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A Piece Of Parchment by Riddle Wood Lupin
Chapter 1 : The Library
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Disclaimer: Harry Potter and all things related © J.K. Rowling

In response to FairyQueen’s challenge

Hermione was lazily flipping through the pages of a worn, dusty book in the library. The entire place was empty, and she was on the verge of falling asleep herself. It was four o’clock in the morning, and here she was, studying! She still wasn’t sure how she’d managed to gain permission to come to the library at such an early hour, but she had. And here she was.

She sighed, flipping a page, her eyelids growing heavy over her honey brown eyes. Her chin was ever so slowly slipping from its position upon her left hand, as she occasionally flipped the page with her right. Realizing that she was getting nowhere in this position, she got up to walk around a bit.

Wandering through the rows of endless bookshelves, Hermione ran her fingers along various dusty leather spines. Occasionally taking a book, she noticed that her pile was becoming quite large. She picked out one more book, and headed back to her table. The stack of books echoed in the large, empty room. Light rays of sunlight were beginning to shine through the windows.

Sitting herself back in her seat, now more awake than she had been moments before, she took the last book she’d grabbed from the weathered old bookshelves. Flipping open the cover, she looked down the long list of names. She noticed a few in particular, absently wondering why on earth they would ever need a book of its sort. Shrugging she flipped the pages.

The book opened to its own marked page. She knitted her brow at a worn piece of parchment, folded and placed carefully just below the top of the pages. Her curiosity getting the best of her, she lightly pulled the parchment from its resting place, carefully unfolding its stained edges. It was a note. Curious.

My Only Love,

It has been my longing since the day we met to finally pour out my heart to you. Though my confessions come from a quill rather than by word of mouth, I truly mean every word of it. Quills have the power to change the world. I’m hoping to make a step.

You’re perfection. You’re everything I’m not, and I can’t help but wonder if you ever even see me. Really see me. But I’m content to just be around you. The light halo that forms from the rays of sunlight upon your head is enough to prove that you’re an angel.

Even if I never have the chance to feel the warmth of your life upon me, just knowing that you’re happy will make me happy. I know that it’s all for the better, your smile could light up a thousand villages.

You’re a masterpiece, and I long to know if it is I who is the owner.

The time grows nearer,
Ever Faithful

Hermione was completely awake by now, furiously blinking back the intoxication of sleep. She couldn’t help but wonder whom this was written for, or even who was the one who had wielded the quill to write such powerful words. It wasn’t in her nature to care about things of the sort, believing them to be petty crushes, but this seemed real.

Flipping back to the cover of the book, one name stood out at her, as if mocking her pathetic wishes. She couldn’t help but think that maybe, just maybe it had been for her. Why else would he have even bothered to check out a book such as this in the first place? She was the only one that she knew of who had almost been through the entire library in her six years at Hogwarts.

She realized the thought was stupid, and slowly began packing up her books. She carefully tucked the note back into its rightful place, setting it in her bag with the rest. Slinging it upon her shoulders, she couldn’t help but think of the red head. He was still mocking her for having such thoughts. She shook her head, suddenly very aware of the weight of her books. She was only slightly aware of the fact that her bag was on the verge of ripping apart, however, and as she quietly cast a weight charm upon the bag, she failed to notice the seam ripping.

Offhandedly slipping the password to the Fat Lady, she silently slinked into the brightening Gryffindor Common Room. It was still rather early, so one could imagine her surprise when the very red head that taunted her was curled up upon one of the red couches. She began to head past him and up the stairs to her dorm, when her bag ripped, books flying in every direction. A piece of parchment flew from a certain book; as Hermione dropped down to bring them back to her neatly.

“Hermione?” The deep voice she’d grown to love questioned from the couch. She winced at looking like such an idiot in front of him. He lazily made his way around and bent down to pick up a few books.

“Thanks, Ron,” she muttered, casting a repairing spell upon her torn bag, and blushing as she shoved the books into the bag once again.

“What’re you doing up so early?” Ron questioned, rubbing his eye as he offered her a hand. It was odd, but Hermione liked it. It wasn’t often that they weren’t arguing. She took his hand, only realizing now exactly how strong he was.

“A bit of studying,” she replied, cautiously pulling her bag back upon her shoulder.

“Do you ever do anything besides study?” He shook his head, leaning himself against the couch. She couldn’t help but notice how nice he looked from that perspective.

“Yes, Ronald, I do,” Hermione replied exasperatedly, cleverly masking her thoughts, “What are you doing up so early, then?”

“I couldn’t sleep,” he replied, allowing himself to fall over the back of the couch. Hermione rolled her eyes.

“Of course you couldn’t,” she shook her head, heading back up to the dormitories.

Ron, left hanging upside down attempted to clear his thoughts. He wasn’t up for any particular reason. Just that – no, he would never admit to it. Turning himself up right, he began to head back towards his own dormitory. That is, until something caught his eye, a piece of folded parchment.

I know, I know. I need to get to updating my other stories. But this was to brilliant to pass up! I hope you enjoy it!

Please review!

-Riddle Wood Lupin

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