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When Love and Death Embrace-The One Shot by i dOnT sTuDy x
Chapter 1 : When Love and Death Embrace-The One-Shot
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*Starting story memo*

Alright everyone. Her name is Melissa Potter. She has no relation to Harry Potter whatsoever...*sorta like when people have the same last name yet they're not related. Yea like that* Her height is 5' 6". She left her best friends behind in New Zealand. They moved to England this year, but no one knows the real reason why she came to England. *The real reason will be put in the story* She misses her friends a WHOLE lot and finds herself drifting in and out of reality. She's not a total girly-girl but most would classify her as mostly a tomboy. She is indeed a Natural and has a special power that no one knows about. One thing in the story about the parents, is that Lily and James were banished to the veil, not killed. HAVE FUN!!


'What did I do to deserve this? Why? How could he do that to me?' Melissa thought. She was sitting at her desk, reminiscing. She was staring at her pensive that her father gave her during her 6th year. She smiled at the memory. Sirius Black, her father, was rescued by Melissa and Harry. Not only did they save Sirius, but they saved Lily and James too. Her life had been going so well, but then he had to go and leave her. She felt the tears welling up as she thought about him. Slowly, she dipped her face into the pensive, reliving the night before she even knew of a place called The Burrow.

*An Unforgettable Night*

It was three o' clock in the morning. Melissa was sleeping soundly. Her bright blue eyes, hidden beneath her eyelids. Her auburn hair lay gently on her bed, curving and twisting down to her mid back. Melissa's slender figure lay curled up in her nice featherbed, thoughts wandering into nothingess. Suddenly, Karissa, Melissa's 5-year-old sister, comes bursting through her door, jumping straight on top of her.

"Melissa, please, oh please get up!" Karissa frantically whispered.

"What? What!" she asked, scanning her features. The look in her eyes told her something was incredibly wrong.

"Mom's DEAD!" she screamed.

"Kari, what are you talking about?!" she yelled back at her. Melissa knew this day was coming, she could see it in her dreams. Since she was a Natural, she could see the future in her dreams and had known that this day would come. She didn't think the day would come this qiuckly though, the dream only occurred the night before. As she frantically searched her memories, trying to remember the dream, a dark cloaked figure entered her room, along with about 4 others and a man with a cobra-like face, and blood-red eyes.

"Come Melissa," the cobra-like man hissed.

"Never! You'll never take me or my sister!" Melissa shouted at him. With this, he grabbed her little sister and and raised his wand to her heart, whispering those fatal words that made her slump to the ground...lifeless.

"You evil bastard! How could you do that to a child?!" she cried.

"Easy. It's like accidentally shooting off a loaded gun. I would think you would know. I mean, you do remember your brother Travis, don't you?" he snapped back.


It was a cold december morning. Her 14-year-old brother, Travis, was showing her into their father's gun cabinet. He had died when Travis was 10, 1 year after she was born and 10 years before Karissa was born.

"Travis, Mommy said not to go into Daddy's bad cabinet. There's bad things in there," Melissa whispered in her tiny voice.

"Shhh. Don't worry. As long as you don't tell mommy you were in here, we'll be fine," he soothed back.

"Okay Travis," she giggled back. He unlocked the cabinet and pulled out a .45 pistol and some shells.

"Here. Hold this," he told her. Melissa grabbed the gun, accidentally hitting the trigger. The bullet shot out with such speed, that she flew back and hit the wall. When she picked herself up, she saw Travis, lying on the floor with a hole entering his forehead. Melissa dropped the gun and rushed next to her brother, shaking him ferociously, trying desperately to wake him up.

"Please, oh please Travis! Oh my goodness! Travis please, please wake up! If this is a joke it's not funny!" she whimpered. Their mother came rushing in a moment later and scanned the gruesome site before her. She dropped on her knees, pushing Melissa away from the lifeless corpse, and holding the body close to her chest. She rocked back and forth, silent tears streaming down her face like a waterfall. Melissa cowered in a corner as her mother rose from her position and walked over to her. She picked Melissa up carefully and hugged her close.

"I'm so glad at least you're okay. I would have been much more upset if both of my babies had died instead of one," she whispered in her ear, as she burrowed her head deeper into the crook in her mother's neck.

*End Flashback*

She had lived with the guilt of killing her only brother since that day. Melissa's mother was never the same. When Melissa turned 8, she heard crying coming from her mother's room. When Melissa peeked in, she was crying out Travis's name, grabbing into the air. Then saying hateful things about her. She spat her name every time it came up in the dream. She would never forget that day. And poor Karissa would now finally meet Travis in a place she never expected her tiny, 5-year-old body to go so soon.

