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Harry Potter and the Army of Decendants by Iced_Cherriez
Chapter 49 : Chapter 49 - "Have and Amazing Time"
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Harry Potter and the Army of Decendants

Chapter 49 - "Have an Amazing Time"

I think i'm going crazy.. i just forgot what the title of my story was... :S.. hehe anyways i know this is a day late.. but my wasn't working, so i couldnt post.. and besides. i added another 1000 words to the chapter for you, because i was bored!! I really hope you enjoy this 4000 word chapter, as much as I did writing it... i think this has enough action in it.. and i REALLY hope it isnt too fast.. because most of my action scenes are really fast... there is around another 2 or so chapters to go till the end! though, i dont know when the next update will be.. i have to write it first.. and i am starting school again tomorrow *sigh* so much for a long holiday.. lol anyways i really hope you like it! and i cant wait to read the reviews! even if you havent reviewed before... i know your out there! yes you! *points* its not very hard to review.. just write a few words and a name.. doesnt have to be your name, can be a made up one.. but jsut write... i like it! or very nice.. or more please.. or ummm.... well you get the picture... also i was meaning to ask you all... should i write a sequel to this story, or to HBP.. because I dont know if i can write a whole seventh year story in 3 months... it would kill me... if you want me to write a sequel to HBP, then i can spend the next 3 months writing a better Lily and James story, which i am about to post the first chapter of in a few secs.. okay this was a long authors note!! better go!! ta ta

lotsa love Iced_Cherriez


“Harry Potter... We missed you... And look, you brought some friends to play! How exciting...” Harry turned in a circle trying to see where the voice was coming from.

He looked around for the others, to see that they were lying on the floor, staring wide eyed at him.

“Can you hear that?” He whispered to them. They all strained their ears to listen, but frowned in confusion.

“You don’t think he is speaking in Parseltongue or something, Harry?” Hermione asked. Harry thought for a moment, but his thoughts were interrupted.

“I hope you have fun, Harry Potter, you are in for an amazing time. I am setting the clock here, make it to the centre and I may spare their lives, run out of time and its bye bye’s for your dear godparents.” Harry’s eyes widened as he looked down the passageway in front of them.

The Army had appeared in, what seemed like, a castle or fortress of some type. It looked very old and it’s seemed as if they were in the dungeons. Slimy moss covered the walls as dim light flickered from the candles above. The only thing they could see was a passageway streaming off into the darkness in front of them, the walls slowly changing to those of a cave.

“Please tell me you heard that...” Harry whispered and they all shook their heads. He didn’t really understand what the voice, preferably Voldemort, had meant by ‘I hope you have and amazing time’. What was so special about having a good time? “He said... hang on-” His eyes widened in realisation

“It’s a maze...” a said as his eyes, if possible, widened even more as he grabbed a torch from the wall.

“Come on everyone. We have a few lives in our hands.” And with that Harry Potter walked across to the beginning of the maze. “Ready?” Everyone picked themselves off the ground, a few taking torches of their own.

So Harry and the Army set off down the corridor ready for what ever fate had in store for the.


“What’s happening!?” one of the professor's yelled over the noise. The walls of the castle were shaking and the ground rumbling from Harry’s vortex.

The students in the hall started to shout and scream as the noise got louder.

“SILENCE!” Professor Dumbledore yelled as the children got louder. For the first time in Hogwarts history, Professor Dumbledore got up and stood on the large professor’s table.

Suddenly there was not a sound to be heard, except for the sound of the castle.

“I WANT EVERYONE TO STAY CALM.” He yelled over the roaring, and the students that were in the act of running out of the school, stopped and sat down at their tables again.

Professor Dumbledore raised his arms and in the few seconds they had before the roof collapsed, muttered a spell. Light rushed out from his arms and circled around the hall, breaking the rumbles and leaving the school in an eerie silence, which showed just how great a wizard Dumbledore really was.

“The rest of the school will be out of bounds until further notice.” He told the school, no longer having to shout. Unexpectedly Professor McGonagall shook his robe, trying to get his attention. He got down off the table and faced the Transfiguration Professor.

“Albus- they’re not here.” She whispered anxiously. Staring around the room.

“Who’s not here Minerva?” He asked kindly, though concerned at her anxiousness.

