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Harry Potter and the Army of Decendants by Iced_Cherriez
Chapter 50 : Chapter 50 - No Turning Back
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Harry Potter and the Army of Decendants

Chapter 50 - No Turning Back

OMG... I am really really sorry!!!!!!!!!! I would have updated sooner! but I got sitract with school and stuff.. and finally i finished it!! The chapter! the one and only LAST chapter!!! i cant beleive 50 chapters later and almost 1000 reviews... i ahven finally finished! i think i'm going to cry! hehe nah... well that is the good news.. the bad news is, i am not going to write a sequel. well not yet that is, I am soon going to write another L/J story and one of my own hehe.. so jsut be waiting for them. Also after I have read HBP there will probably be a sequel to that one too. thanx for all your help everyone! I lvoe you!!! :D

Lotsa love Iced_Cherriez


“Tonks! Remus!” Harry shouted as they entered the huge cave. (A/N It should have been cave, not cage, in the last chapter)

They were hanging in a metal cage, above them, looking as if they were asleep.

“Harry? Is that you?” Remus asked faintly as he opened his eyes a portion.

“Remus! It’s me! We have to get out of here! Now! Voldemort - He said-” But Harry was cut off.

“It’s a trap Harry! You have to leave!” Tonks shouted and her voice echoed.

“I’m not leaving you!” He shouted, small tears forming in his eyes. “Not now, not ever!” He turned to face the others.

“Everyone! I need you to go get the order, tell them to come here.” He lectured the group

“But Harry! We want to fight!” Ginny complained and shook her head.

“No Ginny, there will be no fight! I just need to order to find out where we are and help with Remus and Tonks. Please go!” He ordered and even without his powers working he looked menacing and angry.

The others cringed and nodded slowly. Harry pulled out his wand and picked up a rock off the ground.

Portus” He whispered. The rock shone blue and he handed it to the others. “Everyone, touch it, now” Harry watched as everyone placed a finger on the rock.

As they all did and the countdown began, Harry smiled secretly to himself, grateful that they were safe. If there was a fight, the members of the order would see that they didn’t come back, so nothing would happen to them.

Even though Harry hid his smile, there was still one person who saw it. This person took their hand away from the rock at the last minute, watching Harry turn away.

Harry turned from the others as he saw them disappear and started for the centre. He looked up to see Tonks and Remus watching him... or were they watching someone else.

Crunch. The rocks on the floor of the cave grounded with the dirt behind him. He spun around, to be face to face with... Neville Longbottom.

“Neville- I thought you went back with the others... Its not safe here and-”

There was a pop from near the cage hanging in the middle. Both boys spun around- to face the most feared wizard of this century. Lord Voldemort.

“Harry Potter... How lucky I must be... to be here with you... It’s been so many years since that night, the night your parents passed.” Harry cringed and walked out into the little light that surrounded the cave.

“Harry! I said it was a trap! You have to get out of here!” Tonks screamed.

“Enough! Be quiet blood traitor!” This was enough to make her silent. “I will deal with you later, after I have been given the chance to succeed with this.” He motioned to Harry. “Harry for so many years I have seeked the death of you... But so many times, I must confess, I have failed. This will not happen tonight!”

“Harry, this is my year! The year I shall rein. Harry Potter, be ready to die!” Voldemort called out in his devil like voice.

Harry turned back to Neville. “Go Neville! Hide!” He yelled.

“Who’s this? Someone else? Who are you, boy!?” The Dark Lord shouted, glaring through his red eyes at the two boys standing at the opposite side of the cave to him. Neville whimpered, but stayed quiet.

“I demand you tell me who you are!” He screamed. Harry looked back at the whimpering boy and felt sad for him.

“He’s just... You don’t have to worry... He’s no one-” But he was cut off.

“I’m not no-one. I’m Neville Longbottom.” The once embarrassed boy voiced as he stepped forward. In the few seconds they had been facing the Dark Lord, Neville seemed to have skipped from a very held back to boy, to someone with utter most confidence.

Voldemort smiled. He knew who Neville was. He could have been the boy the prophecy was talking about.

“It seems I am even luckier. I shall not be defeated tonight! Or ever again! You shall both die tonight!” He howled.

