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Revelations by Bellamybabe
Chapter 1 : Prologue
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Sirius was riding his motorbike through the clouds; the wind whipping back his shaggy black hair. He was fearful, forcing his bike to go faster. He had just been to Pettigrew’s place to check up on him… he was gone! The place was empty and looked like there was no sign of struggle, even after casting a charm removing spell.

His breath caught in his throat as he lowered to the recognizable street. Smoke was rising from a section of the village; he knew was Godric’s Hollow. ‘Please let it be that that oaf put too much on the fire!’ Sirius begged silently as he slowly his bike. He almost fell of from overwhelming shock. The house, the warm, loving house that belonged to his best mate and his charming wife and child, was destroyed. It was all rubble.

He landed the bike down and ran to the house. He jumped the small white picket fence and came to a stop where the front door frame stood before. He ran to the rubble. He wanted to scream obscenities and cry but was too shocked to. He couldn’t believe that Peter Pettigrew, their supposed friend was a traitor, the traitor.

“James!” Sirius called fearfully, his voice broke as he looked over, not daring to move forward any further in case of crushing them. “Lily! Are you alright?” he called.

“Sirius, over here!” a familiar voice called from where the back of the house laid out over the back garden. He went around the edges. He looked around hoping to see James and Lily slowly standing up cursing and dusting themselves of holding their son and kissing him affectionately.

He appeared around the back and fell to his knees. He cried into his hands openly, all forms of dignity falling away. Before him was Albus Dumbledore, Minerva McGonagall (who was crying) and Remus Lupin who was kneeling before two bodies, draped in white blankets. He was pale and had a look of lost.

Sirius remained crying into his hands for so long, but the sound of a baby crying forced him to sit up straight curiously. Albus was holding a bundle, a little arm was out. Sirius stood up and rushed over.

He smiled wildly at the familiar emerald eyes and short black hair (that was surprisingly already messy) of Harry James Potter, only son to James and Lily Potter. He held out his arms, accepting the bundle. He held Harry protectively close and kissed his forehead. “Sssh, it’s ok, you are safe now!” Sirius whispered softly, the small child had stopped crying and was sucking on his knuckles. Sirius noticed the lightening bolt shaped scar upon the boy’s head. He looked questionably at Albus who was watching Sirius suspicious.


“I never, you know I would die before I allow anything to hurt James and Lily.” Sirius said, new tears falling, ‘they can’t be dead, they just can’t be!’ “He was like my brother; they were my proper family….”

“Then how did this happen Sirius?” Remus asked standing up and taking Harry from Sirius.

“We changed the secret keeper, a couple of days ago.” Sirius mumbled shamefully looking at Albus, straight in the eyes, allowing him full access to his mind. “I thought that we would call Voldemort’s bluff. We changed to Peter Pettigrew. I went to go and check upon him there… he wasn’t there. There was no sign of a struggle. You have to believe me Albus. I would never endanger them, you know that.”

Albus nodded and Remus cried even more. “Peter?” Sirius nodded. “He really is a rat.”

“Excuse me?” Minerva said through her tears.

“Later Minerva, we have to discuss Harry. He is tired and has had a trying night. I will call an Order meeting.”

“He can stay with me Albus. I promise them that if anything happened, I would look after him. I will not go back on my word.” Sirius said fiercely.

“Did Peter ever hear of this… promise?” Albus said simply.

Sirius remained silent.

“We can not endanger Harry like that. I am leaving him with Lily’s sister Petunia and her husband.”

“Oh, that’ll keep him safe… leave him with his muggle relatives.” Sirius replied sarcastically.

“Everything will be explained at the meeting. Minerva will you take Harry and accompany me to their house.”

He said simply. She nodded glumly and took Harry from the shocked Remus. “Sirius, Remus, I want you both at my office in twenty minutes… we will discuss Peter then… do not go after him!” Albus said mostly to Sirius.