“The students from the Department of Mysteries.” She told him as her eyes wondered across the hall to the regular seats of Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Ron and Ginny Weasley, Neville Longbottom and Luna Lovegood.

Professor Dumbledore closed his eyes and sighed slightly.

“They’re no here. They’ve left.” He told her, not opening his eyes to see her shocked face.

“Where are they?” She asked worriedly.

“I have to confess, I do not know. Let’s just hope Harry can tell us.” He declared.

“But how?” The look of concern that once crossed her face changed to one of confusion. She looked up at Dumbledore; he took a long time to answer and was looking off into the distant sky of the enchanted roof.

“He will find a way.”


“Are you sure about this Harry?” Hermione asked as they turned a corner into a large cave.

“What do you mean?” He asked, not turning around. He strained his eyes to see into the blackness. There was something in there, it was moving, but he couldn’t quite make it out.

“I mean what if this is just a death trap? What if Tonks and Lupin are already dead?” She pressed and a short sharp breathe was heard from The-Boy-Who-Lived.

This time Harry slowly turned around, a pained look on his face, which showed the others how much he wished it wasn’t true.

“I just know they’re not.” He said. “If someone told you your parents could be dead, what would your heart tell you?” He sighed and closed his eyes for a second.

“HARRY!” Harry’s eye’s shot open and he looked at the wide eyed group. They were pointing behind him. He turned and-

Was struck in the stomach by a creature’s tail.

“Oomph!” He was thrown back into the rocky wall.

“Harry!” Someone yelled, and tried to rush over to him- when Harry heard something, like a monster growling. The noise sounded strangely familiar, and as the creature came into the light from their torches, Harry knew just what it was and why it was so familiar. A Hungarian Horntail. Just like the one from the Triwizard Tournament.

“RUN!” Harry shouted as he tried to pick himself off the floor. The pain from the force on his stomach was horrendous and he willed himself to heal the pain- but for some reason his fantastic powers weren’t working.

“What are you doing Harry!?” Ginny yelled after him. He was out in the open and dragon was staring at him, breathing heavily through its nostrils, in fact so heavily that Harry could feel the warmness of its breath.

“Ginny! Aim something for his eyes!” Harry yelled, backing towards the wall. The Horntail moved towards him, growling slightly

“I can’t, he’s not looking this way!” She yelled, holding out her wand.

“I’m going to run for it. Be ready!” Harry shouted, making the creature huff.

“Be careful Harry!” Hermione yelled. The others were watching in fear, counting on Harry to save them and get them out.

Harry closed his eyes and counted softly to himself.


The dragon breathed in, causing the hair on Harry’s head to stick to his face...


It ground is tail along the floor, causing rocks and sand to fly up in a cloud of dust...


Harry pushed himself off the rocks and belted for the other side-

-Just as the dragon breathed fire at the spot Harry had just been.

Harry felt fire graze the side of his face and the top of his shoulder. He clutched his arm in pain as he ran for the passageway on the other side of the cave.

“Ginny!” He screamed and shot a curse from her wand, hitting the dragon in the eye.

The monster screamed in pain as the curse hit, and its eyes started to water. It stormed around the cave, causing the roof to collapsing.

“Quickly!” Ron yelled and he grabbed Harry’s arm and placed it around his shoulder, helping Harry limp out of the cave before the roof completely came down.

They ran as far as they could, till the noise of the cave was no more.

“That was close.” Neville said nervously as they all fell to the ground, gasping for air.

“What was that spell, Ginny?” Harry asked through gritted teeth.

“The conjunctivitis spell. Charlie told me about it.” She said as she brushed dirt off the front of her robes.

“Harry! Are you alright?” Hermione asked, upon noticing his shoulder. He pulled his arm out of his robes and ripped his shirt at the collar. The flesh of his shoulder was a disturbing purple colour, and it looked as if all the skin had been burnt off.

Everyone cringed as he did so, looking away.

“Here, put this on” Hermione passed him a small container of ointment.

“What’s this?” He asked, not taking the lid off, eyeing it suspiciously.

“It’s soothing balm. Madame Pomfrey gave it to me in our fourth year when I got Bubotuber Puss on my hands. I’ve just carried it ever since so that I will never get embarrassed again.” Her face turned red as she said that.

