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American Idiot by hells627angel83
Chapter 1 : American Idiot
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The moment I saw him, I knew he was no good.

I mean, how good could a man who lived on the back of another manís head be?

Of course, I was a very small child then. Nobody ever listened to a small child, no matter what they said.

He took me away from the place I called home so very quickly that I didnít even get the chance to say goodbye to my parents. I never saw them again.

What happened to them, I still do not know. I suppose one day when this is all over with Iíll go find them, tell them of my travels and introduce them to my new world.

He took me into his home, and treated me as if I was his own. Soon, I began to know him as a fatherly figure. He would feed me, calm me, entertain me, and I always knew that he loved me.

When I turned the age of eleven, my training began.

I was sent to a strange school for Witchcraft and Wizardry. Of course, with his help I had already become accustomed to the culture and in no time at all I was top of my class. Although, it was not my school studies he wanted to be best.

It was my home studies, of the Dark Arts.

When I was fourteen, he deemed my training finished and sent me to an orphanage. I was deeply unhappy, and I questioned his intentions many times to myself.

We still kept in touch using the fireplace in the main room of the orphanage, and he frequently told me of plans to become whole again. To regain his body, and to return to the earth in whole, and become the man he once was. He always told me of his plans in this way, and soon I knew exactly what he was doing. I couldnít help but wish every day that I would get to see him again. That my father would come to visit me because I knew in my heart that he loved me.

When I didnít see him in person for about a year, I realized that I was not a daughter to him.

There was no room in his heart for me.

He was my master, and I was but a mere follower.

When I saw him again, on the eve of my sixteenth birthday, I was ready for him. He had told me of his plans the night before, and told me that he would be taking me out of the orphanage, and send me to London where I would return to school, and help him defeat the one boy who stood in the way of his plans.

Harry Potter.

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