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The Slytherin Swedes by moonspell
Chapter 1 : Chapter One
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The Slytherin Swedes


Varg: Welcome to this splendid story that I have written. Well the others helped a little...But I did the most of it. This fic contents Mary Sues, so watch out!

Freddie: Well, well, let Varg get all the credit... it was not her idea if that’s what you all think, unfortunately, I can not say that it was mine either but then again I was the inspiration to the very nice character Petra.

Varg: But I made Petra up!

Lövis:...Haha, she’s not here! We can write something really evil...But we rather start the story. Here we go!

Sanne entered the dorm she shared with her two best friends, Sanna and Petra. Tossing her schoolbag aside, ignoring the sound of her inkbottle breaking. She could fix that later.

“Guess what?” The blonde who was slouching in an armchair looked up from the thick book she was currently engrossed in.

“You skived Transfiguration and got away with it?” Sanna guessed.

“No, I have detention!” Sanne beamed.


“With Professor Snape!” Sanne explained and almost blushed. Almost.

“Oh,” Sanna said knowingly, her friend had a fatal crush on the not very nice Potions Master.

“Where’s Petra?” Sanne looked around expecting their friend to pop up from somewhere, shouting “Surprise!”

“Quidditch practice,” her friend answered and tossed away the book. She rose and sauntered over to the tall mirror eyeing her reflection. She had blonde hair reaching her elbows, framing a round face with blue eyes. She was the image of innocence but in fact she was quite the opposite. All the teachers loved their rather new student except for maybe professor Lane. She had even managed to wrap the angry caretaker, Filch, around her finger.

Sanna didn’t usually hang around the mirror that was Petra’s spot. Smirking at the thought of her rather narcissistic friend she brushed off her robes and adjusted the gleaming prefect badge fastened on her black school robes.

“So what are you going to wear?” She turned to her brown-haired friend. Sanne was petite with deep brown eyes and dark brown hair to her shoulders. Sanne looked thoughtful before walking towards the wardrobe the trio shared. They couldn’t have each other’s clothes, they were very different in sizes and heights but they still shared since Petra had managed to blow hers up with an explosion charm and Sanna wanted hers as a bookcase.

After a lot of discussion the two girls settled for a pair of dark blue jeans and a pink vest that, as Sanna put it, it couldn’t have been the fabric causing the prize. And the black school robes over to get the right casual feeling to it.

“Hi people!” A dirty and sweaty Petra in her quidditch robes greeted them from the doorway.

“The new password for the prefects bathroom is “duty above all”,” Sanne enlightened the tall girl in the doorway. She wasn’t particularly fond of quidditch; it was far too dirty and smelly. She only went to the quidditch matches to cheer on Petra. And because Domenic Estrella was hot on a broom.

Petra just made a face at Sanne before turning her attention to Sanna.

“Duty above all, huh? Like on the coins at home,” Petra said raising her eyebrows (she had never been able to raise just one). Her blonde friend grinned.

“What? I had to come up with something mushy like everyone else! Bet I’m gonna be “Prefect of the Year” because of it. Besides Granger’s was, Friendship. Christ, I thought I was going to throw up as she told us with that content face of hers. Bleh!” Sanne snickered and applied the finishing touches of lipgloss. None of them were fond of the Head Girl.

“Where are you going?” Petra asked curiously.

“Detention! Buh bye dahlings!” Rolling her eyes at Sanne’s antics Sanna explained the brunette’s behavior with one word, “Snape”.

Petra nodded and grinning she started to search for her towel in the mess that covered the floor. The house elves came once a week but the three sixteen-year-old girls managed to get their room looking like a battlefield between the sessions. She found it and disappeared with a wave towards the prefect bathrooms.

Glancing at the clock Sanna noticed it was at least one hour before dinner would be served.

School had started a week ago and the new DADA teacher, Douglas Lane was driving her mad with his constant stupidity. Homework was piling steadily and the professors had begun to nag about the NEWTs. That they were going to take the next year.

It was her second year at Hogwarts even if she was a 6th year student. She and her two friends had been transferred from their school in Sweden, Magi Institutet. They had been too qualified for the teachers in their own country and had been sent to Hogwarts. In times like this she missed her old school where she had known everything and hadn’t needed to do homework for two years. She missed her parents and, miracles can happen, siblings.

But there were a lot of good things here at Hogwarts she comforted herself. Like living with your two best friends, the prefect bathrooms and the library. She went over to the window and rested her forehead against the smooth surface. But you had to wear the silly school uniforms. At least she looked less stupid than Petra and Sanne. The thought of them in the strict gray skirts and knee socks always cheered her up. She tugged at her tie to loosen it and thought about how weird it was that the whole trio had gotten into Slytherin. They were so very unlike each other and still they had gotten sorted into the same house...