Harry unscrewed the lid, not caring where it had come from and piled some of the silver cream onto his arm. He felt a refreshing feeling come over him as he did so, and placed some on the side of his face, where he was also burnt.

“Thank you Hermione.” He whispered as he passed it back to her, climbing to his feet. “We’d better be going. Hermione can you mark the wall, so we know that we aren’t going round in circles?” She nodded and a streak of bright yellow sparkles came out from her wand and attached to the wall in front of her.

“There pretty!” Luna giggled in a strange way and helped Ginny off the ground.

“Come on everyone.” Ron called, ignoring Luna, and everyone followed him and Harry away from the sparkles.


It seemed like they had been walking for hours, and yet had not come across anything else that was remotely as scary as the dragon. Actually they had come across nothing, nothing at all, except dirt and rock.

“Do you think the dragon was the only distraction in this maze?” Ginny asked, sensing the uneasiness in their silence.

“I’m not really sure...” Harry began. “Hang on... Hermione are you sure those sparkles stayed on the wall?”

“Yes. I used a permanent sticking charm on them.” She told the group. “Why?”

“Because I have a feeling we’ve been going round in circles.” Harry muttered as he looked down at the ground. He kicked around in the dirt, trying to decipher when their where, when he noticed something. “There’s foot prints here... and here. We have been going round in circles!” He groaned and looked at the group again. “Follow the foot prints and we have to turn off where they don’t”

They followed the footprints for quite a while, noticing that there were no other openings in the cave like walls. They couldn't see very far a head of them, seeing that it was so dark. The roof seemed to be quite low for most of the maze, though at some points, such as the encounter with the Hungarian Horntail, the roof opened out into a huge cave, complete with stalactites and stalagmites.

After walking in the caves, seeing that most of them just had their school robes on, the underground of this place was getting colder and colder.

Hermione’s teeth chattered as she stepped forward into a new tunnel, one that their footprints had not taken before.

“I don’t know how much more of this I can take.” She whined seeing the open cave in front of them.

“Me neither” Neville chimed in.

“It is awfully cold in here” Luna said worriedly, which seemed quite unusual for her dreamy self.

And before Harry knew it, he started to see images from the beginning of the year, in the hands of Voldemort. Suddenly he was watching Sirius being thrown through the veil again, and his mother screaming for mercy. Then he realised what was going on.

“Dementors!” He screamed. “Everyone try and cast a Patronus!” and yet again he could feel the cold thoughts of his past creep up to him.

“Expecto Patronum!” He yelled, and his beautiful whit stag, Prongs, proceeded out from his wand, galloping around the cave. The white light coming from the creature lit up most of the cave and Harry could hear Ginny and Hermione scream.

The entire cave was full of Dementors, and it seemed that there was nowhere to send them, so it looked as if their patronuses wouldn’t work. Harry ground his teeth in concentration, trying to think of what he could do to stop them.

“Harry, it’s not working!” Neville yelled, wand pointed out in front of him. Harry had to smile at Neville’s hard work in trying to help them in anyway he could, but was pulled from his thoughts as he heard a screeching noise, that could not be mistaken for a Dementor right near his face.

“Think happy thoughts Neville! Expecto Patronum!” And Prongs shot out from his wand again pushing the Dementor away. “Happy thoughts!”

“Expelto- no I mean Expecto- Expecto Patronum!” Neville yelled over the battle noises. “Harry! Harry, I did it!” He yelled, a huge smile spreading across his face. Harry turned to not only see a string of white smoke, but the full form of a lion. His eyes lit up as he saw it chase away the Dementors. Neville had done it.

“Well done Neville!” Harry shouted, wishing that they were in any other situation so that he could congratulate him properly.

“Harry! We can’t keep them back!” Yelled a frightened Hermione, next to a struggling Ron and Ginny. Her otter was racing around the room more like a broomstick than an animal, but it was doing the job. Luna, Ron and Ginny were yet to produce a real Patronus, but here having luck with streams of white light that were protruding from their wands.

“I know, I know. I am thinking!” He yelled back, trying to decide what to do next. He could feel his eyes closing as he tried to will away the sad and fearful thoughts that were threatening to come into his head.