Avada Kedauvra!

It seemed like eternity for the spell to reach the other side, and all Harry Potter could do, was watch in horror as the jet of green light sped straight for one of his best friends.

“Neville!” But it was too late. Neville Longbottom was dead before he hit the floor. “NO! Neville!” Harry rushed over to see if the boy could still be alive. It was not possible though.

Crucio!” Harry heard from behind him, he jumped to the ground, feeling the spell rush rapidly over his messy hair. He watched Neville’s body sadly as he turned to meet his fate.


“What do you mean we can’t come!?” Ron howled over the racket in the living room at number 12.

The four children, minus Neville, had arrived only minutes before, some blood and beaten. They told the order about what had happened, in the quickest way possible and demanded that they helped Harry.

“It’s out of the question Ronald!” Mrs Weasley shouted at him. She glared at the others and most of the wished they hadn’t been born. “What were you thinking, following him!”

“What!? Following Harry?” Ginny asked, confused and unsure of what her mother had meant.

“Yes, exactly. What were you thinking!?” She yelled.

“Mum! We followed him at our own free will. We wanted to help! This is not just about him you know!” Ron yelled.

“Of course it’s not about him. I do not know why he is so court up in destroying You-Know-Who! It’s putting all of you at danger!” Small beads of sweat were forming on her temples, and no one dared argue, except her own son.

“Harry is the only one who can beat Voldemort...” Ron said quietly, not looking up from the ground. Mrs Weasley didn’t say anything, which caused Ron to raise his head in fear.

He looked to see her eyes start to fill with tears as guilt ran through her body.

“That is enough.” Dumbledore said calmly. “You four are not to follow, it’s too dangerous. That is final!” Luna, Hermione, Ginny and Ron’s faces fell at these words. They had been counting on Dumbledore.

“We must go! Harry needs our help. So, I think, does Neville Longbottom.” The others looked around, only noticing for the first time that Neville was not among them.

The order grabbed the small rock, which would take them back to the cave. It was a tight fit, but it seemed that all of their fingers could fit at some point on the rock. And with that, everyone except the four students, disappeared in a dull blue light.

They were all silent.


The order arrived in the cave, to see Harry and Voldemort duelling as fast as they could. The spells kept missing, which showed how good a duellers they were.

Stupefy!” Harry yelled, as he got up from the ground. He had just dodged a very deadly looking purple spell, which had scraped his shoulder. Harry gritted his teeth as he watched Voldemort smirk.

Voldemort simply stepped out of the way, almost laughing at Harry’s feeble attempt, even though he was not doing to well himself.

He flicked his was in a very complicated way, showing his brilliance in magic. His lips moved slowly, as if hissing a spell.

The order members watched in fear at what he was going to do next. Even the semi conscious Tonks and Remus watched through half closed eyes.

The blood red colour spell burst out from his wand at many different angles, pushing everyone back into the walls. A large spurt of light continued out to reach Harry, who had managed to pull himself from the ground just in time.

Protego!” And the spell was simply absorbed into a net of orange light, before disappearing into nothing. Harry sighed in relief and tried another spell.

The tickling charm, which Harry had no idea why he had used, hit the Dark Lord squarely in the chest. He bit his lip trying to hold back the temptations of a horrid laugh, before simply taking the spell off of him.

Harry grunted and tried again, this time it was the freezing charm. “Gelo Glacio!” He yelled. Everyone watched as the stream of light hit Voldemort yet again, who had just recovered from the last attack.

His whole body froze over. He was unable to move. Harry’s eyes widened at what he had done and he carefully starting to walk over to the now frozen dark wizard.

“Harry! Don’t move!” Remus yelled from above. Harry stopped to look up. Lupin was holding to the bars and trying his hardest to break them.

He felt a wave of guilt wash over him as he remembered what he was thinking before in Hogsmeade. He had not deserted him. He would have been there of it wasn't for Voldemort. Then Harry looked more closely. Tonks had her arms rapped around his middle, terrified of what may happen. It looked like they had just forgotten what had happened between them for this brief moment in time, and come together.

Harry smiled and looked back down again, but this time Voldemort wasn’t frozen.

