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Reaquaintances by MadisonFelton
Chapter 1 : Chapter One: Realizing Change
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Disclaimer: Yes, i stole Kristen's diologue idea...sry

Madison: Hi! Roxanne, Tabitha, and I belong to this wonderous author!
Roxanne: Yup! And we are based on the characters of the author's friends.
Tabitha: As much as she wishes, this author doesn't own the Harry Potter trademark stuffies!
Draco: But she is the sole purpose of my being.
Ron: And Amy (Roxanne) is my purpose for being.
Evil Person: HEY!!! you can't make the characters obsessive!!!
MadisonFelton: I can and I did so go AWAY!
Harry: Why do I hafta be lost?
Roxanne: Because...ur the star so...ur lost
Harry: *is starstruck* I'm the star? wow! I love this author!!!
Draco: *glares* No! She is mine! You love Kristen (Tabitha)!!! So step away from this *drones on w/ adjectives*
Harry: Fine...
Ron: You are an embarresment to obsessive characters!
Harry: OK Chill... *yells* I LOVE KRISTEN!!!
Draco: Much better. You must know I have full claimes on- *iz cut off*
MadisonFelton: Me!
Ron: And I gotsa AMY!!!!
Roxanne: YAYNESS!
MadisonFelton: I gotsa go explain the point to this diologue, see ya!
ALL Cept 4 MadisonFelton: BYENESS!!! WE WUV U!
The point to this? No One knows...but I did tell ya wut i own and u preppy evil things (not u personally) cant go tattle 2 JK and have me sued. lol i do own plot and the 3 roomies so...DONT STEAL EM!

~~~So sry if i confused u...this is 2 say wut i own and dont~~~

Chapter 1: Realizing Change

Madison opened her jewlery box and removed the beautiful necklace with an emerald stone that she'd worn almost everyday for as long as she could remember. She held her shoulder-length brown hair up so she could fasten it. She began to ponder, *Where did I get this?*

She went downstairs to the kitchen to have breakfast. Madison was 18-years old and lived in a condo in London, amongst the muggles. She had 2 roomies, Roxanne, and Tabitha. Madison and Roxanne had been friends since they were 11 years old and friends with Tabitha ever since she'd entered Hogwarts. Roxanne had long, brown hair to her waist and had red high-lightes in it. They all had sparkling brown eyes and were very pretty. Madison guessed that Tabitha and Roxanne weren't awake yet.

She began to make breakfast when Roxanne (who had obviously been awake) sat in the chair behind Madison quietly. Madison turned around and screamed. Roxanne started to crack up and as soon as Madison caught her breath she joined in.

"I hafta look for a job today..."Madison said after their laughing.

"What? Want a medal?" Roxanne asked sarcastically.

"Yeah, You got one?" She played along.

Just then the door-bell rang.

"I'll get it," Madison said going to the door and opening it to reveal a tall man with dirty-blonde hair spiked up and grey eyes.

"Uh...Hullo..." he said.

"Uh...Do I know you?" Madison asked thinking he looked vaguely familiar.

"Well...If you're Madison Evans then yes." he replied with a smirk.

"Yeah...but who are you?" she asked cluelessly.

"Draco Malfoy" he said.

"Yeah Right! And I'm Earl Strudle-pants!" Madison laughed.

"Really I am Draco Malfoy," he said and she stopped laughing.

"Alright buster! Joke's over! Who are you???" Madison said as Roxanne came up behind her and said, "Oh hi Draco, How've you been?"

"That's not-" Madison started but was interrupted by Draco saying, "Yes I am. Hello Roxanne I've been fine. Yourself?"

"I'm OK, Come on in," She said pushing Madison aside slightly to let him in.

"You've been drinking!" Madison accused in a whisper to Roxanne.

"Nope...we're only 18...against the law," Roxanne replied, "Didn't I tell you Draco called and was coming over?"

"Of course you did! I feel like making myself look like a complete pycho. No! you didn't!" Madison said.

"Oops." Roxanne shrugged.

Draco had stood there watching and finally said, "You think I would believe that was you?"

"Why wouldn't you?" Madison asked.

"Uh... 'cos you used to be uh... well, anyway you look different than you did at Hogwarts," Draco said.

"So do you," Madison said.

"Have a seat," Roxanne said leading them into their living room.

"Thanks," Draco said sitting down across from Roxanne and Madison.

There was a coffee table in between the two red couches.

"What brings you here, Draco?" Madison asked intently.

"I work for the ministry of magic and I'm an auror (sp?), so I need your help," Draco said solomnly.

"Weren't you a Death Eater in seventh year?" Madison asked.

"Nope... just a rumor. I was never a death eater but I have changed a lot since then." said Draco coolly.

"Oh." Madison said.

