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Behind the Bars by Meg
Chapter 14 : Chapter Thirteen
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“Two more days,” he thought. “Two more days of waiting, then I can go.’ He would have gone the morning after he made the plan, but he was way too tired, and not mentally ready. Now he was ready to go, but he had set a specific day for his escape. Having nothing else to do, he packaged up all the stories he had written. Some of them Guard had read, but some were more personal, and these he didn’t give to him. “Now,” he thought, “it won’t matter, I’ll be gone...” So he ripped a strip off the last piece of parchment he had, and tied it around the stack of stories. On the rest of the parchment, he wrote “To Guard. Thank you for your friendship these 10 years. You helped me stay sane. Please take these stories as a gift from me. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I did living them.”
“One more day!” he thought as he woke up. “Tomorrow’s the day. Wish I could bring food...” he thought, but there would be no place to put it when he transformed. “Oh well, I’ll just have to play the lovable stray until someone feeds me. There’s some nice people left in this world.”
He ate dinner quickly, and as he climbed in bed he thought with a smile “Tonight’s the last night I have to spend in this hellhole. Soon, I’ll be free, no more dementors. No more sitting around all day...although running isn’t much better. Oh well.” he sighed as he drifted off to sleep. “It’ll be worth it to see Harry. I wonder what he looks like now? I bet he looks like James... Don’t worry, James. I’ll protect your son. I’ll protect him...”

The next morning, he was anxious to get out. When the dementors came in to check on him and bring dinner, he was ready. Transformed already, he slipped past them as they filled his bowl with the usual slop. Running as quietly as he could, he slipped through the barred front doors and down on to the dock. Taking one last look back at the prison, he jumped in to the cold water, and was halfway to the land before Guard found his stories, tied in a bundle under his covers. “He’s gone...” he thought. “I’ll give him ‘till morning. Can’t give him any longer than that. He’s gone. He escaped.” Guard sat down on the bed, and a smile spread across his face. “Good luck, Sirius, my friend. May you have a chance to get back the life you lost here.”

The End. lol Please R&R this story, and check out my other one, Black Sheep (which, in my opinion, is better than this one)

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Behind the Bars: Chapter Thirteen


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