He willed the power of Merlin upon him, though it didn’t seem to work properly. He kept trying, whispering to himself, feeling consciousness slip away from him. This had to work, or they were all goners.

EXPECTO PATRONUM!” He yelled out into the cave, and not only a stag came shooting out of his wand, but so did a dog. It was Padfoot, Sirius's animagus form.

The two animals circled the cave, bringing all the Dementors into the middle. They ran faster and faster and The Army had to shield their eyes from the light. It blinded them, until suddenly everything and everyone was blasted to the back of the cave, hitting the wall in the process.

He could here someone shouting and someone crying, but at that very moment, Harry Potter couldn’t care any less. He grabbed the Order pendant around his neck, just before shut his eyes, all sounds coming to an end.


Professor Dumbledore, Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, paced back and forward in his office, waiting for some sort of sign or signal from young Harry.

He had been waiting for over two hours and at the moment he feared the worst. What if something had happened to them. No that couldn’t be right, he had the Order Pendant... it would grow cold if someone perished, and right now it was just hanging there around his neck. He pulled it out and held it in his hands. The small bumblebee looked as though it winked at him in some strange effect of light. And as if he had made it happen, the pendant changed temperature. Though it didn’t become colder, it became warmer.

They were still alive.

And needed help.


“Harry? Harry?” Harry could feel a pair of cold hands touch his face as he was shaken into consciousness. He dared not open his eyes, as the thought of what might be in front of him haunted his mind.

“Harry!?” It was Hermione. “Oh please wake up! Tonks and Remus need our help.” It was as if she knew exactly what to say and at exactly the right moments. Harry’s eyes shot open and sat up abruptly, too abruptly in fact.

“Ow...” He said as he rubbed the back of his head. He ran his fingers through his hair, feeling the fry blood.

“How long have we been here?” he asked her, looking around into the pitch black.

“We can’t tell. It’s too dark, and for some reason our wands won’t do any light spells. It’s as if there is a charm on this cave to prevent them.” She sighed and Harry could hear her sit on the hard ground next to him.

“What are we going to do?” She asked, breathing heavily from stress.

“I... don’t really know.” Harry confessed. He sighed and pulled out his wand. “Lumos.” But nothing happened.

“I told you it didn’t work. But when we tried other charms... like the Summoning Charm, it worked.” She summoned a small rock off the ground and Harry strained to hear it fly into her hand.

“That’s really odd. It’s as if someone doesn't mind us using magic, only we have to use it in the dark.” Harry said, frowning and running his fingers through his hair yet again. It was becoming a habit for him to do that, as was twirling his wand in his hand, both being traits of his late father, James Potter.

“What will we do if we can’t see? Feel our way around.” Ginny whined from the side, and Harry realised that he was the last to wake up.

“It was some nasty fall you had there, Harry. Gave you some concussion.” Ron said, as if reading his mind.

“Yeah, you’ve been out for ages.” Neville chimed in.

“Neville was the first awake.” Hermione told him, and Harry had a feeling that, even though it was dark, she had motioned with her hands as she always did.

Harry sat their in thought of what they were going to do next. They needed light to get through this maze, thought he didn’t know where to get it.

Then he had an idea.

“I know! I have light!” Harry declared, feeling through his robes. His hands rubbed against something cold and he grabbed it out of his pocket.

Suddenly the whole area they were sitting in, the whole cave lit up with light and not a Dementor was to be seen.

“What is that?” Neville asked, leaning over to get a better look.

“It’s a ‘Gubraithian Fire Branch’” Luna told the group. “My dad wrote an article on them.”

“Where did all the Dementors go?” Harry asked suddenly. Looking around.

“You missed it Harry. You were out cold. They all just disappeared. Like that” Neville clicked his fingers. “It was amazing... and you had two patronuses! How did you manage that!?” His eager eyes grazed over Harry.

“I don’t know...” Harry said, wondering it himself. “Everyone, we'd better get going. I don’t know how long we have been down here, but I think it’s long enough.” He declared and got to his feet. “Come on, let’s go save Remus and Tonks.


“What do you mean both my son and daughter are missing!” Molly yelled across the living room at number 12. “They can’t be! Where are you hiding them!?” She was screaming in hysterics.

“Molly, please calm down! Harry has told me where they are, they are going to be safe for the time being.” Dumbledore tried in his calm voice.