"I'll get us some tea," Roxanne offered going into the kitchen.

*Hey! I haven't eatin' anything yet! Stupid Malfoy!* Roxanne thought.

"So... you're here in other words to find out if we could help you 'cos of us being involved in that raid?" Madison guessed.

"You got it!" Draco said with a smile.

The raid was indeed a serious act when Roxanne and Madison were 17 and straight out of Hogwarts. They joined the raid to fight off the Dark Lord if he ever returned. They joined because at the time, they needed a place to live and the raid provided a place to live and food so they signed up, not ever actually thinking that the Dark Lord would ever return. They would meet and create spells and counter curses, but one of them was a traitor and kidnapped a raid member. Voldemort had inhabited the body of the kidnapped person. To take full form, of course, he neede to triumph over Harry Potter. Voldemort was able to pose as that person and pick all the work that the raid had done, thereby helping in his come-back, so he was able to talk the group into asking Harry Potter to come in to help them and once he did, the lights were thrown and that one raid member and Harry went missing. The person had been acting weird, attracting the suspicion of the raid members, so he fled. So, Draco must have needed answers for his investigation.

"Ask away. It's not like we haven't been interrogated over a million times already. I don't know what you could possibly need to know, though," said Madison.

Roxanne came out of the kitchen and gave Draco, Madison, and herself a cup of tea. They both thanked her and Roxanne nodded.

"Okay... who was Voldemort inhabiting?" Draco asked.

"Michelle Johnson," Roxanne answered.

"Okay..." said Draco writing on the clipboard.

"Want a summary of it?" Roxanne asked sarcastically. "You are asking the most obvious questions. Don't they share their info over there? Or do they just like sending 50 million people over here to interrogate us?"

"Truth is... uh... I was kinda assigned a case and I figured it would be a good excuse to pop in on ya," Draco said.

"Good idea! That's my kind of plan," Madison said high-fiving Draco, who smiled weakly.

Roxanne just glared.

"Sorry we offended you, Roxy. Chill!" Madison said.

"Hmph!" is all Roxanne said.

Just then, the phone rang.

"I'll get it!" Roxanne said picking up the phone.

"Hullo?" she said. "Uh... who is this? Draco! It's for you!"

"Who is it?" Draco asked.

"Ron Weasley!" Roxanne said smiling and handing Draco the phone.

"Yes Weasel?" Draco asked sighing. "No way! You're kidding! Damn!" Draco covered the reciever and asked Madison and Roxanne, "Uh... my new... err... partner, Ron Weasley... would like to come over too..."

"Sure!" Roxanne said jumping at the chance.

Madison looked at Roxanne cluelessly and turned back to Draco and shrugged innocently.

"Yeah, yeah, Weasel," Draco said hanging up the phone.

Within a few minutes, the doorbell rang.

"I'll get it!" Roxanne screamed and lept up from her seat and went to go get the door.

"Hi!" she said.

"Uh... is this the right house?" Ron asked looking at the number again. "That Draco must've-"

Draco cut him off coming up behind Roxanne. "That Draco must've what?"

"Oh nothing," said Ron turning red. "It's just uh... you don't look like anyone I know..."

"Well, I am. I'm Roxanne Williams," said Roxanne to Ron.

"Oh, well uh..." said Ron.

"It's okay, I know what you mean," Roxanne said.

"Yeah... sorry... but I though your roomate was-" he started when Madison walked up behind them and said, "What's taken ya?"

"-her," Ron finished.

"Who are you?" asked Madison.

"Ron Weasley," Ron answered.

"Oh cool! I'm Madison Evans," Madison said taking Draco arm and pulling him into the house so Roxanne could talk to Ron.

"Maybe we should leave them alone," said Madison with a wink. Draco nodded.

Just then, a tall girl with brown just above her shoulders that had blue highlights appeared at the top of the stairs.

"I sleep-in and I miss all of the fun! Can't anyone come and wake me?" she said coming down the stairs.

"That's Tabitha Sinclair, my other roomie," Madison told Draco.

"Hey!" Tabitha said.

"Hi. I don't remember you from Hoqwarts," Draco said.

"I was an exchange student from a wizarding school in America," replied Tabitha.

"Wait a second! Aren't you Harry's girlfriend?" Draco asked.

"Yes," Tabitha said simply.

"Cool," Draco replied.

Tabitha nodded. "I'm going online now," she said feeling uncomfortable.

"Okay, have fun!" Madison said.

Tabitha winked. "You too."

Madison shoved Tabitha up the stairs, "GO!" she said laughing.

Draco laughed and regained his composure as she turned around.

"What's online?" Draco asked.

"Muggle thing," Madison said. "She's muggle-born."

