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Troubled by Fredslover
Chapter 10 : Ron
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" Well, dinner was nice... " You muttered, as you and Ron arrived in front of the Ravenclaw common room entrance. He nodded, squeezing your hand gently.

" Yeah, it was... " He said, sighing heavily. The two of you stopped, right at the top of the large staircase. He turned to you slowly, looking you in the eye. Pushing your immediate impulse of looking away shyly asside, you held his gaze steadily. He grinned devilshly.

" I guess this would be the time to say some sickeningly romantic line, one in which would make you swoon and fall gracefully into my arms? " He asked, the flames flikcering from the torches on the wall were reflecting in his eyes. A giggle escaped your mouth and you shook your head thoughtfully.

" No...although, I wouldn't mind... " Your voice was teasing, and he seemed to catch on. Smiling more openly, he looked up for a second, as if thinking, then looked back at you.

" Er, okay, how about this one...I've never felt the same about anyone else in my entire life... " He said dramatically, then lightening up, he looked at you expectantly. Scrunching you face up, you muttered a disgusted sounding " Uh uh. "

" No? Alright...Before you came along, I thought that I had everything I wanted, turned out that I was missing " He put an empahasis on the last word, you gave a cough that you craftedly turned into the word " Lame. "

His grin faded slightly, and he looked much more serious.

" Honestly though...I think your growing on me... " He said, letting go of your hand and placing it on your waist. All your nerves were going haywire, this was too wonderful...

" Oh really? " You croaked, attempting to be flirtly, but failing miserably. Still looking pleasantly serious, he leaned in closer. You knew what was coming, and were completely prepared for it. You actually thought that you were getting the hand of this kissing really wasn't that fact, it was pretty effortless.

He brought his lips inches from your own, his smile finally returing.

" Yeah, real- "

You cut him off, barely aware of what you were doing as you lifted your hand to the back of his head and felt his lips touch yours. He looked startled for a moment, before cathcing on. He relaxed and wrapped his arms around your waist.

You had heard it before, people saying that someone's lips were sweet, or they literally flew when they kissed them...but you'd never believed that crap...until now. It was true, every time you kissed Ron, you noticed the sweet taste that remained on your lips minutes after you parted. Or the feeling of weightlessness you experienced after even the slightest touch. One thing was for sure, those crazy people...sure knew what they were talking about.

" Well... " Ron uttered, breaking the kiss reluctantly. He laughed, not finishing his sentence.

" Yeah... " You agreed, not even knowing what he was talking about. You left your hands draped on his shoulders.

" You should probably go... " He mentioned, motioning to somewhere behind you. You nodded gently.

He kissed you once more, softly, but perfectly, then released your waist. You frowned, but took your arms from his neck anyway.

" See you tommorow... " He ran his hand through his ginger hair, like he always did, but this time it looked different, you weren't sure why...

" Yeah, I'll meet you at breakfast... " You said, smiling at him, then turning around, your head spinning with thoughts.

Before walking into your common room, you thought that you heard Ron say something else. Turning around you saw him still standing there.

" What? " You asked, almost laughing at the look of shock on his face, almost as if he hadn't meant for you to hear what he'd said.

" N-Nothing, I-I didn't say anything. " He muttered, while the tips of his ears flushed red. You raised your eyebrows suspiciously.

" Okay. " You grinned oddly, waved once, then made your way into the common room. You weren't even sure if he had really said anything, but he sure acted like he had...and the way his ears went red...he had to have said something...


Dear Diary,

Well, I don't really know where to start, so I'll go from the most weirdest to the least weirdest. I'll start with what I noticed about the professors over dinner. I know that it's none of my bussiness to begin with, but what am I supposed to do now? Just pretend that I didn't see Dumbledore holding a note, looking like the world was coming to an end? I don't think so. Although theres really nothing I can do at this point, maybe if something else happens, and I can find out more, then I'll see where it goes from there.

The next topic up for discusion is the fact that Hermione will be back soon. Hermione as in Ron ex-girlfriend Hermione, the one that he's still best friends with. Is it wrong to be jealous of someone you hardly know? Because I definately am, and I don't know how I feel about it. i know that Ron doesn't love her anymore, not romantically anyway, or at least that's what he says. And it's not that I don't believe him, it's just that...I don't know, it's just weird. I guess we'll find out when she gets here, whether or not she'll be a threat or not...

Another thing thats been bothering me ever since I walked up to my that Ron said something while I was leaving. I swear I heard him say something! I just don't know what! I know what I want him to have said, but that's highly unlikely...isn't it? Oh this is pointless, I feel stupid just rambling on and on about these things. I'll write again, when I have something a little more substancial to say...

Love from,

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Troubled: Ron


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