“This is all Harry’s fault! He talked them into this, didn’t he! Like last time!” Molly yelled, and everyone stared at her in disbelief.

“It is not Harry’s fault, Molly, please. They went to help Remus and Tonks.” His old wrinkled face furrowed in concern.

“Why do Remus and Tonks need saving, Headmaster?” Bill Weasley asked, worried.

“They were kidnapped.” McGonagall said, stepping out of the fire. “Severus is coming, Albus.”


“Where are we?” Ron asked, as they entered a small cave.

“I think we’re still in the maze” Ginny said, pointing to the other side. There was another dark passage way to the right of them.

“At the rate we’re going, we’re never going to find them!” Ron moaned as he leaned against the rocky wall. “I am so tired!”

“Shhh - listen...” Hermione hissed. Suddenly the sound of footsteps could be heard, coming from the passage they had just left.

“It sounds like a blue tongued, flying Hickitypluff to me.” Luna whispered, and if the situation was anymore enjoyable, the whole group would be in hysterics on the floor. Luna always made them laugh, even without knowing it.

Ginny rolled her eyes. “Come on, it’s not like-”

“Shhh!” Harry whispered furiously. They all hid behind the rocks at the wall, crouching down. “I’m going to put away the light. Everyone comfortable?” He pushed the globe into his pocket and listened carefully.

“Aye- ain’t I right? They will never find their way through this maze!” someone said, as they turned the corner into the cave.

“Not without this map they won’t.” Another said. “Where could they be? I was sure they were just in front of us.” At this Harry’s arm slipped and he was met by a mouth full of dirt. He couldn't help it. He had to cough.

“Shhh-What was that?” One of the figures said suddenly, holding his finger to his mouth. Harry pushed his self against the rock face. He could see the others out of the corner of his eye. They had made their way to the corner of the cave, into some sort of crevasse. Hermione poked her head round the side, and looked anxiously over at Harry.

“Do something!” He mouthed. He could see the shadow of the death eaters creep up the wall, they were going to find him.

“What?” She mouthed back. She looked around for anything to help.

“Anything!” He closed his eyes ready for something to attack him.

Suddenly Hermione got an idea. She pulled out her wand and picked a large rock off the ground. Biting her tongue, she aimed her wand at the rock.

Suddenly it began to float. It floated over the rocks and down the passageway. Suddenly she dropped her wand, and a loud clunking could be heard further down, in the dark.

“There, over there!” One shouted, and they all ran down the passageway, away from where Harry was hiding.

Harry began to rise, only to see Hermione shake her head furiously. Abruptly, Harry heard someone else turn and leave. There had still been a death eater in the cave.

Everything went pitch black, and Harry knew they had left. He took out his globe and lit up the small cave.

“Is everyone okay?” He asked, and they nodded.

“I guess it was some death eaters then.” Luna said, looking down the passageway.

Harry could see Ginny trying to hide a rude remark, as they all got up out of their hiding places.

“Let’s follow them.” He whispered and led them down the passageway.

When the light of the death eaters started to creep up the cave Harry pocketed his own source of light. “They will see it.” He told them, as they continued on.

After what seemed like an hour, Harry and the others were hiding behind a wall, waiting for the death eaters to go.

“But that map says to go this way!” One was saying.

“I have been here before. That way is dangerous.” Another told them.

“But Master told us to follow the map.” A smaller one squeaked.

“Master, put some fake signs on this map, so that it didn’t fall into someone other’s hands, Pettigrew!” He shouted and pulled his wand on the rat.

“That’s Wormtail...” Harry whispered. “And I guess that’s Malfoy.” He said to the man with the wand out.

“Isn’t he in Azkaban?” Ron asked.

“Well, obviously if we are in Azkaban at the moment, then wouldn’t that mean that they had been let out?” Harry asked.

“We are in Azkaban?” Ginny hissed.

“Yes, I think. Underneath actually.” Harry said, staring at the walls.

“How is it you know all this, Harry?” Hermione asked, looking at his expectantly.

“I just do alright... Now if you were watching, you would see they had already left.” Harry said, pushing past them.

They followed them round a corner, until suddenly, they all disappeared. They had entered a huge cage.

“Tonks! Remus!”

They had entered the middle.

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