Roxanne and Ron walked into the living room and sat side-by-side on one of the red couches.

"Draco, do you want to go sit with them?" Madison suggested.

"Okay," replied Draco.

So, they sat on a red couch across from them.

"So, looks like a year can change a person a lot," Madison said to Ron.

Ron also had his hair spiked and was taller.

"Looks like it," Ron agreed.

"Okay, Weasel. Enough small talk! Let's get down to business!" Draco snapped.

"Fine by me, Mal-ferret!" Ron said smartly and receiving a glare from Draco.

"I see the ministry of magic care whether their case workers get along or not," Roxanne joked.

"I think the amazing bouncing ferret and I are great examples of that," Ron said.

"Yeah, slug-spitter is right," Draco scowled.

"Once a Death Eater, always a Death Eater," Ron shrugged.

"Look! I was never a Death Eater! Get that through your slug-stricken head!" Draco shouted.

"Enough!" said Tabitha returning from her bedroom where she was on the internet being distracted by their constant bickering. "I can't even stay online with you two fighting!" Tabitha went on.

Madison and Roxanne looked at each other eyes wide in surprise.

"You guys have really done it!" said Madison. "Nothing keeps her offline!"

"Whoah!" Roxanne agreed with a nod.

"Sorry," Draco said.

"Don't worry about it," Tabitha said going back upstairs again.

"Guess me and the slug-eating Weasel will just have to get along," Draco said with a sigh.

"As if I enjoy it, ferret boy," Ron said cooly.

"Let's move on before you make Tabitha give up use of the phone too," Madison said smiling.

"What a true loss that would be. The phone actually being free," Roxanne said.

They all laughed.

"So, need any more questions answered?" Madison asked Ron and Draco.

"Well, I would have a few for Tabitha, her being Harry's girlfriend and all," Ron said.

"Okay, TABITHA!" Madison yelled.

They all covered their ears.

"WHAT?" Tabitha yelled down.

"C'MERE!" Madison yelled.

"NO! YOU C'MERE!" Tabitha yelled.

"HARRY'S BACK!" Roxanne yelled.

Suddenly, they heard fast, frantic stomping down the stairs.

"Where!?" Tabitha asked excitedly.

"False alarm, have a seat," Roxanne said grinning.

"I hate you!" Tabitha said.

"I know!" Roxanne said.

"So, while you're down here, I have a few questions for you," Ron said.

"Yeah, but hurry, 'cos I'm talking to Harry," Tabitha said.

"Harry?!?" Ron asked.

"Um... not Harry Potter, Harry Savopoulos," Tabitha said.

"You almost gave me a heart attack!" Ron said with a laugh.

Draco smirked. "Good job! I approve!"

"Shut up!" Ron said with a glare.

"Onto the questions!" Ron continued. "When did you last see Harry POTTER?"

"I dunno, I'm not a calender," Tabitha joked.


"Um... a month ago? Oh! I remember! It was the day he was... he... he..." she burst into tears and wiped them carefully away so she wouldn't ruin her make-up. "And I didn't go because I had a job interview." Tabitha said, a far-away expression on her flushed face. She probably hadn't drawn up those memories for a week or two.

"What did you guys do on a regular basis?" Draco asked trying to lighten the mood.

"Um... well, um... nothing. I ain't telling you," Tabitha said her eyes brightening.

"Malfoy," Ron sighed. "Tabitha, did Harry have any suspicions about anyone there?"

"Just Michelle Johnson, she had an oddly boyish flare, although it was the Dark Lord, and that you knew..." Tabitha said. "Can I go now? I think Harry is gonna want me to come back, say this century." she joked running up to her room with out an answer and shouted, "Thanks!" from her room.

Draco looked at his watch. "Damn! The minisrty wanted us back by three and it's 3:30!"

"Oh! That's right!" Ron said.

"Why don't you ladies join me and Weasel... uh... Ronnie here," he paused and smirked. "For dinner?"

"I'm free," Madison said.

"Me too," Roxanne agreed.

"We could uh... get to know each other so we could easily converse about our case," Draco replied smoothly.

"What time?" Madison asked.

"It's up to you and Ronnie boy," Draco said.

"Please, call me anything but that," Ron scowled. "But, whenever is fine with me." he said thinking it was for the case. (he's so oblivious)

"Eight?" Madison asked.

"Fine with me," Draco agreed and Ron nodded. "We'll pick you up."

"Bye." Madison and Roxanne said dreamily and walked the boys out.

A/N: I know it's taken me forever to finish this chapter and I'm sorry, my computer broke. *gasp* Please R/R. PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE!

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Reaquaintances: Chapter One: Realizing Change


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