Melissa broke down inside, crying hysterically. Yet on the outside, all you could see was raging anger and fear in her eyes, and hate filled tears sliding down her cheeks. She never wanted this life. Never wanted to be a Natural, or have some special power as the prophecy said. (Yes, the prophecy describes her too. She thinks that it only describes her because she doesn't know who the other person is. She was also born on July 31, and both of her parents thrice defied Voldemort) Her family's death, and the death of many others was all Melissa's fault and she just couldn't take the guilt any longer.

"You know what, you evil son of a bitch! I'm sick and tired of dealing with your shit so you can just kill me now and then I won't have to live a life I hate any longer. I won't have to see or know about anymore deaths. GO SCREW YOURSELF!" she screamed at Voldemort.

"Fine. Goodbye, Melissa. AVANDA KEDA..." He never finished. Melissa had grabbed the necklace her father had left for her in his will and pushed the big B on the front side. When she felt the familiar tug from behind her navel, she knew this was the last she would ever see of her home again.

Melissa gently pulled her face from the bowl of swirling memories. That night had been burned into her brain forever. She was 26 now. She had become an auror after graduating from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. She had fufilled the prophecy with help from the forever infamous Harry Potter.

Yes, she had met Harry Potter soon after this fateful night. She had also met Hermione and the other Weasley's. But, when Melissa met Harry, she felt a connection. They bonded quickly, and eventually, dated. She felt so different in his arms, like she was, complete. Her hand fit so perfectly into his, her lips met so perfectly with his. They were soul mates.

Soon, they broke up from miniscule things. The first was from thinking they were cheating on each other, the second from becoming friends with Draco Malfoy. But, they found that they could not avoid each other and would naturally drift together. The night of the Graduation Ball, Harry proposed. They married on July 31, 2006. That was a birthday neither of them could ever forget. That night, Melissa got pregnant.

On March 18, 2007, Brandy Shane Potter was born. 2 years later, Sirius James Potter was born on June 18, 2009. They lived a fairly normal life. But the entire threat of another evil rising once again plagued everyone's minds. Lucious eventually took over Lord Voldemort's throne and began wreaking havoc in cities across the magical world. Melissa and Harry had gone to fight one last battle, finding out if good or evil would overtake the magical world. In the end, Bellatrix had killed Lucious in her own act of stupidity, and then was killed by Melissa.

Melissa and Harry then came up with a brilliant idea, in 2013. They researched a potion that would remove all evil reigns of power from history. The potion would wipe out everyone's memories of those reigns, except the people in the Order, excluding Snape. The history of the magical world would be altered. The Order kept their memories, so if anyone had the crazy idea of starting an evil reign of terror, they could nick them and wipe out their memories. The only problem, was the potion had a 20% chance of life for the spellholder.

Harry had decided he would perform the spell. Melissa pleaded with him night and day. She told him to think of his family, think of the children, think of her.

His simple reply was, "My children will not live in a world where it is not safe to walk the streets without an auror by their side. I don't want them to experience the childhood we had. I want them to have a real one. I am thinking of everyone when I make my decision."

Melissa then pleaded with him to perform the spell with him. She just wanted him to live. He refused and went on to perform the spell. Secretly that night, she performed it with him, hoping she could give him strength to live. In the end, he became a vegetable. He suffered for three months, until she visited him in the hospital and he asked his final request of her. Melissa dipped her face in the pensive, reliving that horrible night.

"I want you to pull the plug Mel," Harry said. They had been talking lightly and just holding each other like old times. Her head shot up and she looked at him surprised.

"What!? No. Harry, no!! You can't leave me!!" she practically screamed at him. Her eyes were watering and she felt as if he ripped her heart out.

"Mel. I can't live like this forever. I mean, I want to live, I really do. But, by the looks of it, I'm not getting any better, and never will," he told you, tears forming in the corner of his eyes.

"Harry, no!! Please!! Don't leave me!! Not yet!!! We'll find a potion. I'll make a potion!! Please don't do this Harry. Your parents need you. The kids need you. I need you!!" Melissa panicked. She couldn't live without him. Harry was her light, her fire. He can't die now!!

"Mel. I love you. I will never leave you. I need you to be strong. The kids need you to be strong. My family needs you to be strong. Please, do this for me. I don't want to live like this. I can't listen to my kids ask me if I'm ever going to be able to play outside with them or help them with homework, let alone get out of this god damn hospital!!" Harry yelled. Melissa winced and knew he was right. He couldn't live like this, and she couldn't watch him live like this.

"Promise me. Promise me you'll never leave me. One. Last. Time," she whispered, resting her head on his shoulder. Tears were rapidly flowing down her cheeks. They dripped off her nose and flowed into her mouth and fell onto Harry's white hospital gown.