Crucio!” Voldemort shouted, hitting Harry in the side. Harry blinked slowly, trying to take in everything that had just happened.

Voldemort had been frozen.

Then he, Harry had looked up at Lupin’s words.

Now he wasn't frozen.

And Harry had been hit with the Cruciatus curse.

Why wasn't anything happening?

Voldemort was staring strangely at him, wand still pointed at the boy’s body. Though the spell had had no effect.

He lowered his wand and glared at him, before-

Expelliarmus!” He yelled, and Harry felt his wand fly out of his hand. There was a small bit of a delayed reaction, before Harry was thrown against the wall.

“Arrrghhh...” Harry whispered as he felt the hard cave wall against his back. His eyes threatened to close as he fell to the ground in a heap. He was so tired. He just wanted it to end.

Then Harry noticed someone. Lying next to him was Neville’s body. It was still. Very still. There was no rising of his chest, and no flick in his fingers. Even his hair was unnaturally still.

Harry closed his eyes and remembered how brave Neville had been. He had performed a real Patronus. It had been a lion. A noble creature. Very brave. Harry felt so proud of him, and suddenly he felt he had more power.

Harry Potter lifted himself off the ground, no wand in hand, only the shear proudness of Neville Longbottom.

Abruptly there were pops everywhere, as death eaters started to appear. Harry could hear the members of the order start to through spells around him. However he did not focus on these. The only thing he focused on was the evil glare in his enemies red eyes.

Voldemort laughed and there were deep cackles coming from his chest. He watched Harry for a moment, before looking up at the cage.

“Harry, would you like to see something?” He asked over the noise that was going on around him.

Harry only stared. He didn't say a thing.

Voldemort looked up once again, this time pointing his wand at the cage.

“Harry, it’s either your life, of theirs. Your choice.” He said in an unnaturally calm voice.

Harry’s brows creased in worry, but still he did not answer.

The Dark Lord pointed his wand at Tonks, who no longer held onto Remus. Here eyes were half open, though she looked down on the wand in fear.

Voldemort didn't even say anything. A stream of different coloured light flew out of his wand and hit Tonks straight in the stomach.

“ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRGHHHHHHHHHHHH!” She screamed, clutching her bulging stomach. Everyone around them stopped to watch. Tears were steaming out of her eyes. He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named only chuckled and concentrated on the spell.

A soft “Oh” was heard from Tonks's mouth, before she passed out completely, arms still holding her stomach.

No one moved.

“When was the baby due?”

No one said anything at stared at the Dark Lord in horror.

“YOU! YOU KILLED OUR BABY! CURSE YOU!” Remus yelled out of the change, squeezing the bars, rattling them together. His eyes were filled with tears, as he shouted.

“Yes, that's right.” The calm voice said. Voldemort turned to place a spell on Lupin, but Harry beat him to it.

While everyone had been watching Tonks and Remus, Harry had had enough time to grab his wand off the ground.

Expelliarmus!” He yelled, catching Voldemort by surprise. The black wand of yew flew into his open hand. Harry looked at it carefully, then back at his enemy. This time there was no look of glee on the man’s fast. Only one of panic.

Harry took it into both hands hand squeezed his knuckles around it.


The wand’s pieces fell to the ground, a green stream of power falling out from it, and a single golden Phoenix feather.

Harry not only dropped Voldemort’s wand, but his own.

“This is going to be a fair fight!” Harry yelled over at him, not noticing that everyone in the cave was watching them, unmoving.

Meanwhile, Harry was trying to get his wandless magic to work. Trying his hardest to get any of his powers to work. But nothing was happening.

He scrunched his face and could feel sweat forming on his temples.

Voldemort was still starring in panic at his wand on the ground. His red eyes strangely human. Everyone watched and waited to see what the Dark Lord would do.

Suddenly Harry let out a huge scream.

Everyone turned to look at him before being thrown to the ground. The cave was shaking rapidly and rocks were flying from the roof. But were not falling onto the ground.

Everyone stared into the middle to see a huge hole appear. A crack in the rocks on the ground.

It had separated Harry from Voldemort, and both wands had rolled down to the centre of the earth.

Harry only watched his fall. Then he looked at Voldemort, wanting to do something, but instead he fell to his knees.