**** At the Order Meeting****

Sirius arrived via portkey with Remus. They sat down and remained silent, for neither was able to comprehend that their friends for so many years were gone. Remus’ bottom lip trembled as a new wave of tears fell down his cheeks. Sirius patted his arm comfortingly as more tears dripped down his cheeks also. The door opened behind them.

“You!” Sirius snarled as Severus Snape entered the room in a hurry. He was gasping for breath. “I bet you knew about this!” He advanced upon the greasy man. Severus took a step back and looked confidently back.

“No!” Severus said firmly. “I didn’t know until tonight. When Peter Pettigrew entered chanting that he knew where to find the Potters. I went as soon as possible to warn them, I might Albus there…”

“Have you heard from your ‘master’?” Sirius asked coldly, still staring at the man.

“Do you not know?” Severus whispered. “He is gone… Harry… some how… destroyed him, the scar on his forehead is a relic of the killing curse!”

“What?” Remus and Sirius exclaimed together, shock. Albus appeared suddenly followed by Minerva who looked annoyed about something. Alastor Moody was there also, as were some unfamiliar faces and familiar faces.

“Let us being this meeting…” Albus said conjuring a long table wit matching comfortable chairs. They sat down and looked up curiously. “Tonight, we were met with some terrible news and some wonderful news.” He took a few minutes silence. “Tonight, we lost two wonderful people. James and Lily Potter unfortunately met their downfall tonight by the hands of Lord Voldemort. They died defending Harry, they died for each other. Voldemort placed his wand upon Harry… the killing curse rebounded back onto Voldemort.”

“So, it is true. Voldemort is dead.” Molly Weasley asked; she was recently appointed with her husband Arthur.

“Yes and no. Remember that he was frighteningly powerful. He is gone… for know. I can say that we can relax, but for how long, I can not say. Remember that he took major efforts to become immortal, do not forget these. That is all, goodnight. Sirius, Remus remain back please. Oh, do not repeat the information please.”

“Yes Albus?”

“Harry is with his Aunt and Uncle.” Albus said. “And he will remain so, until he starts school, then you can solidify your guardianship.”

“Why should I wait?” Sirius snapped.

“Because there are still Death Eaters out there, undoubtedly looking for revenge. I placed a charm on the house. Lily saved him. She died for him, her love for him saved him and that is rare and powerful. It runs in his blood. I am strengthening it with a charm. Petunia, I am sure you have guessed, has the same blood to strengthen him. This is all precautionary. And, this way he can have a normal childhood away from the fame I am sure he is going to get for tonight.”

“Fine, but when he is eleven, wizard or not, I will become his guardian!” Sirius snapped.

“Oh, Sirius, please do not exact revenge. Severus is keeping an eye out for him. He will get his comeuppance, be patient.” Albus said calmly yet with a hint that he was very serious. “For Harry, remain clear headed and keep revenge hidden until the right moment.”

Sirius nodded and left shortly followed by Remus. Tonight was a long night and the years ahead will be slow and undoubtedly boring and depressing. James and Lily were gone; there was nothing anyone can do to bring them back.

**** Eight Years Later****

“What?” Sirius snapped.

“We do not know were the Dursley’s are!” Albus repeated again calmly. He was leaning back and had his fingers steeped before him. “I had Kingsley talk to the neighbours, apparently they have moved to America. They have obviously forgot to inform me… but have no fears I will speak to a contact in the American Ministry of Magic, I am sure he will have his people look at for Mr. Potter. I will have Kingsley and a few others look around England, in case.”

“You contact me the second anything comes up. I do not care how insignificant it appears…”

“I will contact you the second I know, via floo or Fawkes.” Albus said smiling. “Do not fear, the charm works…”

“But you are not there to enforce it.” Sirius said before disappearing in the fireplace.


A/N: Well, what did you think? DId you enjoy? Please Review, chapter one is up soon... fanks... Bb.

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