sirius looked at the picture with sorrow filled eyes. He wanted to help Harry now more than ever.

“Frank Appleton owns a retail market in San Francisco.” Albus said and everyone’s eyes turned to him. He was looking at a file within the folder. “His wife is a muggle, and always wanted one. But with a touch of magic he made it so Wizards can work and shop there unnoticed. Very much like platform nine and three quarters.

“One year ago a man, a very plump man brought in a rather thin boy of fifteen with round glasses and asked for an application form. The applicant was a Harry James Potter, which leads me to guess that the man was Vernon Dursley, his uncle.”

“Really? How wonderful!” Sirius said, his tone dripping with sarcasm. “Can you please get to the point?”

“Harry has been working there for the past year.” Albus said as if he wasn’t interrupted and ignored the heavy growl of frustration from Sirius. “He moved out from his uncle and aunt’s house six months ago. He lives in an apartment. Frank says that he knew who he was and has been keeping an eye on him since he first appeared. He says a lot. But mainly he is afraid as he, Harry, has become distant and suffers from sever headaches. He never acted on it until recently…. Because he thought it was hangovers from his late night outs but after seeing an episode he grew concerned… Harry turned down his offer of a room in his house.”

“So are we going?” Sirius said standing up.

“We have to formulate a plan, Sirius. Sit!”

“Hurry up!”

“I suggest that three adults go and observe Harry for a while until you know his character, his ways and who he really is, but observation isn’t enough. Frank has said that he will help in anyway possible… I suggest you bring one of my most trustworthy students with you, who is sixteen, she will take a job up there, train with Harry and hopefully form a friendship and help get inside information on his life… find out what he is like because we can not just waltz in and tell him he is a wizard… he has to gain her trust.”

“Who have picked?” Remus asked.

“Miss Hermione Granger, terribly smart and she is muggleborn, therefore she won’t come across as suspicious.” Albus said. Her name just popped into her head. She wouldn’t disappoint. He smiled at her intelligence and dedication.

“And the accompanying adults will be?”


A/N: Well, did you like? Didja, didja.... review please... i love reviews.... H/Hr moment coming up in the four chapter... if you wanna see it, review.... hahahaha. Bb

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Revelations: Dumbledore's Plan


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