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The Beginning by Hedwig
Chapter 1 : The Beginning
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Disclaimer: I of course…don’t own any of J.K. Rowling’s brilliant characters or the clever universe she created for them. I simply borrowed them for a while.

Summary: Ever wonder the real reason behind Amos Diggory’s seeming dislike of Harry Potter? Travel back in time to…The Beginning. A Lily/James fanfiction.

The Beginning

By Rebecca

Chapter 1: Can’t wait

Lily Evans could not wait to get out of her house. Orphaned just last winter from her parents who were the only sources of love and affection in her normal life, she’d spent the last 3 months enduring the wrath of her cruel sister, Petunia and Petunia’s fiancée Vernon. Why couldn’t she have been allowed to spend the summer holidays with her friends at school? Or with some distant unknown relative who would have given her money every weekend to get her out of the house?

But no, Lily was still 17, forced to live under the same roof with a woman who loathed her, ridiculed her...thought her a freak. She’d been hidden, concealed, practically locked up and kept from entertaining guests or making contact with her friends. What in the world did Petunia think she was going to do? Blow the bloody buggers up?

Well…actually, yes that was exactly what Petunia feared. You see, Petunia didn’t always hate her sister. When they were really young, they were the best of friends. It all started on Lily’s 11th birthday, the year she got the letter…the letter accepting her to a school no normal boy or girl would ever heard of…the year Lily found out she was a witch.

* * *

"Lily! I told you! Keep your bloody furry friends away from the house!"

Lily set down her scarves and robes with a sigh and hurried downstairs. Trying desperately not to laugh as Petunia stood shaking atop the kitchen stool, feather duster in her hand as a beautiful barn owl fluttered around her, Lily came to the rescue and offered him her arm which he perched upon right away, happy to at last have found his destination. "It’s not as if I can help it, Petunia," she said, plucking a piece of parchment from the owl’s mouth, "Owls don’t understand the boundaries between-"

"Oh don’t try to educate me about your…your…abnormal friends. Vernon will be here soon and you know he hates those bloody birds!"

Lilly rolled her eyes as she reached for the counter, snitching a few scraps of bread from the cutting board while Petunia wasn’t looking, "Sorry old boy," she whispered as the owl nipped it from her fingers, "that’s all I have right now." The owl cocked his head, staring at her with understanding eyes and flew out the window he came. Lily tucked the letter in her pocket and took a deep breath.

"Petunia," she began.

"What?" her sister snapped.

"I assume you’ll want to leave early tomorrow."

"Leave for where?" she asked, absently smoothing out her hideous brownish-purple skirt, as she climbed down from her stool.

"I’m going back to school tomorrow."

Petunia’s head shot up with a glare at the mention of Lily’s school. Lily had learned this summer never to even say its name, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Petunia’s head was liable to explode with fury. "yes…" she said slowly, her black beady eyes boring into Lily’s, "very early."

"Excellent!" Lily said cheerfully, un-phased by her sister’s reaction—after all, she was used to it…all the more reason to be excited. She was headed into her 7th and final year of Hogwarts…and she would never be coming back.

You see, Lily was engaged to be married at the end of the school year. Petunia didn’t know…she wouldn’t come anyway. She would marry right after graduation…a little young of course, but he was worth it…and she would never return to her puny muggle (non magic folk) town of Erroll. In fact, the note she’d received from the owl was probably from her brilliant and handsome intended. As she headed back to her trunk to finish packing spare cauldrons, ink, quills, parchment and her eagle feather redwood 11 inch wand, Lily sighed happily as she thought of the day she would cease being Lily Evans…and become Lily Evans Diggory!

* * *

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The Beginning: The Beginning


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