Dumbledore stepped forward. He had been there the whole time. He had watched everything happen. To of his best students had been in a fight, but neither had won. First he looked at Harry. His brows creased in worry. Then he looked at Tom, who still hadn’t moved. Tom was starring into the hole.

“Tom... You will never win. Harry is too powerful. Why not just give up?” He asked in his usual calm voice.

Voldemort hissed like a snake and stared venomously at Harry, returning to his old self.

“I will get you next time, Potter!” He yelled. He looked over at his death eaters. Some were on his side of the crack and some on the other. Most of them were captured or unconscious. He laughed. Watching them suffer. He didn't need them anymore. He was going to do it himself. He was powerful enough.

He clicked his long bony fingers, before he Disapparated in a shimmer of green light.

This was the last thing that Harry Potter saw, before he closed his eyes completely and fell to the ground.


A week Later -

Harry wandered into the room in which Mrs Longbottom, Neville’s Grandmother was mourning. Neville’s death had hit her hard. First her son and now Neville. They were both young, too young and now she had no one.

Harry watched her for a moment. She was holding onto Trevor, Neville’s pet toad for dear life. He then decided to make himself known.

“Mrs Longbottom...” He started, as she span around viciously, glaring at Harry with all her might. He wanted to continue, but she cut him off.

“Potter, listen to me. You stay away from Nymphadora! You hear me! I care a lot for my Great Niece. You are a danger to her, Potter, a danger to everyone.” Harry’s eyes widened suddenly in horror, but he understood. It was his fault Neville was dead, his fault that Tonks was in the room across the hall, not showing many signs of life.

“Potter, to tell you the truth, I think everything would be fine if you just left.” She said. Harry knew not to question this lady. She grew up in a time when children never spoke their minds, when children were never heard. If Harry was to talk now, her opinion of him would grow even more sour.

“Yes ma’am.” He said quietly as he left the room. He wandered to the small waiting room down the hallway and pulled out a small piece of parchment and a quill and ink. He had a feeling he would be needing these.

He scribbled down a small note to Tonks and folded it into an envelope.

Nymphadora Tonks was written in his neatest hand across the front.

He put his things away and entered Tonks’s room across the hallway, where Remus was sitting next to the bed. His eyes were red and sore and had bags under them. Harry quietly entered the room and set the letter on the bedside table, glancing quickly at Tonks still form. Her once beautifully kept long white hair was in mats and her face was a deadly pale colour.

He looked up at Remus who was watching him behind hurt eyes. He opened his mouth to say something, but was quite shocked at Remus’s behaviour.

“No, Harry. Just go, just leave.” As he said this, Remus was sure he saw something in Harry’s eyes that had not been there before. Yes there was regret, but there was something else.

Harry looked down at Tonks once more. He placed his hand on her pale forehead and his eyes glowed a faint white colour.

Good-bye’ He said in Remus’s head as he turned and walked out the room. At the same moment Harry’s footsteps died down, Tonks’s eyes sprung wide open. Remus jumped as he looked at her.

“Harry” She whispered as she looked to the door. She stole a glance at Remus, a worried glance, before falling back into unconsciousness.

Remus looked at her in wonder. Not knowing if Harry had said anything to her in her mind or not.

The last word Remus heard from Harry had been in his head. The significance of this was major. As Remus thought about it, he realised that what Harry had said could have been said out loud. Why had Harry chosen to use his powers? There had been a very flat tone to his good-bye, almost like it was forever.

At this Remus grabbed the letter from the bedside table and tore it open, not caring who is was addressed to.

“Harry!” He yelled as he sprinted down the hallway. But Harry had already gone.


As Harry left the room he rushed off down the hallway. He did not go and wait in the waiting room, he just kept running. Dark clouds littered the sky as Harry rushed out onto the street. He stole one last glance at the building before mounting Sirius’s old Motor bike.

He was glad when it had been given it, for he had felt free.

Harry was sure that during his last glance he looked up into the eyes of Remus Lupin, but this could have only been his mind playing tricks.

He kicked off the ground and tore down the road, into the distance, not daring to look back at the life he had just left.

The End.



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Harry Potter and the Army of Decendants: Chapter 50 - No Turning Back


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