Sanna looked around seeing Petra clambering up from having fallen when the portkey had reached its destination. Sanne was holding an innocent looking flowerpot.

“I guess we’re here,” Petra said looking towards the huge gates.

“What the...?” Sanne said squinting towards the statues flanking the entrance. Sanna snorted disbelievingly, “It’s winged hogs! I swear this school is nuts. I’ve read some English papers and they say that the headmaster is crazy. I’m actually starting to believe them”

“Oh, c’mon it can’t be that bad. It could be fun going to a school where the headmaster is loony!” Petra said cheerily lifting her trunk.

“Yeah, we might be having competitions like who can make the nicest mashed potatoes sculpture and learn how you whistle when you have twenty-five biscuits in your mouth and...” Sanna said in a singsong voice also lifting her bag. Together the trio continued their path towards their new lives.

Ten minutes later they stood inside a huge entrance hall gaping.

“I might stand having a lunatic headmaster for this,” Sanna breathed looking around. Petra just grinned and Sanne looked like she itched to open all the doors in the hall and peek in. Out of nothing something came flying towards them and hit Sanna in the head. A cackling laugh was heard and then Sanna’s terrified scream, “I’m blue!” The well composed blonde...or now bluenette’s high-pitched tone made both her friends burst out laughing.

“It’s not funny!” Petra could only nod as she clutched her stomach watching her fuming friend that was totally blue. Her skin hair and clothes were a deep navy blue.

“Well, at least you’re not yellow or something. Blue is nice...” Sanne’s comfort didn’t help since she started laughing hysterically again.

A man with deep brown hair in the most ridiculous haircut Sanna had ever seen progressed down the stairs. He wore glasses and his bottom lip was sticking out for some reason.

“Why are you blue?” He asked curiously.

“Tell me where the sign saying, “tell all passing idiots your business” is and I’ll tell you why I’m blue,” Sanna retorted with a glare.

“No need to be impolite! What’s your name?”
”If I was interested in your name I’d tell you mine.” With that Sanna spun around and walked in the opposite direction of the man. Grabbing their friend’s trunk Sanne and Petra hurried after still grinning maniacally.

They found their blue companion speaking to a stern looking witch with glasses. The woman drew her wand and Sanna turned back to her natural colour. Something Sanne thought was sad since she had found it highly amusing having a navy blue friend.

“Are you coming? Professor McGonagall is going to show us the way to Headmaster Dumbledore’s office.” Sanna said sweetly and Petra’s gaze immediately searched Professor McGonagall’s face and true to her nature Sanna had already managed to get the stern witch joining her fanclub. Chatting lightly with the teacher Sanna and McGonagall went down the corridor. Pretending to puke Petra lifted the two trunks that were starting to get heavy, as the lightening charm was wearing off and she and Sanne followed down the corridor.

They all stopped in front of a gargoyle and McGonagall whispered something sounding like Melt Marshmallows and the statue jumped away to reveal an entrance.

Soon they stood inside an office. It was the most peculiar office they had ever seen with paintings of persons from different times eyes them curiously, whispering with one another. Shiny silver objects lie around making noises or sprouting smoke. But the most interesting about the room was its owner. He had a long white beard and a funny hat and blue eyes sparkled behind half-moon shaped glasses. It became clear the Headmaster Dumbledore was not a lunatic.

“Welcome to Hogwarts, I hope you’ll enjoy this castle as much as I do. You can hear the rules we have, tonight at dinner with the rest of the school, but we’ll sort you into your house now. There are four, Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw. Just put this hat on your head and it will put you where you belong.” Sanna rose first and put the shabby garment on. She wanted to know what her friends would have to go through. Suddenly a voice spoke in her head and she answered or more like thought to its questions. After a while the hat called “Slytherin!” Loud enough to make the poor girl deaf.

Sanne followed and also received a booming Slytherin as well as Petra.

“It seems like you will have your own dorm since there already are four Slytherin girls in your year,” Dumbledore smiled as the three girls grinned wickedly at each other.

Sanna returned to present as Petra stomped in.

“Honestly can’t they snog somewhere else? I just had ten minutes when they left!” The tall girl wrenched her wet hair out with her towel and scowled.

“Why didn’t you kick them out?”
”It was Granger and Weasley,” Petra sad sullenly and Sanna nodded. You didn’t kick the Head boy and girl out, especially when you were not a prefect yourself. “Is Sanne coming?”

“She said she’d meet us at dinner.” Sanna went towards the door before remembering that she had Prefect meeting after dinner.

“Shit! I’m not up to dealing with Granger and Weasley tonight!” As she gathered a notebook and pen Petra got to hear some words that the teachers would never believed had come from the sweet, hardworking and ambitious Sanna.

Lövis: See ya in a bit dahlings! (She’s still not here but we know what she wants to say)

Don’t forget to review, kittens! blows a kiss before disappearing

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