"I promise. I'd go to the ends of the Earth for you. I'll be waiting for you in Heaven. Nothing will seperate us. And if you ever need me, just look here, and I'll be there," Harry told her, resting his hand on her heart. Melissa's tears flowed faster and she began sobbing, harder and harder until she couldn't breathe.

"Please don't c-cry. P-please d-don't cry-y," Harry stuttered, tearing himself. She could feel his chest breathing in violent heaving sobs but no noise came from his throat. She looked up at him, gazing into his tear-ridden, bloodshot emerald eyes.

"I love you, Harry," she whispered, leaning down to his mouth.

"I love you too, Mel" he murmured, sharing one last kiss with her. She pulled away, holding his hand tightly. He looked at her one last time.

"Goodbye," he whispered, closing his eyes with a content smile.

Melissa pulled the plug and watched as Harry's heart beat monitor hit 0 bpm. She felt him still holding her hand firmly, losing color slightly.

"Goodbye Harry," she murmured, kissing his warm lips. His smile widened a pinch and then he lost all color, his hand hanging loosly in hers. He was gone. Melissa cried for a bit, just wondering why she even listened. Soon enough, she gave Harry's cold, dead, hand one last squeeze and exited the hospital room, heading into the lobby.

Lily and James. Remus and Kalani. Konala and Trinity and their little boy Kai. Kiana, Kale, their little boy Kahoku, and their little girls Kaili and Kalia. Lilo, Haimi, and their twin little boy and girl Kane and Akela. Ginny, Draco, and their daughter Melissa. Hermione, Aidan, and their little girls Harmony and Brooke. Sirius, Melissa's father, and Melissa's children, Sirius and Brandy. All these people waited with Melissa for 3 months, hoping Harry would live. Now, he was gone.

When Sirius and Brandy spotted Mel, they ran over and hugged her tight. Mel's dad, Sirius, came over and looked at her oddly, noticing her bloodshot eyes and blotchy, tear-stained skin.

"Mommy. Why are you crying?" Brandy asked. Melissa gazed sadly at her daughter and then looked back at her dad.

"Dad. He's gone," she whispered, jumping up and hugging him.

Melissa pulled her face from the bowl quickly, gasping for air and crying. How could he leave her so soon?! How could he die when she needed him so much in her life?! She broke down again, crying all over her desk. She didn't even hear the door open and three sets of footsteps come inside. She felt a pair of arms wrap around her and thought it was Harry for a split second. She saw her father's face instead, and cried harder into her dad's chest. Melissa looked about the room and saw Lily whimpering into James shirt. Even Sirius and James had bloodshot eyes and blotchy, tear-stained faces.

"Time to go," Sirius mumbled, guiding you out of the room and to the car. Sirius and Brandy were already waiting inside, crying with each other. Mel sat in the front seat, holding her kids closely to her, crying with them. They finally arrived at the church and Mel never realized how many people cared for her and Harry.

She saw hundreds of people there. Among them, Pavarti Patil, Neville, Lavender, Seamus, Jack and Meghan *Willey*Addison, Tonks, Mad-eye, Snape, Minerva, Professor Sprout, Professor Harrington, Hagrid, Professor Weintraub, Professor Day and many others.

In the end, Melissa realized that many people thought she killed him on purpose. People called her a "murderer". When Melissa first found this out, she was walking over to Pavarti and her old posse, to say 'Thank You for coming', when Pavarti whipped around and pointed her finger at her. "Murderer," she whispered, glaring at Melissa, "Murderer!! You pulled the plug on purpose!! He would have lived!! YOU KILLED HIM YOU SCUMBAG!!" Melissa was taken aback. "No," she cried, pleading with everyone as they gave approving nods and shouted with her, "I didn't kill him. No, no, no, no, NO!! I DIDN'T KILL HIM!!! WHY DON'T YOU BELIEVE ME!?" Sirius and everyone who believed her had sat her down furthest from the mob. She cuddled into Sirius' chest, just holding onto him and sobbing. "I didn't kill him....I didn't do it," she whispered.

The ceremony was beautiful, and the burial was magnificent. She stayed until every person had disappeared and she was the only one at his gravesite.

Melissa stood over his coffin, gently kneeling next to it with a lily.

"Goodbye Harry," she whispered, laying the lily at the head of the coffin and turning and walking away. Harry's tombstone read:

Harry James Potter

July 31, 1987 - August 2, 2013

Here lies a true believer in the word love

Never will another person posess

as much power and love as this devoted soul

We love you Harry

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PLEASE READ BELOW!!
Well, thats the story!! How'd you like it? It's not wonderful, I know. Thanks to the LOVELY Drunk Elves for the AWESOME, I repeat, AWESOME banner!! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!

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