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Silver Phoenix Order by Kumani
Chapter 1 : Silver Phoenix Order
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Silver Phoenix Order


As I am sure that you know, Harry Potter’s not an ordinary boy. He was in fact on his was to his school Hogwarts at this very moment. Harry loved Hogwarts and he was so happy that he was away from his less then nice relatives. He was sitting on the train waiting fir his friends Ron and Hermione who had both been made prefects; to come back from they’re first meeting. The good part was that Draco Malfoy had made prefect also, so he was not around to annoy Harry. As Harry saw Hogwarts in the distance and the train slowed down,

Harry thought. This year, this year is going to be normal. I am going to have one normal year if it kills me!!

--------------------------- ------------------------------- ------------------------------------------
Harry watched the sorting before him with interest. It was only the second year that he actually could sit down and watch it. As the sorting drew to a close, Harry heard his best friend Ron Weasley give a sigh of relief and Headmaster Dumbledore walked to the front of the High table and begin to speak.

“My dear students, as Lord Voldermort has now risen, I think that we should band together strongly. That is why I have made an agreement with a few other schools. Hogwarts will be having an exchange program. Professor Mcgonagall and I have taken the liberty to choose who will go to the other schools, and who will stay here. Only fifth and sixth years are going this year. There will be two rounds; one from September to January and the second from January to June.”

With that Prof. Mcgonagall started to talk. “Here is the list of the students who will be going to a new school. If your name is on the list, please meet Prof. Dombledore in his office after dinner to discuss your plans.”
“Going to Bubaxtons we have Mina Dinapoli and Robert Finch, then Mandy Brockleworst and Jason Smith.
For Durmstrung we have Cho Chang and Eloise Midgen, then Pansy Parkinson and Millicent Bulstrode.
Going to Salem we have Hermoine Granger and Ronald Weasley, then Lavender Brown and Dean Thomas
Going to Magical America, we have Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy, then Lisa Turpin and Padma Patil. That is all.”

Harry was disgusted that he was put with Malfoy, and was trying to think of a way to get out of going, but he knew that there was no use. Hermione on the other hand was excited.

“Oh this will be so much fun Ron. I always wanted to go to see a different magical school.” She babbled all through dinner and on there way to Dumbledore’s office. As they approached the office, the door was already wide open and students were already streaming inside.

Dumbledore talked to each student individually and Harry was the last to be seen. When it was finally Harry’s turn, he took a seat in the chair facing Dumbledore.

Dumbledore begin. “ Ok Harry, you and Mr. Malfoy will be traveling to Magical America tomorrow. It will be your new home until January. Pack only your most important possessions. By the way, do you have any muggle clothes?”

“Yes I do.” Replied Harry wonderingly.

“ Okay good. See you tomorrow at eight in the Great Hall.”

“Wait Professor! Sir, I was wondering why I am going to America. I Voldermort there too? Is it to keep me safe? If so, then why is a Death Eater’s son going?”

“Harry, remember there is more to everyone who meets the first eye. Young Draco has changed. Wait and see before judging him all the time. He is actually on the side of the light. There is a reason that you are together you know.
Harry got up slowly. He never even knew that MA existed until today. He decided to do what Hermione had drilled into him for years. When in doubt, check the library.

He walked slowly across the castle. Why did he have to be placed with Malfoy? Even if he was on the light’s side, he was still such a stupid git. Oh well, what’s done is done. Harry entered the library and started randomly searching shelves. Finally he found a book entitled Magical Schools. Looking in the index, MA was supposed to be on pages eighty through ninety-five, so he turned to those pages. There was one small problem, the book skipped from page seventy-nine to eighty six.

Too bad thought Harry. I’ll just find out about everything tomorrow.

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