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Harry Potter and the Year of Change by Marauders
Chapter 1 : Prologue
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DISCLAIMER: We do NOT own the world of Harry Potter. The plot for the story is ours and the few outside characters we have in our story is ours. The idea for the potion for the fidelus charm was taken from another fanfic author. I'm sorry but I cannot find your name. Credit also goes to PHOEBO628 for giving us some ideas when we were stuck. Thanks a bunch! In a nutshell: what you recognize is JKR's what you don't is ours.

A/N: We just want to let you know that we really appreciate your taking the time to read our story! Please review. We really enjoy getting encouraging words as well as critical suggestions. We know that our story isn't perfect and we welcome your comments. And last but not least, thank you Becky for Beta reading our story. It really means a lot to us.

A/N2: Credit for "The Thinker" goes to the wonderful Arabella and Zsenya who wrote "After the End" over at! It's a great story and you should go read it!

The prologue is dedicated to our very own, fellow marauder, Laura.

Happy Sweet Sixteen! We love you and are glad to be your friends.


The old man surveyed the out of place room with slight concern on his face. It was an odd assortment of company. A grim like dog was shifting restlessly, his friend, a scraggly looking man was frowning as he the seriousness of the meeting. An old witch was pondering and deep in her thoughts as she considered the situation. A retired auror with a fake leg was scowling at a greasy haired professor who had a sour look on his face. A funny looking man had a contemplating look about him as his eyes wandered around the room. And lastly a tabby cat perched on the windowsill, her eyes rimmed with dark marks that outlined her spectacles.

"I have called you all here to discuss the safety of Harry Potter," the headmaster stated gravely. "Minerva," he nodded to the tabby cat who quickly changed into a stern faced witch concern and worry showing in her eyes, "please fill the rest of us on Harry's safety or lack thereof at the Dursleys."

"Well, as you know, Albus, there are many different powerful charms surrounding his residence at the Dursley's. However, you-know-who is getting closer to finding him all the time. There are spies everywhere," the witch said, clearly panicking. The old witch, Arabella Figg, offered a cup of tea that was gratefully accepted.

"We need to find a way to get the boy safely away from where he is, unnoticed," Mrs. Figg suggested.

"Professor, why doesn't Harry come and live with Remus and me at his place. We can lie low and I think it would do Harry some good to be around Remus and I," The grim-like dog turned himself into Sirius Black, the boy's godfather.

"No Sirius, Wormtail knows where Remus lives, that's the first place he's going to look for Harry," the headmaster answered sadly. Sirius' jaw hardened at the sound of Wormtail's betrayal.

The funny looking man, Mundungus Fletcher suggested, "Why don't we try to do the Fidelius Charm?"

The headmaster looked thoughtful, the spark in his eyes shining brightly. "Yes, using a secret-keeper would be the safest thing to do. However, it is almost too late to do this. I am aware of the fact that Harry has many people more than willing to perform this task for him, but how much more time do we have before Voldemort finds him?"

"Yes, the Fidelius Charm requires the use of a potion that takes a month to brew and I don't have any previously made, so that's out of the question," Severus Snape truly looked sorry.

"However, I can start now, and if you find a place for him for a month, everything will be ready," Severus further added.

"It seems we have hit a dead end," Remus Lupin spoke for the first time, looking regretful.

"Not necessarily, Remus," replied the wise old headmaster. "I believe that the Fidelius Charm may be exactly what we need. Does anyone have an idea of where the boy could stay once the charm is in place?" There was silence as everyone thought about the safest place for Harry to stay.

"Until then, however, we will just put up more wards and assign more members to watch over him. They can stay at Arabella's place," the headmaster continued.

"I will assign Bill and Charlie Weasley to be Harry's watchers as he stays at the Dursleys. He'll feel more comfortable with them being there." Albus Dumbledore paused to see if he was going to questioned for his choice. But none came.

Arabella stated, "That would be great, Albus."

"Good, they will arrive tomorrow, Bella," Albus told her.

"But where will Harry go after the Fidelus Charm is set in place?" Fletcher questioned.

"I think," the headmaster replied, with a twinkle in his eyes, "that the Burrow is the ideal location. He will stay with his friends and I daresay that Molly Weasley will have our skin if we send him anywhere else."

Fletcher chuckled at the professor's statement. Then, he immediately turned serious again. "Albus, we need to set up wards on Bella's house. Powerful ones. I highly doubt that Bill and Charlie Weasley can accomplish them on their own. They also take a while to set up. Why don't Remus, Bella, and I go right now to set up the wards. Then, everything will be ready so Harry can come over tomorrow."

Dumbledore nodded at Fletcher. "A very good idea. Remus, Bella, are you two able to set up the wards now." Upon seeing the wizard and witch nod, he said, "Good. That is all for now. We will adjourn so the three of you can set up the wards. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask." With that Dumbledore ended the meeting.

But before anyone could leave, there was a firm knock on the door. Arabella paled a little. Who could make it all the way to Dumbledore's office door. However did they get the password? Stop being paranoid, Bella, she reprimanded herself. She was turning out to be just like Moody!

Dumbledore said in a strong voice, "Come in."

No one was prepared for the sight that waited for them. What they saw as the door opened shocked everyone into the room into utter silence...

A/N: to be continued......

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